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    Initial thoughts: looks good, does what it needs to do.

    Issues so far:

    - Somehow the midi assignment of one of my presets was changed to another one, probably because RM stored the previously used preset into the one I wanted to load up and something went wrong (user error most likely).

    - The loaded amp does not always reload properly in the right hand side of the screen (hence my user error, probably)


    1 - Ability to select the amp through pull down list, like with the effects

    2 - Ability to select the cab through pull down list, like with the effects

    3 - Ability to double the knobs and manually enter a number

    4 - Ability to edit midi cc assignments

    +1 for Meulendijk.

    It's MONO. If you need stereo, get a stereo Poweramp. And in my experience a separate (tube) poweramp cuts better through a band mix and has a more 3D sound than the build in SS poweramp.

    Good write up, though and welcome to the family.

    Probably either a 6i6 hardware issue, a driver problem or an issue with the cables. I've had 2 KPA/6i6 issues lately, both caused by USB or SPDIF:

    1) I could not lock my spdif, where everything looked fine. Turned out, the spdif cables at the KPA side were a little loose. So it worked, but sort of half. Reseating it fixed it

    2) From the 6i6 I got huge white noise, or rather more like digital overdrive. Reseated the USB cable into a different USB slot in the PC and it was solved.

    I have been impressed by many of the tones in Bert's youtubes and soundcloud examples and I'm thinking about buying some profiles during this holiday sale. One question to those that have all the packs.

    Has the Wisseloord pack replaced your need to use profiles from his older packs or do you still use them as well?


    Depending on the song, I audition the tones with amps from all packs, but I must admit that my standard set of 5 presets with Showman, CAE and Friedman is still mainly used.

    Interesting is for me that Peter has nothing setted in slot a,b, c, d. No compressor or something else. Just the amp, a little delay and a reverb. Here's a note from the mail I got from Peter, he profiled his own stuff and that was:

    soldano X99, TwoRock 35 studio, my own homebuild tube preamp and a custom build single ended poweramp by ernst fliek with all different tube configurations (EL84, EL34, 6L6, 6V6. i still have to make a modification in that amp so that it can also run a KT88 and make a profile of that).

    so it’s well possible that i used my own profile with a cabinet of a michael britt profile.

    A great player with a wonderful ear, just like Bert Meulendijk. Both considered the best of the best in the Dutch music world.

    Yep Showman all the way!!

    I'm using it for most of my cleans. AND (really out of laziness) I use it for bass too and it is amazing with that as well. I had to record a quick demo, so took my clean guitar patch and just plugged in the bass and it sounds like a million bucks WITHOUT any tweaking.

    The luke sounds awesome and I never expected a blend. Cool engineering and playing. It's a fun to see what you guys did with the Toto project. Chapeau!Thx for your reply!

    Thank you, very proud of this project and the TOTO guys themselves love it.

    For me the KPA only sound is a little too less live, sterile or 3D or what do we call it? So by blending I feel I can bring back what I miss and I am CRAZY about the sound coming out of my cab.

    Very very cool Michael. Sounds better than the original tune. Is it all played with a Strat or did you use something else?
    Berts profile sounds excellent, I like the CAE too, it‘s a little bit comparable to Guidos Soldano imho. Love that 80th and 90th stuff and sound very much. I tested some of berts profiles on my soundcloud and like the sound with a strat . Heres an example , hope you like it. It‘s just a hobby for me.....


    Hi Frank, it's actually the first recording I did with my MM Luke (II, BFR). What you're hearing on the track is a blend of the KPA stereo output (non spdif) with my miked cab (Matrix NL212 on Koch ATR poweramp, recorded with SM57 and AKG C2000)

    SC sounds great, man!