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    "Not sure what this means-flat? I own a pair of ASM-12's and and with the 100hz cut engaged they are fairly flat.

    Please say what "transparent" means to you. Thanks."

    Buzzword, used loosely these days.

    Thanks guys! I have a Friedman profile from the exchange that sounds better than anything I've tried so far from any unit, it puts a huge smile on my face every time I play. My Friedman ASM-12 probably helps, what a killer monitor it is. Heavy as hell, but sounds great. After I get the remote, I'm putting a freeze on buying, LOL! Ya right!

    Should the inspiring situation be such that you have too much money then I know somebody who gives his help to you to spend it. ^^

    I'll keep that in mind. Luckily the AX8 and Helix are in high demand so I really lost nothing selling them, but I did gain a lot of knowledge which is why I'm back to Kemper. So it was a win for me.

    Actually, pat, your story was inspiring, mate.

    No kidding, I always love hearing this stuff. So happy for you.

    Well, I'll give credit where credit is due. I got caught up in all this talk about CPU, TigerSharc chips, etc. etc. I came to the conclusion (from numerous articles) that Kemper uses a different approach to their design and it simply works. As far as I'm concerned, it's genius and the results prove it. I love going home, flicking the switch on, and playing for 2 hours without tweaking once, it's truly inspiring and I love it!!!

    I just bought a used Kemper toaster (my second Kemper in the last year, not sure why I sold the first one) and my first order of business was uploading 4.0.6. Everything went super smooth but I am getting the occasional lockup. I'll turn the switch to tuner and it freezes on that screen with none of the buttons or knobs working. Sometimes it happens when I go from tuner to browser. It will lock up for 3-5 minutes and then start working. Note that when it locks up the sound of the loaded profile is still working and I can play, I just can't change parameters or profiles. Anyone else have this problem or should I contact Kemper support?

    So, I just want to say hello again!! In true gearhead fashion I sold my Kemper some time ago in pursuit of better tone. I bought a Fractal AX8, had that for about 3 months, sold it and bought another Helix, had that for about a month, and now I'm back with another Kemper. I have to say that all of this was absolutely pointless as nothing sounds as good as the Kemper, well maybe the actual amp, but who can afford to own 100 amps. There is something to be said for knowing that the tone you are hearing is the actual amp and not someone's take on what that amp should sound like. The journey was long but I have verified that the Kemper is top of the heap as far as amp tones go. I'm back to playing and practicing rather than tweaking endlessly. Thank you Kemper for making such a great product, your technology is truly inspiring!!!

    Hmm, I would have thought someone would have some info on this subject. Any knowledgeable guys on here that use a MIDI controller other than the Kemper?

    I'm truly just happy to own one. I've been through the whole Fractal, L6, Atomic thing and I can honestly say the Kemper sounds better than all of them. If an editor ever happens, that'll be a bonus.

    OK, I'm a midi beginner. I only use the looper to record and stop. Can I program 2 GPC IA switches to act as play and stop? Will I be able to overdub the first recording? Normally I'd save up for the Kemper remote and be done but the deal I found on the GPC is too good to pass up, as long as it will work. Do all the looper functions work with 3.xx and will I be able to use the GPC IA's for this?

    Do you think Kemper will ever make it so the looper can be controlled via a different midi controller or is it not possible? I was going to buy a GCP u til I read you can't control the looper.