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    I recently downloaded a few excellent Kemper Profiles that had names that implied they were Fractal Axe 3 based. Sounds like a silly question but Is it possible to create a Kemper profile from a Fractal Axe 3 sound?

    Yup I Just saw that. And HW at ToneJunkie nailed it. Although I bought a real Cali Tweed about 5 months ago. A killer amp. The Wattage control is very smartly implemented. Its not just a power step up. Tubes are added into the circuit as you dial up the power. So A Fender Tweed Champ has 2 tubes and its the 2 Watt setting on the amp. 10 Watts is a Princeton's tubes, 20 is Deluxe, 30 is Super or BandMaster and 40 is Low powered Twin.

    I think this is correct.

    Now I get to toy with the Filmore profile

    I have purchased some speaker IRs from Celestion and a few others.

    But how do I create an IR profile of my own speaker cabs? I can profile an amp but is there a way to just to a speaker? IE , i have a old JBL D130f 15 in speaker in a pine cabinet that sounds great. This is the same speaker in a vintage Fender Showman and Bandmaster cabinet. Would be happy to post and share this IR if i

    This thread made me stick my headphones on and listen to Love Over Gold and Making Movies this afternoon. Damn, those are some FINE tones!!!

    I wonder what Mark's user name is on the forum. Maybe he's one of the guys constantly asking for a Kemper 2 floor unit with dual amp profiles and more effects recently :D

    Just to clarify, Marcus Cliffe's Dumbel profiles are apparently being used by Mark Knopfler?

    Also, Do you know where i can access the free Celestion profiles .I bought the Blue pack the other day and wanted to test out the free profiles.



    So I bought the Victory profile pack for their V40, which is a Fender Deluxe style amp. Rabea did the profiling and an excellent video (see below) on how he used a Universal Audio Apollo box to sum 3 different Mic's with UA eq and then rerouted that into the Kemper for profiling. Fascinating. He said thats how Michael Britt and others pros are doing it. This explains why my profiles sound kind of thin. :)

    Great video here.

    I was in my local guitar store this week and saw they had Victory amps. Actually they probably have been there for a yr but I never noticed them...too busy looking if any used vintage amps were for sale. Now that I owned the amp profile, for all of $4.99, i absolutely wanted to hear the amp live. So I played all of them. Great little amps, lite weight and full featured, reasonably price! Getting the customers attention in a crowded market is hard. But they did it.

    Anyway, I agree that other amp makers should embrace profiling as a marketing tool.


    I would like to buy a profile for Mesa Boogie California Tweed, and clean and edge of breakup. Does anyone offer this yet.

    Also, why dont amp vendors create and sell official branded profiles? Nice way to try before you buy the actual amp.

    I was thinking of gettin one too. But would like to hear it. Why not release / share them? Thats the beauty of the Kemper family . In my opinion, amp makers should create their own branded profiles and sell them. I have bought several hardware amps after playing with the software emulation of that amp. Including a Fender Tweed Deluxe from Universal Audio. I have also passed on buying a really heavy Fender Super Tweed from 1956. Weighs too much. But liked the sound. Found a Profile that was kind of close. Nothing to me is the same as a real amp. That said, Mark Knopfler band is now 100% Kemper. And he is a tone questing freak. Would like to have his profiles. So Celebrity profiles. :)…mps-for-his-onstage-sound

    From GuitarWorld article, “Mark’s long-serving guitar tech, Glenn Saggers along with Mark has devoted much of his time in the past six months to recreating Mark’s unique sounds [and] has done an amazing job. This switch from ‘real’ amps to digital devices is not for the faint-hearted and it wasn’t without its doubters. Now we are up and running and more than two weeks into the tour, we are all on board with them. They certainly allow for incredible separation in both in-ear monitors and front of house system. The sounds are amazingly responsive and malleable.”

    So is anyone creating or selling a Mesa California Tweed profile? I would like to check it out if so.