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    I store my performances in groups of the same kind (single coils, humbuckers, bass, acoustic etc)

    Even if I don't use the 125 slots, it would be useful the chance to highlight in different colours the different kinds of performances in Rig Manager.

    It would be also cool to link the colour of the performance to the display colour on the KPA.

    Maybe I'm just getting old and need an help to understand at a glance where is what I'm looking for 8o

    You might consider an external stereo IR loader. The Boss IR 200 has MIDI so you can recall different setups with a program change from the Kemper

    Separate HPF/LPF for main & monitors please. There are two separate master EQ now, it would be nice to have two separate HPF/LPF.

    One for your personal monitor and one for the house. I never use the EQs there but do HPF/LPF. Settling with one is OK, but 2 would be better.

    The slope seems to work great where it is so I wouldn't go so far as to ask for an adjustable curve. Maybe 3 different ones if that was easier, but would be very happy with just 2 separate filters for Main & monitor outs.

    that's the whole point - OP didn't request a frequency analyser view, he asked for a visual representation of the EQ curve, and it is perfectly accetable to question the usefulness of such a 'feature'.

    anyway, this is just my personal view on this matter and not official Kemper policy.

    I'd like however to point out that your way of writing in the posts above is lacking a certain politeness, approaching the line to unacceptable.

    I also find unacceptable that your first answer to a request kindly made by a user is (with politeness):

    “use your ears, not your eyes ;)

    and then:

    how would it be helpful?

    visuals can get in the way of what and how you are hearing - after sound is translated to electrical stimuli in your ear it can actually be influenced by other information and is no longer objective.”
    (you maybe turn off the screen when recording to your DAW?)

    And then you took for two times a single phrase out of my post to show that I didn’t get the point.

    My statement was (I repeat with different words):

    a graphical feedback of the parametric eq is helpful, it is showed in every new digital eq except for the old analog emulations and if a frequency analyzer is included is even better.

    To me there is a basic misunderstanding;

    as a moderator your personal opinions shouldn't be included (just my opinion) and, in case you really need to tell what you think, is un respectful to just answer “use your ears, not your eyes ;)” to a request that's been made by a user. You give respect-you get respect.

    I (As an average user) can live without a visual feedback of the eq but I’ll not be a happy user if the Kemper company doesn’t show respect for my needs.

    have a cup of tea and read OPs post/request again :)

    My post is a whole, pls don’t take a phrase trying to show something that I didn’t write that way.

    If you really want to take a part, I’d suggest this:

    “A visual feedback is always useful, especially if a frequency analysis is included.”
    or “NO, not always you eq what you can hear (..)”
    is it clear enough that I’m talking about the visual representation of the use of a parametric eq?

    Anyway when I talked about a “frequency analyzer” I was answering to YOUR statement “If the spectrum of the input/output is displayed, that's a different matter, since it makes it easier to pinpoint unwanted resonances.”

    so if that is OP post/request related or not you should ask it to yourself.

    After a cup of tea ?

    actually many do - and in some of the higher end plug-ins like Sonnox Oxford you can disable the EQ curve view for the reasons mentioned above.

    models of the SSL, Manley and Neve EQs - no additional EQ curve is displayed.

    If the spectrum of the input/output is displayed, that's a different matter, since it makes it easier to pinpoint unwanted resonances.

    Models of SSL Manley etc don’t have a visual feedback JUST because they are MODELS of old hardware when technology didn’t allow a display.

    A visual feedback is always useful, especially if a frequency analysis is included. At a glance you can see how you eq’d a profile and...

    NO, not always you eq what you can hear, when I use high and low pass I often work on frequencies that I’m not hearing but that might be dangerous in a live situation with subs or harsh tweeters, again a frequency analyzer combined with eq would be a huge help.

    If you don’t want to show us a graphical feedback just don’t do it, we’ll survive, but please don’t teach us how is the job.

    I’m a freelance sound engineer since 1995 so I know what I’m talking about.



    I have IRs of acoustic and classical guitars and (of course) cabinets, IR producers give many mic and position options and without subfolders everything gets very easily messed.

    I believe that subfolders in the same style of fx presets would be very helpful on the Kemper and in RM.

    IMO it doesn’t make sense to try amps with a different pre-recorded guitar than the one that I use. Every guitar has a distintive tone that reacts differently to each amp.

    I agree the looper volume should be able to be faded or morphed in a live situation.

    Also I can see reasons why the looper location should be part of the Rig Menu rather than System Menu. That way you could decide on the location on a per rig/performance basis.

    Agree completely, you could also use different volumes of loops and (hopefully) fade out length.

    I just finished a 6 months contract in a hotel, playing mostly acoustic with loops and fading out manually on the mixer ;(