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    With all this virus-imposed free time, I've been confined to the 'Surmulerum'

    Here's a ditty from years ago, now revisited with the Kemper - M Britt Dumble ODS F8 and my Anderson Tele.

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    Skål, Andy

    Did you try the imprints on the F12-X200's before you pulled them? I'm just wondering how different the Kone and the F12-X200s are (aside from impedance).

    Err....nevermind...I just read your other post about imprints sounding harsh through the F12-X200s. With that in mind, I think I'll stick with traditional speaker cabinets and direct profiles for the time being. I don't want to buy a new amp to support the Kone's 4 ohm impedance, and I'm not willing to buy two without hearing how they sound first (which is highly unlikely to ever happen).

    If you roll off a little treble -0.7 and presence -1.7 in the output EQ the imprints work well with the X200 (IMHO)

    Got shipping confirmation today, I'll have a Kabinet this Friday.

    Is there a manual available for the Kabinet yet? Did it come with one?

    There's some stuff in the 7.2 update addendum download (if you updated to this via RM you may have missed it!)

    Apart from a MIDI (I use a MIDI controller) related DSP error (a long time ago - reboot fixed) I haven't had a problem and that includes gigging with Betas. If you are a part of the world where the quality of the mains supply is in doubt, use a power conditioner. (It's fine here in the UK)

    This page may be of use:

    As above, I have a usb stick velcro'd to the back of my (Kemper!) head

    Most of all - don't assume it's the Kemper thats at fault! there are many things between your hands and the sound that you hear (or don't hear)

    e.g. Gtr vol off ... dodgy lead ... plugged into headphone socket ... loop activated (not the looper) but nothing plugged in the loop (my favourite!) ... volume pedal (wherever it is) set to off ... on a power head/rack - power amp not turned on ... speaker cable dodgy/not connected ...

    Try and shut down properly before the 'grunts' pull the power - this gives the KPA the time to do it's housekeeping!

    Get a decent case for it - its worth looking after

    The Little Green Monster has been extremely reliable for me (famous last words!)



    In System settings tick Wah>Volume checkbox

    From the manual:

    If “WahPedal >Volume” is selected, those two functions are mutually exclusive. As soon as a wah effect is active, the Wah Pedal controls this wah effect, while volume stays flat. As soon as there is no wah effect in the current Rig, or the wah effect is switched off, the Wah Pedal controls volume. All other pedal links allow you to control their effects simultaneously. So, a Morph Pedal could morph and control wah, as well as pedal pitch effects at the same time, if those links are selected. A Wah Pedal could control wah and pedal pitch effects together, if “WahPedal >Pitch” is checked.

    A tutorial video demonstrating setting up of expression pedals can be found at:

    Aaaand ... you can use a footswitch connected directly to the KPA to control it ... System settings page 6/7