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    So are you saying they are different from the rack and toaster versions?

    I think the situation regarding the Stage is a bit different and not directly comparable to the Head/Rack versions.

    For the Head/Rack there are perfectly stable release versions available, so no reason to use a beta version in critical applications.

    That's why it's a beta version... sigh...

    Don't use it when you have an important gig. Beta versions exist for this very reason, to be able to find these kind of bugs.

    I think it's the other way around. It can sync to anything connected to the KPA S/PDIF INPUT.

    So that's regarding the signal coming from your audio interface going to the Kemper.

    I can get this same result using OS6. Only it crackles every second, because it's not really synced. The green sync dot does not mean it is syncronized to an external device, but to its own internal clock (when the dropdown menu is set to "Internal").

    Have you tried ToastME Editor? It has all, what you mentioned. Try it here - download, run, setup your MIDI device, connect to Kemper and you're good to go.

    You're right.

    I've tried ToastME, it's a really incredible piece of work, coming from someone who's not even working at Kemper! The one drawback for me is the need for two MIDI cables, in addition to the USB connection (for Rig Manager).

    I really hope the Kemper editor will match ToastME's awesomeness.

    Just new to Kemper i can't belive a 7 years old product has not yet got a software editor. I sold my stupidly expensive Axe Fx to move for a cheap amp simulator which is Bias Fx and both had editor it's realy sad bc its a downgrade compare to the other i'm not event talking about Helix. I honestly barely used it since i got it it's not as convinient as i thought it was to dial direclty on the unit, the small screen doesn't handle well all the informations and make it unclear to setup for a good tone.

    I can relate to this, an editor is a very useful addition and needed for a device like this IMO.

    I recently installed a demo version of Helix Native and found myself enjoying the tweaking and fiddling with effects a lot more than on the Kemper. The fact that you cannot see all effects parameters at the same time on the Kemper makes it difficult for me. Also a dropdown effects box with all effects in there can save much time.

    Even while my Kemper is right in front of me on the desk:

    I'll wait patiently :saint:

    Hey all. Just came across this video from JHS pedals:

    Some pretty damn cool tips that can be easily applied in your Kemper rigs.

    Some of the ones I found particularly cool were the reverb into tremolo (instead of the other way around) and the fuzz into octaver.

    I tried to do this once before without a second Kemper. I did it by recording the "profiling noises" and reamping the noise through the Kemper. Then play back the reamped noise through the Kemper while in profile mode. I've picked up the experiment this week again. Might post some results this weekend..

    The old thread is over here:

    My Kemper profiled itself!

    I don't understand, why not use the import factory rigs function since no rigs are imported? That's what I did. Why bother with the Rig Pack is there something I'm missing?

    I did that, and it cluttered all my presets as it imports a huge amount of reverb/delay and other stomp presets (and also amp/cab presets) that I got rid of before as I didn't need them. I would have to do this cleaning up again every time.

    Try profiles of amps you never thought you would try and see if they spark new ways of playing.

    Break out of ruts by trying new tunings. You end up creating new sounds even when you follow your old habits around chord shapes and voicings.

    These two tips really work for me.

    What I sometimes do is browse through the effects in the Kemper and choose a random one I do not use regularly. I got amazing new soloing ideas by engaging a simple Vibe effect for instance. Also maybe try out some ambient delay/reverb effects. It will force you to come up with new ways to play which feels very "rewarding".