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    Sorry Sharry but this is not the way to do a complete Factory Restore. There is another way. But mods don't want it to be published in the forum.

    How do you know that there is an undocumented way?

    And what do you think whats wrong in the advice of Gianfranco?

    Kemper Profiling Amplifier - Tutorial for first use by Gianfranco Di Mare.pdf

    Quote from "Tutorial for first use by Gianfranco Di Mare" a long-time user here, who unfortunately is no longer with us:>

    To restore the Profiler to factory default settings, press the System button to en-ter the System menu.

    Then, select the Init Globals soft button. Your Rigs, Presets, Perfor-mances, and Slots will not be impacted by this reset. <unquote

    Profiles you have to delete with Rig-manager.

    Factory content you can download from the Kemper Hompage download Area

    But I still get a lot of fun out of doing it and hope the result isn't too unpalatable on the old lug-holes.

    I like to share the fun with you, and I've already noticed that your musicality surpasses the skills needed to play "Moonriver" by far. ;)

    It looks like the Ashbory in my local shop has been sold anyway. But they now have one of these in used

    Nice, but look at the price.=O

    I think, if ever, it will be a bass ukulele for € 150, - or a good profile with the kemper :):):)

    The new project will not be a rock band as I used to play already now . (This will continue)

    It will be more accoustic oriented with cajon, 2 guitars and maybe a keyboard to accompain a singer/songwriter.

    Damn, I didn't realise that. I always thought they did both but I must have mistaken the marked fret lines for actual frets. Sorry.

    I'm not quite sure, but if I played as many wrong notes as it was heard in this video, I'd have to return the fee for playing.;)

    Without frets I would surely produce even more wrong notes and how could I finance my occasional GAS attacks?;(

    If they still have it I might just pick one up myself.

    Looks nice - do you have a link where to buy:)

    Addition: Just found out it seems there are not frets. Not really something for me .:(

    As a bassist and a guitarist I have to say that there's nothing quite like a real bass. I'm like 2 different people when it comes to the different instruments on purpose. My brain can't cope. It's like wearing ski gear to a surfing contest.

    I am obviously more flexible or possibly more lazy.;)

    For 4-8 songs I don't like to carry an additional guitar with me if there's another way..

    Generally the audience doesn't hear that you have other guitars as well at home.:)

    Hi Sharry,
    ich glaube, das ist nicht ganz korrekt... man jeden der 12 chromatischen Töne individuell pitchen.

    Nun, so wisse - es war nicht korrekt. :)

    Danke, dass du mich verbessert hast. Ist schon eine Zeit her, dass ich mich damit beschäftigt habe.

    Ja, man kann eine 12 tönige Skala definieren .

    Der Vorschlag von Wheresthedug mit einem Pedal den Level per morph zu verstellen (ginge auch mit Schalter ohne Rampe) erscheint mir als brauchbares work around.

    Well, so now you can know - it wasn't correct. :)

    Thank you for improving me. It's been a while since I've dealt with it.

    Yes, you can define a 12 tone scale.

    The suggestion of Wheresthedug to adjust the level with a pedal by morph (could also work with switch without ramp) seems to me to be a useful work around.

    Check out "Bass transformer" in the RE

    Thank you my friend for this tip.

    Bill Ruppert is really a great expert at eliciting unusual sounds from the KPA.

    The two rigs are really useful for single note lines but not for double notes.

    Even a little unclean playing with overlapping notes leads to unexpected but unwanted effects.

    However, since this is in regards to the impact a new release will have on the data in the existing one, perhaps it's in bounds enough that the Kemper guys would be able to speak to it. I'd be grateful for any info you could offer on this topic.

    I think you can start adjusting your profiles for yourself.

    I can't confirm the messages that the original reverbs now sound very different.

    Maybe it's because I usually use FX, delay and reverb rather sparingly and I'm not so sensitive, if the sound is a bit different as long as it's good.

    You actually can consider this effect in every new venue .

    I don't expect any big sound changes in the next revision except the possibility to have Acc-simulation and I think there's something going on with the OD's as well. (certainly not to worse sound)

    The biggest change will probably be the usability.

    I'm almost sure that in half a year you'll be annoyed to have wasted so much time just because you're afraid that the reverb might sound a little different because somebody complained this here. ;)

    Gibt es vorher Signale bevor ich mir die Box zerschieße?

    Mir ist kein Warnsignal bekannt.

    Ich denke es gibt eigentlich keine so genau definierte Werte, ab wann man eine Box erschießt und man wird von Amp Hersteller diesbezüglich auch kaum Antwort bekommen.

    Es hängt wohl auch von der Dynamik, Frequenz und Frequenzkurve der Signalquelle ab.

    In der Praxis kann man schon mit dem Ohr entscheiden, ab wann eine Box überlastet wird, wenn man die Lautstärke überhaupt aushält:)

    Als Faustregel hat in etwa durchgesetzt: Der Amp kann/soll etwa auf das 1,8 der Nominalleistung der Box dimensioniert werden. (Ich hoffe ich habe die Zahl noch wirklich genau in Erinnerung). Da ist aber sicherlich noch Reserve drin.

    Ich halte die Leistung von 600 W für den normalen Gebrauch einer Rock/Coverband, die nicht im großen Showgeschäft agiert, etwas zu groß .

    Andrerseits ist mir von hier noch kein gelungener Abschuss ein Box auf Grund eines großen Unterschied der Nominalleistungen bekannt.

    Das dürfte wohl dem Hausverstand der ausführenden Musiker zugeschrieben werden können und weniger technischen Gründe .

    Zwei Userscale kannst du per Rig definieren, sofern diese aus 7 Intervalen bestehen.

    Da dürften es wohl kaum eine quantitative Beschränkung geben,

    Blues scalen , Bepop scalen, Scalen, die verschiedene Töne in der Auf- bzw Abwärtsbewegung haben sowie manch orientalische Scala werden uns wohl verweht bleiben.