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    Would be also GREAT to have a visual feedback on the display of the current value of the expression pedal (scale of dbs or 0-100 or 0-127 whatever). Sometimes is really difficult to set the right volume at the beginning of a song... yes we can check what time is it, please why can't we better control our volumes? Thank you!

    I play often in duo with a singer and I use the OC-3 to lower the last two string by 1 octave and have the "bass+guitar" effect.

    Having an external pedal somehow degradates the signal chain and it also means more cables, power supply and noise.

    I'd prefer the Kemper Octaver and it would just need a filter to cut the upper frequencies from being doubled down.

    Please, I'm sure that I'm not the only one who would benefit from a relatively simple tweak to an already existing effect!

    Thank you

    The first piece of equipment that I would buy is;

    1 - Sound absorbers (they sell in kit and placing projects) included bass traps, and thick tents or carpets.

    2 - Sound diffusers, in a small room are less important than absorbers but they can help.

    That will change your perception way more that fancy speakers/profiles

    AFTER that, if you still want to have more of the punch of a real amp I would try a Yamaha DXR10

    I use the section to load Cabinets and Acoustic IRs. Both come in many files for each speaker, microphonenused etc and it is very difficult to search for something or try it on the fly. It really takes a long time since it isn’t (yet?) implemented in Rig Manager.
    I would recall the ”cabinets” files from RM and/or have better management in the Kemper with FOLDERS that could let me quickly find and load a lcabinet”.
    Thank you

    Thats's strange. The cabinet is connected from the "direct link to cabinet" ? Don't forget to put the load on your amp it can be dangerous for it.. :whistling:

    Have you checked the contrast knob setting on the rear of the remote and the setting from within the profiler system setup? As I recall this can be set via software from within the profiler setup menus but the hardware knob on the back of the remote will override on boot.

    This might be the case, I was only changing the setting on the panel but didn't check the remote knob! Thank you!!!

    I have the same problem. This was occurring several OS versions ago -->…led%2Bflashing#post252332

    I wonder if they lost the fix in a recent revision,

    I noticed that upgrading OS I lost some brightness in the remote screen, I don't know if it's related to the leds, maybe they try to save power for the correct working of the remote. I switched from 3.2 to 5 and then the problem started. On 3.2 I never saw any blinking for what I remember.. Thanks for the link!

    I don't know why it happens and if there is a logical reason, but I have occasional, random blinking from some leds on the remote.
    It only happens on leds already ON. Sometimes on one led or two or sometimes all. For a quick moment is like they aren't dimmed and bright at maximum power.
    It is annoying because it keeps my attention while I'm concentrated.
    The time between two flashes is unpredictable, from few seconds to minutes.
    It started on 5.1 and continues on 5.2.
    Why it happens and what can I do?
    Thank you

    Yes, well done Danides!

    One thing 'though: Shouldn't you be measuring a "random" handful of Rigs, seeing as each is gonna have a slightly-different latency unless Constant Latency™ is switched on?

    Ok, because the setting is already done, now it is quick.
    Here's another rig, a clean profile with standard basic effects (wha, comp, boost, delay, rev) most effects were off but, because they are loaded in the slot, I'm pretty sure they affect the process.

    I measured 3,65 ms

    Yes, well done Danides!

    One thing 'though: Shouldn't you be measuring a "random" handful of Rigs, seeing as each is gonna have a slightly-different latency unless Constant Latency™ is switched on?

    I loaded 3 delays, rev, and other fx just to test how much latency would be in an extreme situation, it shoulb be slightly lower for a normal rig.
    You are right, I could measure more profiles but it is more time consuming that it might seem, at least at the beginning.
    Anyway I forgot to say that I was in Performance mode, I don't know if it makes any difference

    Yesterday I got a Line 6 G10 wireless system so I spent some time to test it. Apart the sound quality (that is very good to me) I started to "feel" the latency.
    Because ears are affected by suggestion I decided to spend some spare time to measure some latencies in the chain.

    I splitted the signal: one direct in the Motu 828 mkIII and the other thru the G10 to the Motu and I recorded the two tracks in Cubase Pro 9.
    The Motu had all the onboard effects off and I used only the line inputs (I measured on the mic/hi z inputs an extra latency so I didn't use them).
    Because the software only measure the milliseconds, I calculated the fractions watching the distance to the next millisecond.
    I used the waveforms for reference.

    I started with the G10 and I measured about 2.8 ms

    Than I disconnetted the G10 and plugged in the KPA with os 5.1.
    I used the Main outs
    First I measured the KPA without effects and without Amp section. Just conversion and Sens controls. 2.6 ms

    Then KPA with only Amp section. 3.4 ms

    And finally full loaded with Booster Flanger 3 delays (a loop dly, a Crystal, and a legacy) and Reverb
    Incredibly the latency was only 3.7 ms. I couldn't believe it so I tried many times with various souces, I also rebooted all. but always the same result.

    Of course the soundcard has its own latency like all digital mixers so I'll prefer monitoring on stage from the monitor out to avoid summing latencies.
    I hope it can help someone :)

    It was the first thing i programmed into my DIY-Footcontroller with FW5: Holding the Button activates "Hold". Releasing it deactivates it. - Holding it for more than 3s locks "hold". Pressing again deactivates it.
    But it would be great, if this could be done inside the Kemper with its own remote as i´m tending to switch from my foot-controller to the KPA-remote soon.


    Can you please explain how you did it? I'm using a remote and I tried with an external switch and assigning the function to the tuner switch. Is it possible to do it from the KPA or did you program the CC from your footcontroller?

    I really like the Hold function but there's something that I don't understand:

    1 -- I am able to set the effect but when I try to go on a new "sample" (pressing the switch twice) the effect doesn't respond quickly enough (of course after I play the new chord) and just stays off. I must do the process very slowly to get the new chord freezed. This way if I'm playing a melody I have to stop for longer at every chord change.

    2 -- I would like to activate the Hold only keeping pressed the switch and deactivate just depressing it, like an Unlatch sustain pedal in a midi synth. Now I am only able to use the pedal like a Latch, pressing to activate and pressing again to deactivate.

    3 -- If I use more than one delay I'd like to choose where to apply the effect. Sometimes the Hold on two delays at once gives some artifacts or unmusical results.

    I hope I was able to explain myself :/
    Please tell me if there's a function or a workaround for what I would do, otherwise these would be really appreciated updates.
    The manual doesn't say much in deep about the function.