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    Hi Sean ... yes, I do that when looking though presets myself, mainly to avoid sudden bursts of hi gain! I've just tried it on performances but to no avail, I'm afraid - it doesn't seem to make any difference. Thanks for the heads up, though. All contributions gratefully received!



    EDIT: However, it doesn't seem to be locking up any more so there's a win! ... 7.1.3 Release

    Similar thing here ... In performance, try scrolling from a low e.g. 2 to a high e.g. 50 by pressing Rig up RAPIDLY! (c.280 b.p.m.) I know there is a press and hold scroll but it is slooow.

    It seems as if the KPA tries to load every intermediate performance on the way and indeed, sometimes it does work ok. However, it can result in a freeze that needs a reboot. (buffer overload?)

    As long as remind myself to be patient (ha!) it's ok, though it would be better if the KPA would sense the rapid selection, count the number of presses and then load the appropriate performance - just a thought

    I too, have noticed this since 7

    MIDI selection works fine

    It was the opening ceremony for: One Young World 2019 (look it up) so the 'turns' were youngsters. there were a few 'faces' in the audience.

    One of the performers was playing guitar on a radio pack connected to his Kemper backstage, with dad doing the patch changes - I had to do my own! Anyway #goingofftopic

    Update ... Gig completed, without any hassle (from the KPA). Soundies were familiar with 'A Kemper' - gave them a mono feed from the main out. Monitored (in ears) via their system and had a cab behind me which (when I took out my 'ears' ) was bloody loud and gave me a nice thump in the back for that 'in the room feel'!

    Nice room too - Royal Albert Hall (Clang!) 8)

    Another (with caveat) OK here.

    Power head hooked up to RM and controlled by an HXFX (Line 6) - so no Kemper remote ... in Performance mode

    Amongst other things, I constructed a performance in RM which transferred and remained ok in the head. All controllers that I use worked as normal.

    I did manage to force a (repeatable) lock up / crash by pressing the Rig navigation buttons rapidly. The 'press and hold to scroll' is Very slow so I tried to quickly tap in the number of moves e.g. performance 10 to 40 (30 taps). Sometimes the KPA (almost) keeps in step but occasionally there is a lock up requiring a shut down and reboot. I did a measured test tapping in BPM (to a metronome) and the lock up start to occur around the 280 mark, so if you don't go crazy and have (not ) a little patience, things will be fine. My guess is that there's a buffer overload. Making the jump direct via a MIDI command doesn't involve scrolling and works fine

    Why do I need to make the jump?

    I have a 'work area' of 4 or 5 Performances and a 'library' which I keep in the upper performance areas. Works for me.

    Yes, I'll be gigging it! 8)

    Since they added back the lower 'eq' knobs for selection ...

    Missed that one ... thanks for the heads up (it's what this place is all about) ... it's still works in 7.1.1 (FYI, only problem I had in 7.1.0 was lock up (buffer?) after multiple scrolling on the Rig Navigation Cross - e.g. Perf 50 down to Perf 1, now sorted.)

    As for connecting 2 profilers, that was as much to say "at the same time" as it was one at a time. Wasn't sure if RM supported two connections. Would be good if it did, though.

    I've had both of mine connected to RM at the same time without issue. I discovered this by accident a few upgrades ago when the KPAs queued for their updates! More recently, only one will update and then a reboot of RM triggered the second update. Profile-wise, drag and drop works ok as far as I can see. (on the latest betas - as of 16/9/19)