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    NOOOOOOO!!!!!! osx 10.12????? But but but.... I use 10.11 cause of stupid pro tools 12 perpetual.

    I have been awaiting this day since NAMM, and now I don't know what to do.

    But all the thanks to the team at Kemper for releasing an awesome free new feature. I love my Kemper!

    Ruefus - I’m sorry for posting, this got out of hand. At no point was I trying to cause an issue for anyone, or start a grammar debate.

    RDW’s example (set phasers to stun) was exactly what came to mind when I first read the original comment at 2am. So great work there!

    I’d still like to see them implement an ‘expectations knob’ though. Sometimes genius ideas strike just like that! ;)

    (That last bit is sarcasm / a joke - cause maybe my non-English native speaker friends on here might miss that)



    I don’t know, after all this time I’ve set my expectations to low. Not as in ‘a lot of low’, no no no, but more in that without an editor it takes too much effort to get out of my chair and manually turn the Kemper expectations knob to high! it’s on the front, just next to the reverb knob, well, I think it is, as I said, it’s all the way over there.....


    Is s/pdif sample rate conversion a thing on these high end units? I assume it is.

    I have myself an Apollo quad (silver face) and I think it’s the bomb. Sounds killer, dsp plugs and sample rate conversion so the 44.1 out of the Kemper plays nicely with any project sample rate I’m working on.

    I’m just a weekend warrior, so I defer to the pro’s for the techie stuff.

    Also it makes reamping with your full guitar signal chain (including pre/loop pedals easy)

    i'm curious about the delay issue. paults has some great ideas for you.

    Yes, locking would make that always be the same delay in the delay slot, not useful for different songs and timings. But couldn't you save an effect preset, say Song 1 delay and then apply it to the 5 versions of the amp (clean through dirty?) in the song performance? you could even have 2 different delays set to the same effect foot controller button to alternate with one tap. However, changing from clean to dirty (across the performance) would reset the current repeats (unless continue spill, spillover, whatever its called is enabled) and might sound abrupt.

    i'm sure someone smarter knows a kemper based way to fix this but alternatively you could bypass this issue with an external pedal - timeline/H9 etc. By having only the first patch in a performance trigger a patch change on the external device through midi, you could keep progressing to dirty without effecting it. You'd just lock a mono or stereo loop send in the on position so the pedal always gives you delays. So if the song didn't actually need a delay you could have a pedal preset that was bypass.

    Hell you could have your iPhone next to you and have the H9 app open with the list of delays for all your songs and be able to press the button to do anything... hmmm actually I'm tired, this might not be a good idea.

    As for song ordering I used the Voodoo labs GCP as my main controller and the software let you reorder songs ahead of time (with a computer) which I'm sure you could also do with rig manager.... ok I don't actually think any of this helps...

    pretend i was never here!!!

    cool MCVA, thanks for the feedback. undoubtedly that's why people do it that way. I guess i just found the kemper side a bit fiddley. And you're right about the A/D conversion issue, at my (admittedly poor) level of technical know how, I found benefit in the kemper always getting exactly the same signal (through the same input), whether I'm laying it down or reamping it, so i know my results 'should' be consistent.

    I was confused by the output options via kemper's S/PDIF - i want mono DI plus stereo full amp/effects/stereo effects loop everytime i hit record in my daw (on the DI and proper 'effected' stereo track). I was also sure that the clean signal being sent back to the kemper didn't match my initial signal. could be wrong

    My first post was simplified to help those who might be stuck, but allow me to explain why i do it this way...

    Also (and maybe this doesn't matter) this way I can put my whole Voodoo Labs GCP in the loop (4 effects pre kemper, 4 stereo effects in kemper stereo loop) and go nuts, knowing that I still have the exact clean DI safe in the computer which i can use to hit my whole rack at any time to be free to experiment like crazy (without ever unplugging or plugging anything in). If I just used the kemper S/PDIF to DI the clean i couldn't put pedals in front without them being caught in the clean signal chain, and as i've said, I love me some stereo effects in the loop.

    but horses for uh, weekend rockstars! (that's me, not you, you might be Slash!) :D

    rock on mate!

    Hey all, I just wanted to offer a possible suggestion/alternative to this revamping process, because a lot of threads are cries for help. Someone else might have suggested this but i couldn't find it. Sorry if this sounds stupid to some of you professional musicians but it works awesome for me and damnit Jim, i'm a doctor, not an electrical engineer.

    The idea of reamping always sounded so great but between "senses" and changing kemper input/stack settings, wanting to use a STEREO effects loop and not have to change cables and so forth, I got really defeated... So i do it this way - I never even need to touch my kemper in the rack anymore (and I use rig manager for 90% of the sounds)

    So below is my solution, short version.

    tools - kemper, apollo quad (but most should work) and pro tools(any DAW)

    guitar -> apollo Hi-Z 1 (recorded in pro tools) -> TS/guitar cable in output 1 -> kemper FRONT interface -> S/PDIF out into apollo S/DIF (recorded in pro tools)

    More info
    what i do is tell Console (apollo's control software, but should work with any interface software) is to route the Hi-Z 1 straight out output 1. Pro tools (or whatever DAW) still receives the signal on an armed track (mute it)

    set your daw to record the S/PDIF in for your kemper sound (so you can hear that sweet stereo tone that you thought was the bomb, but well, here we are talking about reamping...)


    THEN the ONLY changes you make when it comes time to reamp
    - in your daw - change the output of your direct track to your line out (output 1 in this case, which you can really do at any time prior) and
    - in your interface software, change the Hi-Z 1 channel routing back to monitor (or whatever normal is called on yours)

    BAM - instant stereo reamping - never touched the kemper

    but what about level mismatching? - easy fixes - 1. decrease the console/interface volume output or 2. get a reamping box between the between the line output and the kemper front in.

    I've had no latency issues and since the kemper always receives the same signal (it's always coming from the output 1 whether i'm playing live or reamping) the sound is consistent.


    Hi, could I recommend just trying to simplify and then maybe you can work out where the issue is?

    I’d recommend...
    1. Plug your guitar into the Kemper front input, play something and record it through s/pdif into pro tools.

    Work ok?

    2. Plug a standard guitar cable into a line out on your interface into the FRONT input on your Kemper (with all other Kemper settings as they were above)

    3. Does pro tools let you send out that channel? (ie not greyed out?) if so, record arm your s/pdif channel again and see how it goes.

    And if you’re worried about level matching etc use a DI box in the chain, but save that till you at least get some sound.