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    I'm glad all three of us had the same solution

    Thanks for the same three solutions :)

    One thing I can not manage. How to change the rig for overdup.
    I only found the RIG-buttons at the KPA to do this.
    It seems there is no possibility with the remote?

    keep rockin' Harry

    Mine is about 4 min per day to fast.
    It's not really a problem to adjust the clock before the GIG starts.
    It's just to know, if there is no serious problem behind.

    keep rockin' Harry

    Ich verwende nun das Thon-Case von Thomann.
    Darin habe ich KPA, Remote, 1 Pedal und alle Kabel.
    Gewicht allerdings 18,2 kg - fast soviel wie mein H&K ;-)

    keep rockin' Harry


    Right now I have found some for me very good sounding profiles of Marshal, Vox AC30 and 2 or 3 Fender Amps.
    The purchased Toneking profiles also sounds excellent. I will now focus on these amps and stop searching.

    In the short time I get the impression that its easier to decide, if all effects are switched off and the sound with low gain-setting seemed to be clear, transparent and vigorous enough.

    I feel now like a discoverer ;-)

    keep rockin' Harry

    Welcome Harry, and very well written for not being native English

    Thank you for nice welcome.
    Probably I should look around for a better game of dice for prepositions;-)

    In the last 2 days I have the number of rigs reduced from 7052 to 48th.
    Certainly I have canceled very good rigs, which I would have chosen in a different mood. But you have to take quick decisions (and most spontaneously by feeling) otherwise wasted a lot of time.
    The fine tuning now will be ecxiting.

    I've even bought 3 bundles at to gain more knowledge as professionals deal with it.
    If the sounds reasonably sound as good as the demos when I play, I am very satisfied. (Sound is just made so much with fingers and there is likely a good player on guitar work.)

    keep rockin' Harry

    am Rande...... Wenn Du einen Looper hast, dann nimm Dir eine Referenz auf und höre Dir die unterschiedlichen Rigs einfach an. Das geht schnelllllllleeeeerrrrrr.....

    Genialer Tip - geht auch, wenn man den Looper des Profiler Remote verwendet.
    Ich denke ich brauch da nur mehr 1 Woche statt 3 Wochen um alle 7050 Rigs abzuhören :thumbsup:

    keep rockin' Harry

    Die Funktion „Auxiliary Input“ erlaubt es, ein Stereo-Signal z. B. von einem MP3-Player zuzuspielen und dieses mit dem Instrument zu begleiten. Im Output/Master-Menü finden sie dazu zwei Soft-Regler. Mit dem einen können sie das Aux-Signal in MAIN OUTPUT und S/PDIF OUT mischen. Mit dem anderen mixen sie es in MONITOR und HEADPHONE OUTPUT. Auf diese Weise können sie z. B. in den HEADPHONE OUTPUT ein zusätzliches Monitor-Signal mischen, welches nicht im MAIN OUTPUT erscheint. Das Aux-Signal wird von keinerlei internen Effekten beeinflusst.
    Zur Verkabelung benötigen sie ein spezielles Adapter-Kabel, welches das Stereo-Signal auf zwei Mono-Klinkensteckern (TS) liefert. Stecken sie den Klinkenstecker für den linken Kanal in den RETURN INPUT und den für den rechten Kanal in den ALTERNATIVE INPUT. Stellen sie dann mit den Soft-Reglern "Aux In …" die Lautstärke ein.
    Während sie eine aktive Loop verwenden oder sich im Profiler Mode befinden, kann der Auxiliary Input nicht benutzt werden, weil die physischen Eingänge am Profiler anderweitig belegt sind.
    Vergessen sie nicht, die Lautstärken des Auxiliary Input herunter zu regeln, wenn sie diesen nicht gebrauchen, damit unerwünschte Nebengeräusche vermieden werden.

    Es ist empfehlenswert sich das Referenzhandbuch von der Kemperseite runterzuladen. Sind viele wichtige Tipps dabei.

    keep rocking Harry

    Hi there, I am from Austria and not a english native speaker. God bless the founder of the dictionary ;-)

    Now my Kemper Toast is delivered and I'll start the tough but hopefully rewarding way to discover this magical thing
    .I'm 65 and played more than 12 Years in Coverbands and 11 years in a big band as a singing gitar player.
    I had to stop for 20 years cause my job needed to travel a lot in foreign countries.
    In this time it was not possible to play in a Band.
    Just acoustic Guitar at home (or at site if it tooks longer time) for my own pleasure.

    Since 3 years I'm retired and as long as I want I can play music now. And I want ;-)

    Again I play in a bigband and also in a rock band (cover).
    And with a friend (he plays accordion and is 10 years older) Oldies for Oldies. (With MIDI-Files)

    As I am not fixed to one style of music I need a very variable Equipment.
    So I tried many thing - I was not so experienced due my long pause.

    At first a modeller Roland X-Cube 80. At the moment I was impressed of the possibilities but quickly I found out that in live situation it's not practical without a Pedal to change the sound.
    Only 2 sounds and one Solo-solo sound can be chosen via footstep and the sound is not really great.

    I tried line6 with a variax guitar and a Pod XT-3Live.
    Now the possibilities was nearly unlimited for me, the sound was not so bad but I was not really happy. Particular the acoustic sound of Variax is promised better than it was in reality.
    The response of guitar and amp simulations of finger work is not so impressive.

    In the rockband they asked me not to use the line6 Equipment.The sound will be to synthetical.
    So I bought a tube amp (H&K Tubemaster 36) and used my strat and played a acoustic guitar with a marshal acoustic amp.
    The sound was now quite good but the H&K (I think it's a good amp) does not really deliver a warm vintage sound without additional pedals. And now I had to transport 2 Guitars, 2 amps and a huge pedalboard.

    As I recognized that there is a Remote Pedal and a Rig Manager for the Kemper available now and heard, that it also should be good for acoustic Guitar , I took a "six pack" and after the last bottle I pressed the order button.;-)

    Next day I went to my luthier and ordered a fishman power bridge for my strat.Even when it will not totally sound like an acoustic (Advertising often promises to much), It could be an interesting sound colour.
    I need not to make complicated acoustic picking work in the band. Mainly I have to strum chords.

    So I hope I found a way to transport only 1 Guitar and 1 Amp plus 1 little personal Monitor. My spine will thank me.

    During the delivery time (just 6 days!) I have read and found that the athmosphere here one hand is very cooperative and warm on the other hand also there are really experienced people to post in your forum.

    Even if the communication in social media is rather unusual for me, I'll contact you if I have a problem. Rather then in German in the German subforum;-) Over time, it could be that I also contribute a little.

    keep rocking Harry