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    Thank you for your kind words! I have to admit that I can hear a tiny, tiny difference on the high gain clip but not on the medium gain clip. So, the results are: amp first, Kemper second on both clips :D
    And by the way: this is maybe not the right place to do it, but I have another clip I want to share with you. Top Jimi's Deluxe Reverb from the free stuff, a really great sound! I have to buy that one too....

    Thank you for some really good answers and advice! I see that there are quite a few profile makers with very good discounts, so I might be able to try a few. "Best" is very, very subjective, no doubt about that. I have read about the Marshall pack before, but I could not find it... Just the numbered ones. Regarding speakers and cabs, I tend to really like V30s. One very stereotypical example is Slash, who use V30s without sounding modern imo. Greenbacks are great with the Plexi, but I prefer V30s with the Jub hands down. Not sure if the G12H30 is classified as a Greenback, but it is the perfect crossover between GB and V30 imo. Also works great for heavier styles. I have very limited experience with the T75 so I cannot comment too much on that, but I would certainly like to have a V30 option as well.

    Thank you everyone, it feels good to be a part of such a nice and helpful community (or gang? :D )! My Kemper is probably the best piece of gear I have bought in years, and it is miles ahead of both the Helix and the (old) Axe. I have no experience with the Axe FX II though. It just puts a big smile on my mouth everytime I play it. By the way, I think I will wait a little longer before I post the results, hope you do not mind!

    Good evening! Yesterday I was shopping for profiles, first I bought the Silver Jubilee from Jimi and then I was hooked. Then I bought the Plexi Super Lead, also from Jimi. That is probably the best sounding profile pack I own, and is easily worth twice the price! However, after some playing with the Plexi profiles I switched back to the Jub, and I was wondering: where is the bass? I figured that the Jub profiles are great for recording, but not for live use and jamming through my monitor. I use a very unforgiving one, an Atomic CLR. After that I bought no less than three profile packs from Stymphalian: 5150 II/III, Dual Rec and Mark IV. Great sounding profiles, but even the Mark IV, which I have always seen as a rock amp, sounded very metal and they all have this signature sound that make them great for metal, but not so much else. I play lots of metal so it is not like I burned £32 on something I cannot use, but now I am looking for something that can fill the gap between the Plexi and the brutal metal amps... I like the Marshall sound for rock, hard rock and some earlier metal styles so I have narrowed it down to either JCM800 or JCM2000. Kind of a big thread and big deal for 8-10 bucks, right? Well, I am hoping I can get it right so I do not have to buy any more profiles in a while, I spent a lot of money yesterday... I am mainly considering Tonehammer's profiles because I love everything I have tried from Deadlight Studio, but feel free to come with other suggestions! Although, I will appreciate some experiences with the mentioned Tonehammer profiles. Thank you for your time and have a nice evening!

    Hey guys!

    After a week with the Line 6 Helix, I figured that it did not sound as good as I expected. Luckily, I was able to return it for a Kemper rack, and I could not be happier! My old Axe FX Standard can finally be replaced! So, I tried to profile my amp today, an EVH 5150III 50w. The green (clean) channel is good but nothing really special, so I left that out and profiled only the blue and red channels. Personally I think it sounds pretty darn good, and on the medium gain clip the Kemper is actually more touch sensitive and dynamic than the amp imo. If you like these sounds you can find my profiles by searching for my nick here, "Alfi27". And yeah, do not be shy! I want as many as possible to guess! So, here are the clips:

    High gain:

    Medium gain:

    PS: the high gain clip had maybe a tad less gain than I prefer for this type of music, but if you download the profile just turn the gain on the Kemper up and it acts exactly like the amp!