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    Actually I looked at the GT800FX first! If I found one second hand I would go for it right away, but if I am buying new the difference is so small.. Especially when people who have tried both says the GT1000FX has a significantly more tube like feel. That is the reason why I consider it, no need for the extra power really, but certainly not a con :P

    Hmm, strange that my experience is so different from all of yours... Maybe it has something to do with the angle of the speaker? I run it as a regular monitor/wedge is usually pointed for personal monitoring, while the guitar cab is close to the floor pointed straight forward, and I am also sitting off axis. However, I like the idea of being able to run it with a regular guitar cab, if the place has a cab etc

    It is hard to imagine that a single CLR spreads the sound better than a 2x12" cab, but alright... Back to topic: I have been recommended the Fryette Power Station, do any of you have experience with that one?

    Thank you for your answers! I run a non-powered Kemper rack through an active CLR. It plays extremely loud, yes, but it does not seem to spread the sound like a regular guitar cab does. I used it in a band, and the drummer could barely hear me... And yeah, I want to get a solid state power amp so I can keep that sonic signature.

    Good evening! Not really sure which forum I should post this in, but you can move it if I am completely wrong. Anyway, I have been running the Kemper through the power amp of my EVH 5150III today, and I have to say: Damn, that's smooth! Really gives me that "amp in the room" sound and feel. Although, I guess that is not the optimal way to run things. Marshall Silver Jub through a 6L6 power section, whaaat? That is not how Jim Marshall intended it to be used.. Haha. So, I have been looking at the Matrix GT1000FX1U, and it looks like exactly what I am looking for. The only problem is, as always, the price... I want a solid state power amp, the tube amps are always so freakin' heavy, and I am kind of anti-tube because I hate everything about tube amps except the tone. They are a heavy, way outdated design that play way too loud to sound good. But enough about that... What do you guys use? I assume that FRFR is a popular solution, and I can see why. My Atomic CLR sounds epic, but it is what it is: a (personal) monitor. There are two main reasons why I still have the EVH: for one, I am pretty f**ked if I want to play somewhere with a weak PA (or no PA) and I only have the Kemper and the CLR. And two, it is always nice to crank up a good tube amp and get that "amp in the room" sound. Actually, I have three options:
    1. Sell the entire EVH stack and buy another CLR (something I have considered in the past, but most likely not a solution I would vouch for today)
    2. Sell the EVH head and buy the Matrix power amp
    3. Not sell anything before I have figured out if the Kemper-cab setup is something that I can really go for. This is the option I am vouching for right now.
    Bottom line: Is it something as good as the Matrix at a lower price, or should I save up some more and get the Matrix?
    Thank you for your answers and advice!

    Got the Marshall 1959RR and JCM800 2203ZW packs tonight, some insane tones in there! I was a little bit worried that I was making the wrong choice with the 1959RR because the full pack is 6€ more and almost four times more profiles. However, I realized that it does not matter that much to me if there are 5 or 50 profiles, because I always find two or three profiles, or five if it is some really great stuff (has only happened with one profile pack of 10-15) that I truly love! All of them are usable, but some of them are just magic. You guys and Tonehammer share the first place on my list of favorite profile makers, followed by Top Jimi! Yes, you might charge a bit more than the other guys out there, but magic does not come for free!

    I also bought the Mark V and JCM800KK essential packs a few days ago, they are just as nice but the two I got today are a step above in terms of my ideal tone. The Mark V really gives me the later-Metallica Mesa Boogie tone! Not a big fan of Slayer but some great tones in there as well! What I love about the essential packs is that I can get more amps for less or same price, less profiles though but I honestly do not want 50+ profiles of one amp... I promised myself to stop buying profile packs for a while, but I am afraid I have not bought my last essential pack :D
    If anyone would like a review, recording or have any questions about the mentioned profile packs, please do not hesitate to ask! :)
    PS: the PRS Archon is the next on my list, I think I have enough Marshalls now :P

    The A1 Profile from the Silver Jubilee are the Slash Highgain can do almost everything with that profile - only using the Volume knob on your guitar

    The A3 (clean) currently my personal Clean Rig live :)

    You were not kidding, the A1 is so dynamic it's insane! And with a Les Paul I get really close to Slash's tone. The A3 is nice as well, I usually tend to favor Fender amps for clean but this was equally nice, just a different flavor. Are you planning on doing more profiles? Unfortunately I cannot get myself to spend more on those really heavy brutal amp profiles, but I cannot get enough of Marshall hard rock profiles :P
    PS: I have spent close to 110€ on profiles (and I haven't even owned the Kemper for a week..), and the DSL (particularly the "G" and "I") pack is my favorite, with the Jub really close!

    Not quite sure if it was in the preview or browse mode, but when I pressed the up and down rig buttons I could select an amp and get all the rigs with that amp. However, some profile makers choose to call the amps for example Brit 800, and then they won't be there with the amps actually called Marshall JCM800.

    I bought the JCM800KK essentials, and I have to say: WOW! 5 profiles, but quality>quantity! The TSL package also has some really great tones. I have to say that I really, really like the idea of having just having 5-10 of the best profiles of an amp for a lower price! With the larger packs I never use all of the profiles, because a Plexi will always be better at low gain stuff than a high gain amp and the other way around of course. Certainly not my last purchase from Choptones!

    Funny you should say that, I have been browsing and GASing on your profiles all morning :D
    Strongly considering your 1959RR and JCM800KK profile packs, but unfortunately I am not able to afford more than one of them right now. Could you please tell me more about these profiles, and their most important differences? I know they are totally different amps but, yeah... For the record, I already have a very good Plexi pack and a JCM2000 pack that I really like, and I want as much diversity as I can get. And I will of course check out your TSL package, sounds really great from the clips!

    PS: I cannot get your 20% off code to work, is there something wrong or am I doing something wrong? :P