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    requency response curves have NEVER helped me judging the perceived sound of any speaker.


    It could well be that this speaker is advantageous for guitars.

    I probably wouldn't take it as a speaker of a HIFI system. :(

    Look...I'm sure the moderators had nothing to complaint about Frank per se...nothing personal, I'm sure. They might have been too harsh in mentioning the rules, and the warning can be thought as such.

    But I'm starting to feel the moderators have been considered as they committed a crime, which I don't think it is fare nor true. This is why I hope there will be a clarification between the two.

    Frank is one or our best guy...this the moderators do know! And Frank knows they didn't say what they said to beat Frank up.

    I really think this thing is going beyond what in reality is: a big misunderstanding and a improper use of words...something that can be solved for the benefit of all.

    this are my to cents...

    I respect your assessment which differs from mine due to internal info.

    This is not an isolated case between the two opponents and I feel with Frank.

    Although my opinion doesn't REALLY matter, I concur. I am a moderator at a guitar forum and sometimes you need to be flexible in order to keep the peace. I understand that super huge sigs can be seen as bothersome, and some forums regulate their available size.

    Would you make this with a warning or with a friendly Request?

    So you consider the juxtaposition of technically well-founded arguments with meaningless phrases as drama.

    Should I now take this seriously or do you just want to defuse a in your opinion tense situation with a harmless joke.

    I actually feel quite relaxed but also a bit surprised that you only use a personal assessment to oppose the arguments.

    I am really disappointed now ;)

    I was just pointing out that comparing it to a computer is totally pointless.

    Why you dont choose technical arguments.

    I was besides other jobs also engineer for HMI that means Human/Machine Interfaces which is not only limited to screen operating.

    There is also a lot to do with ergonomics and how we perceive our environment.

    Our most important sense is the sense of sight. (Blind people may forgive me for not being able to respond to this)

    However, fast reactions are usually not achieved by analyzing what we see but by analyzing trained reflexes. Ergonomics and sensory perception are important points to consider.

    You write and read from right to left and up to down. (exept the arabic/hebräic and asiens).

    If you make gestures while speaking (as everybody do ) and you are talking about a series you will make a movement with your right hand sideworth from body away to display an ascending order (if you are right handed as the majority is )

    It's like a genetic and also epigenetic code that makes us do it. (special in our culture enviroment)

    There would be a lot of other Arguments in this respect.

    But I do not want a scientific debate here but just simply the acceptance of an opinion and a wish.

    Whether you fulfill this is up to you but manslaughter arguments like "totally pointless" are probably not appropriate!

    On the other hand, the moderator has rules which have to be applied no matter what and who.

    To state simply " we do not want" without to stated it before is not a rule.

    A warning is not a friendly request!

    Hiding behind other people's complaints is cowardice.

    Really good attidudes to keep peace:!:

    Hello, Frank,

    It's a shock to me that you want to stop.

    I assume it's the Donation link that led to the warning.

    It can't be a Youube link, otherwise it would have to be countless people who have to leave the forum.

    Nobody here could criticize a donation link in your YouTube channel.

    Please remember, it's not the mods that love you, it's us.

    Please calm down and reconsider.

    Otherwise I am glad that we are also privately in contact.

    Cheers Harry

    users here claimed that I had to many links under my signature

    What a stupid justification. :!::(

    Even without any musical education I can’t see how the existing version is simple. If someone doesn’t know intervals they are presumably experimenting with the current system anyway. It shouldn’t make any difference whether they experiment with the current ridiculess 0 -11 numbering or intervals.

    Many documents for scales gives the information of step in the scale. So it needs not know why and what note it is.

    Many tutorials gives advices to use a special scale.

    For me it could be interesting if e.g. harmonic pitch could the use scales to produce polyphonic .

    Currently only ionian mode (maj) or the corresponding aeolian mode (nat. minor) is possible.

    Ist in der letzten Beta Version .

    Du musst zunächst den RM updaten auf 2.1.71 und dort in den Preference wählen, dass du Betaversionen laden willst.

    Mach vorher ein Back Up vom KPA auf einem USB-Stick