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    I am having the same issues.

    Can you confirm another issue?

    Use the Preset Browse knob, then turn it all the way to the “Empty” slot. Once there quickly turn the Preset Browse knob back and forth, but more past the Empty slot. Does your screen get dark?

    Don’t worry. Turning the Browse knob again fixes it. I just want to know if anyone else is getting this.


    I was able to update my Kemper Stage via Rig Manager, but the Kemper froze immediately after the update (when I went to press some buttons on it). I press the power button, but it wouldn’t shut down. It took me to a screen that looks like the shutdown screen, with the “Kemper Profiler” lettering. But it was stuck there. I had to pull the power cord, and then plug it back again in order to regain control. Other than that, it’s been working fine.

    Another thing I noticed, though I’m not sure if it’s related, was a glitch during the update while it was loading up resources. There was a loading bar that didn’t go all the way to 100%, followed by a flicker on the screen, then back to loading resources, except the loading bar went all the way the second time. I don’t think I’ve seen that before.


    My comment wasn’t directed at anyone in particular - I’ve seen a lot of buzz about this product, and most of the demo sounds seem to me like it would be easy to get very close with the KPA delays.

    Well, given that I was the one who posted about the Strymon Volante in this thread, your comment was definitely directed at me (even if you argue that it wasn’t). I mean, come on :-).

    Anyway, I’m happy with what the Kemper offers right now and I know that it can do pretty much everything I could want it to do. The new Reverbs are just a want (not a need).

    Play with the Delays in your KPA, and save all that Volante money for a cheap guitar. Or, some expensive pickups.

    I think you guys are inferring things that I didn’t say, and totally missing the point. I literally meant what I said, that seeing that new product from Strymon made me really want the new Kemper Reverbs. Not that I ever stop wanting them, but I kinda had put them in the back of my mind until I saw this new product.

    Yes, I get that it’s not a Reverb pedal per say. And NO, I’m not buying it.

    Hope the clears it up :-).

    I was going to post these very same thoughts so thank you for saving me all that typing. When modeling Fender Reverb amps the ommision of spring reverb was glaring. I've hung out at the effects forums on TGP and the old HC. I'm well aware of how some guitarists cannot live without lush/space/shimmer reverbs. If that's your thing then I would think you already have a pedal (or three) that does those type of reverbs. Hopefully the Kemper reverbs can replace those pedals. Personally (and I use that term to state that it's just my opinion so don't get butthurt if your opinion is different), I waited to buy the Kemper because it was missing Spring Reverb. Once i saw the beta demo i pulled the trigger.

    It’s not about being “butthurt“, it’s about respecting other people’s wishes. But you definitely missed that point.

    Also, it’s interesting how you think that people wanting those types of “spacey” Reverbs, which is funny to me since sound doesn’t have a medium to propagate in space (but I digress), would already own a pedal (“or three”) covering those types of Reverb, yet you couldn’t bring yourself into buying a Kemper until the Spring Reverb beta firmware was released. That means that you would probably be on the same boat as the rest of us right about now. Hmmm... Of course, I suspect you’ll deny, deny, deny. But whatever, lol.

    In any case, I’m sure team Kemper are doing their best to get us the full blown Reverb update. I simply wished they didn’t teased us with samples of them until it was MUCH closer to being released. As you may or may not know, a Reverb update has been highly requested by users since way before I got my first one in 2015. It’s only natural to be a little impatient, but I still fully and thoroughly enjoy both of my Kempers.

    I think the point was that the Kemper aims to replicate the sound of tube amps, many of which have in-built spring reverb tanks which contribute a great deal to the sound. In that sense, not having a spring reverb was a glaring omission. Not having “spacey reverbs” isn’t, as far as the core technology and patent that the Kemper is based on goes.

    Totally understand that.

    But those “spacey reverbs“ (as he calls them) are part of the announced new Reverbs update, and there are probably people like myself who don’t really care for the Spring Reverb type. But just because I don’t care for it doesn’t make it less important for others, and THAT was my point.

    I try to put myself into people’s shoes before I make a comment. Unfortunately, VERY few people do this and don’t take into account other people’s wants/needs.

    Spring Reverb was THE most glaring omission from the reverbs on the KPA. Now that it's here I'm personally not all that interested in the other spacey verbs that were demoed. I'd rather have ring mod. It's the one pedal I have to add to my Kemper setup.

    I NEVER use a Spring Reverb anymore, didn’t even bother installing the beta, and yet I wouldn’t dismiss it just because I’m not interested in it. Your “most glaring omission” is another person’s “personally not interested” feature. See? It goes both ways. Please keep that in mind.

    Thanks! :-)