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    There was an improvement in bass response in one of the earlier updates, seeing that you're coming from 2.x something. It changed in 2.6 according to the Addendum.
    Maybe that's what you're hearing?


    I'm always using the quick knobs. When I'm testing out profiles and they don't have reverb or enough the time and mix knows are exactly the knobs I need!

    I'm currently going through all 800 of my profiles and trying to pick just 5 for each of my guitars, so those knobs are getting a lot of action!

    Isn't it much easier (and a better comparison) to do this while locking the reverb?

    This is a possible solution to your problem with some limitations though.
    You could put the Graphic EQ in the delay slot. Then set the Monitor Output to Master Mono in the Output Menu. Set the Main Output to MOD Stereo (or Mono). This makes sure the delay (containing EQ) and reverb slots are not sent to the Main Output, just to the Monitor Output. You can still put a delay in the X or MOD slots so it will be heard through the Main Output.

    deactivating the Cabinet activates the CabMaker,
    so doing so, auditioning IRs, selecting a good sounding one, converting it with CabMaker and loading it is not valid A/B comparison.

    CabDriver, I guess? ;)

    Does this really matter? This comparison is with a "third party cab" (the IR, converted with Cab Maker) added to the rig right?
    In recording A, you record the amp section without a cab, so CabDriver is activated. In the recording B, you record the amp section with an imported cab, that doesn't belong to the same studio profile. In that case, CabDriver is still engaged, right?

    I'm sorry for everyone but I do agree with this. I'm not a tone master unfortunately.

    To me this is more understandable and easy follow.Though I don't understand that I have to increase Power amp boost. Does everyone have to do that to get through the mix? My other bandmember plays also a Les Paul but with a 1 speaker ENGL amp. He has no problem getting through..He sounds very balanced like a les Paul supposes to sound. I really wonder if my sound has something to do with my poor and old Marshall 2x12 with Goldback speakers. I wonder if a far better cab with ??? speakers would do magic and can make much eq or other tweaking redundant.

    I don't get it anymore. Didn't you say you were running the Main Outs to FOH? So then turning up a power amp boost will not really make you louder, right? This is just about your "monitoring cab" on stage. Most probably, the FOH sound man will simply ask you to turn down the volume of your cab.
    You really need to play with EQ in a band context. The simple solution of more volume will probably not help you in this case.

    I use a graphic eq in a number of rigs: here's one:
    80Hz: 2.9 dB, 160 Hz: 0.6 dB, 320 Hz: -1.5 dB, 640 Hz: -1.6 dB, 1250 Hz: -1.5 dB, 2500 Hz: 1.5 dB, 5000Hz:8.2 dB, 10.000 Hz:6.2 dB. And Low cut: 206 dB, High Cut 33488 Hz. Volume 0
    Maybe this is not right?

    To "cut through the mix", you need to shape your tone so the most importang frequencies of your instrument will be heard through a busy mix, while not being unnecessarily loud.
    I suspect you need to crank up the mids of your guitar tone to cut through. You're mainly boosting the lows and highs and cutting the mids with this EQ setting.

    The sound man will control your volume, simply pumping up the volume on your monitor won't solve problems of "cutting through".

    When I noticed that I was sending the ones with the Celestion commercial IR I have changed the file.
    Try to download again ;)
    P.S.: my sincere suggestion is to try with a different cab, this time the wagoner is not spot on.

    Ah check. I saw the file in your post, just wasn't able to download it. Almost got myself some free Celestion IRs ;)

    Which IRs did you use? I think I have the 4x12" ones with V30 and G12H speakers.

    Are you sure?My experience is that i have hughe differences with noise when i load different profiles one after another. Ihave f.e. profiles from a diezel ( high gain) from sinmix and the is no noise or artefacts and when i load another diezel with the same amount of gain from another seller there is noise. So i thougt its a matter of the profile, because i didnt change lights or have a mobile on side of the kpa or start another screen or computer. Up to this time i thought its a matter of the profiling prozess.

    I got to the same conclusion a few weeks ago in the studio.

    I wanted to use the "TAF-ManRock 800" profile, however it was quite noisy. Even with the noise gate at 5 or something, it left this "trail of noise", due to the gate not closing fast enough. It almost sounded like a reverb.

    I switched to a JVM profile from TillS with similar amount of gain and the noise was gone.

    The two "Wylde Bassman" profiles are killer! Using them with a Les Paul and Strat. Really nice 'edge of breakup' sounds with single-coils and Marshallish overdrive with humbuckers.
    Really dynamic sounds, thanks!

    - I know the inputs work because if I plug in other things like guitar or keyboard they work (aux mix is turned up correctly)
    - I know there is an output because when I connect my monitors it works
    - I know the cable works because I've tried it somewhere else

    I would check these three points again just to make sure. Then subsequently connecting the 2i4 to the Kemper Aux In without changing anything on the computer/2i4/Kemper.

    Hope I understood it correctly, but you I think you can get a delay like you described with the following settings:

    Type: Rhythm Delay
    To Tempo: off
    Delay 1 Ratio: doesn't matter
    Delay 2 Ratio: doesn't matter
    Delay 3 Ratio: 50%
    Delay 4 Time: to taste
    Volume 1: 0
    Volume 2: 0
    Volume 3: 10
    Volume 4: less than 10 so the delay on the right is lower in volume (you may need to experiment with this in combination with the feedback setting)
    Panorama 3: -100%
    Panorama 4: +100%
    Stereo: 100%