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    No - this belongs into the stage list. ;)

    Well, it has found it's way into the Changelog for:

    PROFILER Operating System 7.0.5 Public Beta for Head and Rack versions
    1. Release  7.0.5
    2. -added: selecting a performance with TYPE PUSH
    3. -added: selecting backups with TYPE and BROWSE

    RM 2.1.76 is not compatible with the Stage (see Kemper website, support, downloads).

    You will need to download RM 2.3.8 beta (which offers an update to 2.3.9 - check the include betas in you RM preferences)

    Things are changing regularly so keep an eye out for updates.

    I guess since its still "beta" I cant expect much in the way of smooth and easy? I want to try it but a bit "gun-shy" yet.

    To those who are running the latest beta for a non-powered non-Stage KPA, is there any reason NOT to update in your opinion?

    I have gigged 7.0.1 (powerhead) without issues and am now (finally!) on 7.0.4 with no obvious differences. Caveat: I don't use the Remote, so any problems related to that are unlikely to affect me.

    Without using select category it says DO NOT USE THIS VERSION FOR OTHER MODELS THAN PROFILER STAGE.

    But if I choose operating symsten beta versions it shows up DO NOT USE THIS VERSION FOR A PROFILER STAGE

    ^^ It was very late when I read the post here about 7.04 so I'm exused. :S

    Yep ... caught me out too! I downloaded and installed 7.0.4 on both of my KPAs, then saw the 'STAGE' warning so backtracked and reverted to 7.0.1. Having read it all again, I'm back to 7.0.4. A bit messy really - something which a suitable update 'announcement' (currently still in the 6. .....) might have helped to avoid.

    You should be be ok (sounds like you may have done this with your midi board) ... Assign the Exp pedal as a Wah, Check the Wah>Vol box. When there is an active Wah in the Rig then the pedal will Wah! - Otherwise it will be a Volume. You will need to preset the volume before switching the wah on (takes a bit of trial and error to get the level ok but not difficult)

    Hi Christopher,

    Here's how your profiler should show up in the Mac system report:

    ... so, if it isn't there then I would check/swap the cable before chasing up software. Some USB cables, notably A to mini B (for Garmins etc) are for charging only and don't have a data connection. Whether this is correct in the full size A B cables, I don't know - just a thought.

    Also, re: the cable - (given that you are self confessed "Techno-nincompoop" (!)), be aware that the usb B plug (the square as opposed to the flatter A end) will fit snugly into the not so far away Ethernet socket! Don't ask me how I know this! 8o

    Skål, Andy

    Edit: The hub (as shown on the screen grab) is internal to the Mac and not an add on.

    I agree with waraba :

    There any number of versions of, e.g. Legacy Delay including those which I have edited to my taste and renamed. I would be nice to see the (re)name of those variations in the main screen. Just as in amps, the left field shows the author and the main field the amp name. I wouldn't want to see the author's name and view a blank on the right where I would have to guess what amp was there. It might just be a case of reassurance so I can have a quick look with having to go into browse etc.

    Agree on the reverse phase setup. I use a small powered wedge in front.

    Main XLR R (Master Stereo) to front via polarity adapter ( Short XLR F to M link with reversed leads) Then on to FOH (still out of phase which he fixes at that end)

    Main XLR R to FOH direct

    Monitor out (master L) direct to rear wedge or power amp out to speaker.

    Sounds complicated but in practise works really well. I considered hard wiring the reversed lead but on occasions where there is a different distance between front and back causing an odd sound, it's easy to pop out the adapter and play 'in phase'