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    Hi! I'm trying to set up my keeper with my home studio. I'd love to have stereo output to 2 Adam a7x and stereo output to two dxr10 speakers (for when I just want to have some fun!) is it ok to connect the main output xlr and 1/4" of the kemper at the same time?


    Another option:
    - Connect the Adams to the stereo Main Outputs
    - Connect the Yamaha's to the Monitor and Direct Outputs, and set these to "Master Left" and "Master Right".

    Now you can set the volumes independently on the Kemper (or keeper :D ).

    Should we then also exclude Output Sources, because an output could switch from "off" to on, which could be even more than 12 dB difference? This would compromise the whole meaning of Output Presets, wouldn't it?

    Whenever I play with signal routings and cannot predict what will happen or am not hundred percent sure, I first put the headphones on my shoulders. :-)

    I totally agree.
    My point is that I think that this reasoning makes the following argument invalid: "output volumes are not stored in output presets in order to avoid large jumps in volume".

    Didn't know this yet, but the "Main Out -12 dB" pad option in the Output Section is stored in output presets. I almost blew my ears out wearing headphones (plugged into Scarlett 2i4) and recalling an output preset where it was unticked and the volume suddenly boosted by 12 dB!

    This is a bit contradictory with: the fact that output volumes are (intentionally) not stored in output presets.

    We have decided not store volume values to avoid large and dangerous jumps in volume.
    There is a standard workaround for sure: keep the volumes at constant values and adapt the correct levels on the receiving devices (mix desks, monitors)

    Is this a bug?

    I would be interested in some lessons on how to create/shape tones. Lik some pre/post amp EQ tricks, stuff like that.

    Lessons on "How to operate the Kemper" or "How to make profiles" would not be of much use for me, as I can easily find that in the manual.

    I was lucky enough to pick up a second hand Kemper Lunchbox KPA some time ago. The previous owner removed the rubber feet and I'd like to track down some replacements.
    Unfortunately, I don't know what size screw, thread pitch etc holds the feet in there. Sure I could get some stick on ones, but if anyone can tell me what type of screws I need, or even if you could measure up what you've got, that would let me fix it properly.

    My toaster needed M4 screws with 0.7mm pitch. Length of the screws is 10mm.

    And what is "as expected"?

    With "as expected" I mean that, whenever Git Studio is selected for the corresponding output, the output volume is fixed, i.e. cannot be changed with the (greyed out) volume setting of that particular output.

    "Git Studio" relates to the direct out, so it wouldn't have any effect on the mains, Daan.

    You can set the Main Out Source or the Monitor Out Source to Git Studio as well.
    You can try to do this for the Main Out and turn the (greyed out) volume setting for the Main Outs and see that it still influences the actual output volume, even though it is greyed out.

    I actually got a reply from support that the behaviour on their device was the same (and not intended), so they forwarded it to their developers team.
    I'll mark this as solved. Thanks for the input, guys!

    For "Monitor Output" when I set output to "Git Studio", changing the (grayed out) Monitor Output parameter has no effect on actual volume.

    Unfortunately no way to connect my monitors to KPA Main Output since my cables are hidden in the back of interface and it is inconvenient to rehook all these cables.

    I guess this is all as I need to know for now. Thanks a lot for the effort!

    I'll have to check if it's a user error on my side or if there's something wrong in my Kemper.

    Whenever I select "Git Studio" in the output settings, the corresponding volume parameter gets greyed out. However, the volume setting still affects the amount of volume of that output, e.g. when set to minus infinity dB, the output is silent.

    Could you guys please check on your Kempers whether you experience the same behavior? Thanks in advance!

    FYI: I already contacted support and I'm on OS 5.0.3

    Yeah, I'll be doing a similar thing, cenzo - using the TRS main outs to go to an interface and the XLRs to a monitor mixer (little Mackie).

    That's one of the many, many cool things about this beastie - simultaneous signal at the XLR and TRS mains.

    Monkey Man, I don't think the main out jacks are (balanced) TRS. I think it's just TS. Don't know if it is relevant for your application, but always good to know.

    Looks much more compact now.
    There was a thread once back, someone has tried to make the same mod, although we don't know what was the outcome.
    And the author has published photos from this modification --->

    Ah check, missed that one.