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    Another dumb question I noticed alot of the 5 starred profiles sounds real muddy .I'm running the kemper thru an old Marshall cab with 4 speakers ..should I use headhones for trying out these profiles?

    Ok I was able to browse thru a ton of profiles..I noticed my laptop was trying to download like 750 (I'm guessing profiles) I didn't ask it to do this and when I went to shut it off I had to kinda force it to stop ..any ideas

    Ok just when I was bout to give up I hit the all apps on my laptop then opened the kemper one and now I'm looking at rig manager .I clicked rig exchange not sure what to do from here but I will try double clicking 1 and see what happens

    Also when I connect my kemper to my laptop nothing really happens. My kemper seems the same and nothing pops up anywhere on my laptop acknowledging its hooked up to kemper is this correct

    Ok I guess I got the 64 bit one I never saw a box like yours but now when I go to the set up wizard it is saying it's wanting to change repair or remove it. I'm so lost I have no idea which to chose

    Hmm ok gonna try this when I get up ..but I don't remember seeing a diff version ..but if I'm involved in sure it's there ...tnx for your help...will let you know how it goes

    I'm failing again. In getting msg saying 64 bit operating system isn't supported by this installer..plz download the rig manager installer for Windows 64 bit

    Spent 30 mins so far looking for that
    Getting way overwhelmed right now
    Any suggestions would be sooooooooooooooooo appreciated

    Well guess I failed.I'm asumming the rounder end of the cable goes in the back of my kemper..I did try to downlload several Marshall profiles to my laptop I think they are somewhere in my laptop.I just got flustered when I realized i didn't know where to plug the chord ends into..I did have that cord tho so that's a plus..can you tell me once I figure out how to hook up laptop to kemper which setting on the main chicken switch I should have it set on ..thanks in advance

    Wow scokzy I may have just fallen in love with you..ty so much for leaving me such a detailed post ..I'm actually thinking I may be able to do all that without having to ask my for daughters help ...will let you know how it goes later tonight

    Hi I have a powered kemper that I know how to plug in and use at band practice using the stock profiles..that's about all I know how to do. I'm really gifted at being a full tard when it comes to electronics and technology. I am wanting to go buy some profiles but honestly have no idea how. I found a site to buy but there payment was not in American dollars. I also have no idea how I will get the profile where it will end up and how then I will get said profile on to my kemper. Don't even know which cord to use if a cord is needed...if someone could plz explain this to me in detail that maybe my young daughter could understand ( I always end up having to ask her to help me with computer stuff) i would be soooooooo greatful...sry if I posted this in the wrong forum thingy

    Ok i was able to take 7 of the profiles or rigs that came installed on my kemper and move them to my proformance mode section..problem i have know is if my clean is in the 4 th spot and dirty is in 2 nd spot i have to hit button with arrow up first then the button below that 1 time to get to 3 then repeat it again to get to 4 4 taps of foot to get between chls 2 apart ....what i want to do is have 1 foot pedal switch for churnch .1 for solos 1 for clean 1 for effects n clean ..and 1 for distortion....that way say im playing distortion and my next part is clean ..i want to step on 1 fottconttol knob and have clean ..then step on one more and have distortion there a way to set this up as so....tnx a ton inadvance