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    I was hoping someone might have a suggestion for me.

    I recently bought a 2013 Fender American Standard, in excellent condition. But it Stinks, badly. It didn't come with a case, so it smells like it has been out in the mid-west air moisture, mixed with food grease - and worst of all - glade plugin air 'freshner', the oil refill type. The combination is noxious. I doused the Strat in Gibson pump-spray polish, and rubbed the surface beyond slick. It has a maple neck, or I would have hosed it down with lemon oil.

    It's been three days now and the rest of the room is beginning to absorb this nauseating odor. I promise I was meticulous in scrubbing this thing. It really is a keeper, despite the smell.

    What's safe for the finish that would finally get rid of it's past life?

    Sweetwater is where I bought my Kemper from, also. I paid full price in January of this year, two and a half weeks later, there was about a $300 price drop. I called my sales rep Zack at Sweetwater, and he refunded the difference, almost three weeks later!

    I buy all of my new gear from them.

    The new models can operate at 192KHz! That's great for real-time monitoring with VST plugin effects in the signal chain.

    I'm all about low latency, and I still wish the Kemper could drive SPDIF at 96/192KHz.

    I had thought that those pops were usually due to sample rate mismatch, or buffer collapse.

    Does the Scarlett mix control show peaking when you hear those pops?

    On your KPA output settings, page 1, what is your SPDIF Output set to?

    Are you sure your SPDIF cables are good? If you tried the same cable with 3 different computers, maybe try a different cable.

    I don't use SPDIF with my 6i6, because it can only run at 44.1KHz. I use the analog XLR outs, left and right, into the front preamp of the 6i6, at 96KHz. Give analog a try to see if you're still getting the pops. 96KHz is the sweet spot for the 6i6, in my experience. Sounds much fuller and larger at 96Khz.

    [Blocked Image:]

    You are going to be so glad you got the remote, nicely done.

    Those 4 days in shipping seem longer than regular days. Great time to read the Deeper View manual and watch the tutorial videos. Then when it arrives, you'll be ready to plug in and go.

    Welcome aboard and get ready to lose track of time; the hours seem to disappear once you find your favorite profiles.

    I like Guidorists Antpak (Ampeg SVT) pack. I don't play much bass, but these sound great to me when needed.



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    I've recently been trying to find a good acoustic profile, too. I haven't had much luck with the Acoustic profiles that come with the KPA - for use with my pickup; they either sound like too much piezo, or muddied, no matter how much I dial in the crossover function.

    I've been trying out the clean channel profiles and even Bass rigs with my acoustic. If someone has a great acoustic profile recommendation, I would really appreciate it.

    I have bought a fantastic guitar! :thumbsup::thumbup::P8o:love:

    [Blocked Image:]

    What is your recommendation for a Jimi Profile. Which effect? the univibe as stomp??? Tipps appreciated! cu


    For free Jimi Profiles, so far I like:
    Hey Jim
    TAF - ManRock 800
    TA-30 Tweed Crunch+
    TAF - Big Twin

    Guidorists, Vendura Duo (Fender pack) #4 and #5, are great too, for purchase.

    The Kemper Cry Baby Wah sounds dead on to my ears.

    I'm always on the look out for a good Hendrix tone, keep the suggestions coming. :thumbup:

    The headphone out on the Kemper is amazing, you can adjust the headphone space too, which adds the echo or reflection of the room, that gets lost in headphones. This is covered on page 45 of the Reference manual.

    What you probably heard was the headphone volume was lacking on the Focusrite 2i2 and 4i4, as they're both powered by USB. The Focusrite 6i6 has two, powered headphone outs, that can be independently mixed. Go for the 6i6 if you can.

    I noticed Guitarcenter and Musicians Friend has had the KPA bag in stock for the last week. I had already pre-ordered the bag from Sweetwater, just got an email today, saying it's on the way.

    Looks like the bag is back in stock at the major retailers.

    I just got mine yesterday. I have to press the toe pretty good to get it to engage. There is no tactile feel to the switch, or click, when engaged. Mine also makes a lot of noise when you shake it, or even operate it on the floor, like the button and the bottom plate are loose. Was mildly disappointed, but it does work well, despite these complaints.

    Any links to the replacement button?

    Before I bought my Kemper, I was using Amplitube, Guitar Rig and TH2, all PC based modelers. With this setup, latency is a killer, the processed signal can sound like it's behind what you are playing in real time, if the interface is set too slow.

    At 96KHz, I get a latency value of 7.90ms,with a 1ms buffer. 7.90ms is the time it takes my input signal to get back to the output side of my interface, that includes all VST plugin processing. It was after the fact, that I noticed how much better everything also sounded, at 96KHz.

    The lower the latency, the better performance and sound from my DAW and interface. If there was any possible way to get the KPA to run at 96KHz over S/PDIF, I would be thrilled.

    I'm getting great sound out of the KPA analog out, @96KHz, so I'm not really missing anything, it's just a convenience and re-amping feature that would be greatly appreciated.

    But it DOES improve the sound quality. Wether you hear it, or care about it enough to invest in the higher processing load and disk space footprint it brings with it is another matter. That said, not all plugins are created equal, and some may not benefit from using higher sample rates like others. YMMV!

    96KHz is the sweet spot for my DAW and interface. Really wish it was an option on the KPA.

    I wished the Kemper would change Sample Rates, instead of being locked to 44.1KHz. I like to record at 96KHz :-(.

    I'm in the same situation, I get the best performance and latency values with 96KHz and my interface.

    Don't underestimate the quality of the sound coming from the Kemper's analogue outs, by the way; I'll not be using the digital interfacing at all, and I intend to re-amp too.

    Will you be using XLR or TS for reamping? At what sample rate?