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    I’m intending this as useful feedback in case this is still being refined, is all - if it’s only me that doesn’t get on with it, then no worries.

    It's not only you :).

    I think something similar to Logic X, where holding ctrl while making adjustments gives a finer resolution, would do do the trick. Perhaps a soft button?

    I have 2 macs (MacBook Air & Mac Mini) which are mid 2011 and running High Sierra 10.13.6. They have both been running the latest version of Rig Manager. RM is still 'work in progress' with the occasional hitch but hey, 'computers'!

    I've had good results with one of Thomann's Box MA8/2 CL as a front fill and also on its own on jazz gigs (with drums). The only flakey part of it was (!) the handle but I replaced that with a leather one from an old Peavey amp.

    No! On the right, that's parallel - 2 Ohms (doomsday!)

    1) Bring the red feeder in to the +'ve on one of the RH spkrs (Top)

    2) Use 1 wire (any colour) from -'ve on RH spkr top) to +'ve ofRH (lower) spkr

    3) Connect -'ve of RH (lower) spkr to black feeder

    That's one side of your stereo.

    Copy it for the other side

    I'm not familiar with the switch set up so you'll need help elsewhere with that. There is a reason for the warning on the jack plate.

    The Kone instructions you appear to have used (for a 4X12) are not for stereo - they are for a series/parallel mono cab. See if you can find a schematic for a marshall mono/stereo cab and pay close attention to the impedances that result from their switching.

    Edit: You could wire up each side (ie top right + bottom right also top left and bottom left given you 2 +/- pairs) as in the Kemper 2x12 diagram and then use the outside sockets on the cabinet plate - Ignore the centre socket and switch. If you are hauling a Stereo 4x12 around then who would you need mono?

    Be aware:

    2 Kones in series = 8 Ohms

    2 Kones in parallel = 2 Ohms ... DO NOT DO THIS!


    So sorry it this has been answered but I have read through and don't find an answer. I'm considering buying a Kemper Power Head and Kabinet. The head puts out 600w and the Kabinet is rated at 200w. I'd never hook up a 600w amp to a 200w cabinet and crank it. Not that I need 600w. But any concerns on such high power rating difference?

    You'll be fine. If you are sensible enough to ask the question then you'll be sensible about how far you push your speaker. The first speaker I used with my powerhead was a 25 watt Greenback which I managed to push close but not into damage territory! There is also a power meter in the output section of the Kemper so you can have a look at levels. If you are thinking of playing at anywhere near 200W then I'd suggest a long lead!


    Here's a noodle from a soundtrack for a cooking video:

    62 Deluxe 5 from that well known Nashville profiler, pushed with a Rochester Comp (HXFX) and an Anderson Tele 8)

    T Royalty - 2-5 With my Es335 this profile is one of the best sounding if not the best sounding AC Profiles I have played. It's punchy and jangly and all the things that make a loud AC30 so great, but it's not quite as brittle on the top end. Which I love


    What two-way speakers have you been using?

    Various, over the years. It's not a problem that has manifested itself with the Kemper (for me anyway), though I have seen many comments from people unhappy with 'FRFR' monitors etc. MKB 's piece about amps on the limit and tweeters exposing the distortion made sense to me. That said, I use an F12-X200 with the KPA power head (Treble and Presence tweaked) and haven't run into difficulties as yet. Perhaps I don't play loud enough?!

    I do have a question. The speaker cable I ordered is not coming in until tomorrow. Will it hurt to use a regular guitar patch cable until then? Too much? I don't plan on cranking it!

    Instrument cable will be of little use ... if you have a couple of plugs and some twin core mains cable (I use 6 amp) this will make a serviceable speaker lead. I use it all the time.