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    I'm just wondering if anybody has attempted to replace the switches on the remote with others that offer silent switching? While I'm not unhappy with the standard switches for general functions like rig selections and stomps I also use the buttons in momentary mode using morphing option for things like pitch shifting with a set rise and fall time. The loud click of the standard switches can get really annoying hence the consideration to fit some nicer switches.

    Interested if anybody has tried something similar.

    Thanks everybody for some really good feedback. I will try my hand at the profiling at rehearsal this week and see how that goes. To answer some of the questions raised...

    The reason I decided to gig the KPA over the Rectifier was mainly down to convenience, I was using a Midi controlled pedalboard along with a Midi switcher on the amp and everything was just getting way too complicated. As said by somebody else, it was also a huge relief on my back as that rig is heavy!

    I think the comment about haptic feedback is interesting. There does seem to be a big difference in feel although there's definitely something in the sound delivery at volume too. I don't think it's all an EQ thing, thats easy to change on the fly and I've tried that a lot. I find I like to use the definition parameter fairly high, I also prefer the 'diode' mode over using the valve rectifiers on the Mesa, these two seem to have a very similar effect on the overall results.

    I don't use noise-gate any more, I removed that a while back after reading about it here.

    I'll let you know how profiling the Mesa goes, I didn't realise you could use the slave out to do this or I would have tried earlier.

    Many thanks.

    So I've been using my Kemper as a live rig for a couple of years now, I have a powered toaster which I run to a Mesa 2x12 cab. I have to say that I love how the Kemper has changed my gigging experience, it has lifted my band (rock covers) to a new level with the ability to create sounds and effects for songs that most cover bands would just gloss over. Having the ability to create separate performances for any songs that require something special is awesome. I've tied quite a few profiles in the time I've had the kemper, my favourites have been from Top Jimi and I tend to use a combination of Mesa and Marshall Direct profiles.

    So over the last few months I've started hearing that little voice that I'm sure most guitarists hear from time to time telling me to try experimenting with some different gear so for our last rehearsal I decided to take my Mesa Roadster along instead of the Kemper just to reassure myself that the Kemper is still comparing well. I kind of wish I hadn't now because the whole experience with the Mesa was so much better. I wish I could put my finger on what the difference is, there's just something in the way the power and volume is delivered with the valve amp that I didn't realise I was missing. It's almost like the valve amp was louder but without feeling like it needed to be turned down.

    I know that doesn't make much sense but with the Kemper if I turn it up to a point where it sits well in the mix it just feels like it's turned up too loud, almost making ot feel as though even touching the strings between songs can sound obnoxious. Maybe this is what people refer to as more Hi-Fi sounding. Others in the band commented on how the whole band sounded more musical and they were right. I could hear everything I was doing a lot easier too, I felt I had the ability to add to the overall tone of the band without feeling like I was overbearing.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share this as I do love using the Kemper and I'd love to figure out a way to make it feel more like the experience of using the valve amp, any tips appreciated as I can feel myself being tempted to reinvest in pedals!

    I tend to use my Kemper so that Performance 1 has five basic sounds that get me through 80% of a set and then for any songs that require something special I create a bespoke performance. At the moment I have 12 performances in total so to find say performance 8 I have to press ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 1 on the remote. Thats all fine but after the song I then have to press all the way back down to performance 1 again.

    What would be great for me would be the ability to assign the Looper button to call Performance 1. Of course it would be even better if the performance number being called can also be defined but for me just going to 1 would save me a lot of tap dancing.

    I really like using the expression pedal setting that stops the effect when the pedal is stopped rather than at toe or heel as I don't need to worry about resetting it to a specific position at the end of it's use. I find however that the effect cuts out more quickly than I'd like a lot of the time so I'd like to suggest adding a parameter that defines how long the expression pedal needs to be stopped for before the effect being controlled is bypassed.

    If this is already hidden somewhere and I've missed it then I look forward to being educated :)


    Thanks. I think I may have found whats causing the problem, although I don't really understand why. The only Stomp In the rig I was working on just now is a Wah, there was no morphing at all. I found that if I switched off the wah however the pedal works a lot more reliably, although obviously with no audible effect then. Looking into the Wah setting the 'Peak Range' setting had an 'M' beside it, meaning that I'd accidentally set a parameter in the wah to Morph. Both settings (toe up and toe down) were actually the same (59%) but I turned the control knob a small amount until the M disappeared (still saying 59%) and so far the pedal seems to be working as it should while there's no morphing in the rig..

    If I then add any morphing parameter however, say boosting the mids on the EQ for toe down then pedal input once again becomes unreliable. So it seems the problem only happens when a parameter is being morphed in the loaded rig, that must be some kind of software issue so I'll contact support.

    Thanks again.

    Yes it's the second one you linked to, just a passive exp controller. As I say it works fine the rest of the time so I don't think it's a hardware issue unless morphing requires something different from the hardware of course.

    I'm using a Morley M2, connected to the Pedal 6 input on the remote. As I said, it works consistently when I use it for wah or volume, it's only when setting the input to Morph Pedal that things become unreliable.

    Hi all.

    I've recently started playing with the morphing functionality on one or two rigs and find it very useful. I only run one expression pedal but I'm noticing that input isn't as reliable as when the pedal is set to wah or volume. For example, when set to Wah I can rock the pedal back and forth quite quickly and the input levels stay in sync perfectly, as soon as I change that input to Morphing however the levels struggle to keep up. As I rock the pedal back and forth it seems as the the Kemper pauses for a moment and then catches up every few seconds, this can be seen on the LED's on the remote as well.

    I know the problem isn't hardware related as switching back to wah or volume works fine.

    Any tips appreciated.



    I really like the way Copy & Paste has been improved, I'm not sure if that's from this update or the previous one but it's now possible to copy once and then keep pasting throughout performances etc without having to copy again each time. Slot change display does seem faster on the remote too which is good.

    Great job on the mockup! My Remote is regularly attacked by flying beer and wayward feet so for me having the brains of the Kemper away from the carnage makes a lot more sense but I can see why some people prefer an all on one solution.

    You don't need to have any rigs installed if you have everything programmed as performances, they are stand alone. It can be useful to have your sounds / profiles in the browse pool just in case you delete a performance by mistake though.

    I have a few pairs, Sony MDR7506 which are very popular with studios and sound guys, Sennheiser HD25 and a Sennheiser HD650. Without doubt the nicest and closest sound to my live rig are the HD650's, they sound very open and deliver less of the harsh hifi sounding trebles than the others. Plus they are the most comfortable, both the others press on my ears and start to feel uncomfortable after a while whereas I can wear the 650's all day. They are larger and the soft velvety pads press on your head without touching your ears. They're not cheap but I've had mine over ten years now and they've had new cables and parts along the way so they are something that can last you a long time.

    I decided to go back to 3.3 today. No major issues as such but there wasn't really anything in 4 that made the risk worthwhile for my upcoming gigs. One thing to be aware of is that after installing 3.3 again all of my delay settings were lost and each rig just had a default delay sound. I had to do a restore from before I installed os4 to recover the correct delays.

    I have noticed that my expression pedal can be somewhat unreliable if it's not calibrated to full values. I like to have the expression pedal reach max at around 80% of it's travel distance and this works fine once it's been calibrated that way but after a reboot the pedal will no longer work at all until it's recalibrated. I can confirm that this doesn't happen when calibrating the full travel of the pedal and unfortunately yes it's still the case with 4.0 currently.

    Also, since updating to 4 the tuner cuts in when trying to calibrate a pedal which is really annoying. I'd really love to be able to turn off the tuner function when the volume pedal is minimum, it's a fun idea but I'm happy pressing the tune button when I want to tune!

    One thing I've just noticed is that my delay settings don't change properly when switching from a morphed rig to a non morphed rig in a performance. My setup is two slots in a performance as follows:

    Slot 1: Morphs between 0 delay Mix and 60 delay mix.
    Slot 2: Similar sound but with 60 delay mix and no morphing

    If I switch from slot 1 (no delay) to slot 2 (with delay) all works fine, but if I switch from the morphed slot 1 sound (with delay) slot 2 then has no delay despite the DELAY button still being lit and the Mix shown as 60%.