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    You never mentioned (that i saw) whether you've tried load boxes, micing a tube amp etc that you are comparing this to...why not buy the Torpedo for $200 or so used and compare it...can easily resell if you decide the Kemper is better.

    I use the M. Briit Mars J800 1 5 2 profile a fair bit, part of the free M Britt pack. Nice results with my strats, sounds like mush with my Les Paul. (Recorded)
    I'll post a sample when I get the chance...

    Admittedly i have so many profiles (paid and free) that i often go through my profiles and make no changes, just keep trying until i get close and even then am often lazy (or stubborn) and play them as is. Since M Britt plays with a Tele, they probably need to be adjusted a bit to sound good with your les paul. Have you watched any of these types of tip videos?

    I think this is key. Were you ever happy with recording? Why did you switch to modelers? Have you tried, for a comparison, a load box and IR's?

    I had a cheaper DI box (had looked at the countrymen as a hopeful solution but never purchased) and i too have posted threads about my terrible attempts at getting DI profiles. I think i would need to get the actual Kemper one, and if that didn't work i would need some help from Kemper).

    I read the first and last page :) So forgive its answered in between, but what Kemper profiles have you liked? How loud are you playing? Are you new to the kemper, do you just not like the sound of the Kemper maybe (often described as not the amp in the room sound etc).

    Good news on the web shop. I think discussion can focus more on these excellent profiles from now on. I wondered if using prices is $US would help keep fees down as paypal are US based.

    yeah Looking forward to playing them, I’m on vacation so I can’t try these or the new spring reverb...and I’m sure they are good together.

    Hmm. They still charge? Does it show up before or after the actual purchase? I’ve definitely purchased from dealers using foreign currencies and I don’t remember having to pay. Maybe a new PayPal policy or something I never noticed?

    I also like their profiles and have bought a bunch. My only criticism with Tone Junkies profiles is sometimes the low end rolls off too quickly as the gain goes up.maybe to make them sit better in a mix. They demo their packs very well, so if you like the videos you will like their profiles, plus they have a generous free pack.

    Edit: to be fair to them, the low end criticism is a common Kemper phenomenon I’ve noticed...clean profiles of the same amp normally have much more low end. I haven’t done enough of my own profiling to see if it would do the same for me. Hopefully I can do that in the near future.

    i don't recall paying the extra percentage fee in the past when i bought your profiles, maybe i was just on a bigger budget haha

    i've never paid a conversion fee using paypal from a web store that was taking paypal (at least that i was aware of). i looked in to setting up a site in the past, and some others should chime in but i thought those bigcartel sites were free if you have a small number of items for sale. Also i know the official cameron amps profiles were trying to get on, i'm not sure if they were successful...but they charge a similar percent take of any sale so wouldn't help the buyer because you'd have to up your prices :) i can look in to the big cartel for you some more...

    have you downloaded the free packs from Selah Sounds and Tone Junkies? Might be all you need. Also google for Jim Lills Dr Z they are free form some podcast.

    I’m not sure if this is Kingsley’s answer to a Dumble as I don’t know much about his amps, I’ve watched a lot of his videos and he definitely knows all about the Dumble circuit, I’ve been on the fence getting his maiden preamp and page ds pedals to get that type of tone. Unfortunately the wait is over a year and the the used ones cost 2x as much as a new one.