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    You would have to tune to Drop D first and then go -1 on Transpose. So a d-tuna is helpful. I have a locking trem with a trem stop, so I can drop D pretty quickly with a turn of the fine adjustment screw. Best way is to tune a second guitar if it's practical in your case.

    Add this one to the list: C G C G G D I recently had to play this for a theatre show along with Standard and DADGAD ... All in written notation so I was hearing different notes to the ones I was fingering. I talked to the composer about it and he said, "Yea, It's a mind fuck" ... He wasn't kidding! To answer the OP, I used a Variax.

    I'm an old fart and I grew up with tube amps

    I switch the guitar, e.g. from a Les Paul with humbuckers to a Strat with single coils, I expect it to sound different ... well, actually I want it to sound and behave different.

    Yep (same here) ... Just Saying

    I have a USB stick (with the current OS and a backup) velcroed to the back of my KPA(s) and a spare in my bag, just in case.

    I haven't had to use either in six years of using Kemper (including several long theatre runs - six days a week).

    I think I have around 600 rigs on board, and keep all my KPAs in sync. I'd be inclined to trim your 1000 back a little - give the machine a bit of room to breathe.


    from the ur22 manual:

    When connected to an XLR- type plug, this jack automatically switches to microphone input sensitivity, and when connected to a phone-type plug, it switches to line input sensitivity.

    So, I would use standard guitar leads.

    The Kone, just as a driver, driven by just any old poweramp is far from flat. It is only able to render a more or less flat response by the application of some carefully tailored Eq. This Equalisation is performed by the DSP of the Kemper which assumes, in Kone mode, that is compensating for the skewed response of the Kone which is a known quantity.

    If you apply Kone mode processing to any other driver, you will not get the intended result BUT you might like it/find it useful anyway.

    I have both and I prefer the Kone. The EV is and always was too bright for me (I took it out of my MkII Boogie 40 odd years ago)

    The other benefit, not mentioned above, is the weight! The difference is considerable and your back will thank you for it!

    I would be inclined to try going into the AUX input with a suitable cable. Use the main (Kemper 1/4" jacks will be fine) output(s), NOT the speaker output if your Kemper is powered.

    The aux on the Yamaha MAY be stereo? Edit: seems like it is!

    BEFORE you connect, turn all the volumes down on the Kemper and the Yamaha and gradually increase (Yamaha first, so you can avoid overdriving the input) I see no value in going into the front end of the Yamaha (nothing to stop you trying it, though - it will be like feeding an amp into an amp).

    My Setup -Using a Power Head:

    Main out - Master Stereo (R channel) via external power amp into Celestion FX12-200 (had that before I got the Kone - good full range speaker) All delays/verbs show up here.

    Monitor out - Mod Left- Internal power amp - Kone. Dry punchy 'amp in your face' stuff with chorus etc when applicable.

    NO ... It's not true stereo (except for the chorus ) BUT ... It sounds great and doesn't seem to upset the Soundies.

    I use the same setup (without the power amps) to record

    The naysayers and the yeabuts can go and whistle! TRY it!

    I am running out the right monitor send into the mono/bridged input of the freyette’s channel A. Maybe that has something to do with it? Channel B of the Freyette does not have the bridged option?

    When bridged, any power amp will then be in mono and use only one input channel (typically A). There's usually a switch to activate the bridged mode. Channel B isn't used.

    I think you'll be lucky to find all of that in one place!

    You could try ... but it is sketchy at best.

    If you search 'Rig Rundown' (Premier Guitar) on YouTube, you can see what individual players are using.

    Bottom line is that your time would be well spent browsing through the the profiles that came with your Kemper and find something that makes you sound good!