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    If Kemper doesn't release a powered version soon I'm sure it won't be long before one of the usual suspects creates a powered 'ready for Kone' cab... and with the availability of pedals such as the Electro-Harmonix 44 Magnum and Orange Terror Stamp the pedal route is another relatively painless way to go. Either way, 2020 should prove quite interesting...

    Just spitballing here but would it be possible for the Kemper to run a standard signal through the profile and assign it a 'loudness score'? Then based on that loudness score all profiles could be given the option to equalize them to a consistent volume? Does that make sense?

    With that being said, there is probably a LOT more to making high quality profiles than the quick "slap it together" method they showed on the video. Different mics, placement, etc, etc., so if they really wanted to sell their profiles, I would hope they would take it a little more seriously than doing what they did in the video, which was mostly for illustration purposes.

    This got me to thinking (rare nowadays, I know) about the relationship between some of these 'high quality profiles' and barebones profiles. With the new editor the post-profiling tweaking going into these 'high quality profiles' is revealed... a chance to more easily peak under the hood, so to speak. And I've learned an awful lot in a really short time about tweaking profiles. Any and all profiles can now be stripped down to the basics... i.e., 'just the amp please', which for me really is a game changer. If Pat and Doug (felt weird to type it that way) were to release just the barebones versions of their killer collection... that would certainly be enough for me. Perhaps just a few different mics and placements would be perfect... and given their proclivity towards simplicity, it might suit them just fine as well.

    What are these Blackstar cabs ShadowJumper ?? Both are FRFR or the one underneath the Kemper is guitar CAB? Do you use them in stereo? And how do you like PowerStation poweramp? (I guess you live it 8o)

    I love the way the Power Station adds life to it... it is running to the 1x12 (which has an Eminence Delta Pro-12A). I really love that tone. The other side of the stereo equation goes to the Behringer Eurolive B112MP3. At the time I as testing the 2x12 (with Celestion Seventy-80s), CabClones and Red Box and wasn't really happy with any of them. I've since added a Torpedo Live and love what it adds... although I'm still getting used to it.

    • display/edit actual preset/cab/amp names in signal chain (or at least display when hovering)
    • strobo tuner popup and/or live tuner display showing what the main unit show (sharp/flat) with sweetened/alternate tunings
    • show EQs in graphic display (or at least hover with graphic display)
    • stereo processing - separate amps in each side mergable by morph
    • cappuccino maker (or at least espresso)

    I just want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all those responsible for bringing the editor to us... IMHO it really is a game changer and propels the Kemper into the ionosphere... to an even loftier perch than it already held!!!

    Even though it is still in beta I have had no issues whatsoever with it (64 bit Win10) and am really blown away by its intuitive functionality and ease of use. It was a long time coming, but was well worth the wait... it is majorly AWESOME!!!

    So to all the staff working here on the forum, and to all those working behind the scenes making it a reality, and of course to CK especially... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You guys totally rock and made a LOT of people REALLY happy!!!!