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    Hi pat6969

    Where in Canada? Did I see your ad on CL in BC? If it was, then you're probably less than 90 min away from me.

    Haven't figured out how to send a direct of private message through this community. If you have, please drop me a note with a phone # or text # and we can talk.

    messaged you.

    Looking to sell my excellent condition Powerhead with remote. Looking to stay within Canada for now due to shipping challenges. May trade for something of equal new value.

    $2600 + shipping

    You never realize quite how brilliant the kemper is until you profile something yourself. That’s the only time you get to do a direct comparison. And the only time you get the chance to realize that there is no comparison. I laugh to myself every time I hear someone say their axefx(insert any other modeler here) sounds more amp like. Without having exactly the amp modeled next to their axefx. It’s complete nonsense.

    This is where I realized how good the Kemper is. I made some direct profiles of my Silver Jubilee and I seriously couldn’t tell the difference. It was simply amazing. When using the Axe I was always wondering how close the model was to the real thing, when I profiled for myself with the Kemper, I knew it was spot on.

    Reviving this thread rather than starting a new one. Is anyone using this with an expression pedal for a whammy effect 0-Plus24? Does it track up precisely 2 octaves? I saw a video where it stopped at value 125 thus not reaching the full 2 octaves up effect. My expression pedal is a Dunlop DVP-4 if that is needed into. Thanks.

    I haven’t tried that but you should be able to do it like any other profile. Guitar into Kemper, Kemper into RP7 in, RP7 out back into Kemper. I think you’d just have to make sure it’s instrument level out from the RP back into the Kemper. I’m sure others would probably know better, I’ve seen many Helix and Axe profiles on rig exchange.

    Thanks Guido!

    All Guido's Profiles are now Merged and have been since and including the Bogner XTC of January 2017, so that's 46 amp packs.

    It's his new way of doing things and I'm sure he sees no reason to change this, Pat. ;)

    I figured that by being on his site, I was more asking if he was doing any new amps. Also he has a couple old ones that aren’t merged, like the Mesa RA and Bogner Shive, was asking if he plans to do those in a merged pack.;)

    Do you have any plans to do more merged amp profiles? I’ve bought a lot of your merged amp packs and they are sooooooo good!! I’d love for you to do a BE100, Butterslax, 1987x, Tucana, MarkIIC+, and some of you older studio pack amps, like the Electrdyne.

    By the way, your Cameron merged profiles are my favourite profiles of all time! So good!

    Regardless of what they say the speaker stock speaker still needs to be crossed over, this is accomplished with passively or actively, the amp itself is full range. Open it up and see where the crossover is, whether it’s passive (capacitors and couls) or built into the amp module.