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    IMO it doesn’t make sense to try amps with a different pre-recorded guitar than the one that I use. Every guitar has a distintive tone that reacts differently to each amp.

    I agree the looper volume should be able to be faded or morphed in a live situation.

    Also I can see reasons why the looper location should be part of the Rig Menu rather than System Menu. That way you could decide on the location on a per rig/performance basis.

    Agree completely, you could also use different volumes of loops and (hopefully) fade out length.

    I just finished a 6 months contract in a hotel, playing mostly acoustic with loops and fading out manually on the mixer ;(

    I agree, the looper needs a fade out option on the stop button. Press once for stop, press twice for fade and 3 times to erase the loop.8)

    IMO That would be confusing, I believe that should be assigned to "Bank down" the same way the undo recording is assigned to "Bank up". Otherwise should be assignable to any button or external pedal.

    Hello Basti. I am using this setup since years, its great. So what you need is a Kemper, an iPad (even an old one will do the trick), a Yamaha MD BT 01 wireless midi Adapter, the forScore app and a second app called midi wrench (its free).

    Connect the Yamaha to the midi in and out ports of the Kemper. The Yamaha is powered by the Kemper. Now you have to make the iPad see the Yamaha. You can not do this with the iPad and the forScore app only. Switch on bluetooth on the iPad and start the midi wrench app. In midi wrench go to settings, then to bluetooth midi and select the Yamaha. When there is a connection you will see all the mididata that is been sent in the right monitor window of the app. Let the app run in the background and start forScore.

    In forScore you can add a specific command to each score. Add a program change to your score. Every Slot in every performans has a specific program change. Please read the forScore manual and the Kemper midi manual. Everything is explained there. The main trick is the midi wrench app to let the iPad connect to the Yamaha.

    Good luck its worth trying.

    Thank you for sharing this great solution! I would just say that with forScore (wich I love), you can send multiple midi messages at the same time (like program changes also for keyboards or control changes etc) and alse receive messages for “learning” them. So you should be able to play any action on the K and record the realative midi messages on forScore. I didn’t do it yet but it is a function of the app.

    Would be also GREAT to have a visual feedback on the display of the current value of the expression pedal (scale of dbs or 0-100 or 0-127 whatever). Sometimes is really difficult to set the right volume at the beginning of a song... yes we can check what time is it, please why can't we better control our volumes? Thank you!

    I play often in duo with a singer and I use the OC-3 to lower the last two string by 1 octave and have the "bass+guitar" effect.

    Having an external pedal somehow degradates the signal chain and it also means more cables, power supply and noise.

    I'd prefer the Kemper Octaver and it would just need a filter to cut the upper frequencies from being doubled down.

    Please, I'm sure that I'm not the only one who would benefit from a relatively simple tweak to an already existing effect!

    Thank you

    The first piece of equipment that I would buy is;

    1 - Sound absorbers (they sell in kit and placing projects) included bass traps, and thick tents or carpets.

    2 - Sound diffusers, in a small room are less important than absorbers but they can help.

    That will change your perception way more that fancy speakers/profiles

    AFTER that, if you still want to have more of the punch of a real amp I would try a Yamaha DXR10

    I use the section to load Cabinets and Acoustic IRs. Both come in many files for each speaker, microphonenused etc and it is very difficult to search for something or try it on the fly. It really takes a long time since it isn’t (yet?) implemented in Rig Manager.
    I would recall the ”cabinets” files from RM and/or have better management in the Kemper with FOLDERS that could let me quickly find and load a lcabinet”.
    Thank you

    Thats's strange. The cabinet is connected from the "direct link to cabinet" ? Don't forget to put the load on your amp it can be dangerous for it.. :whistling: