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    Needless to say I'm lovin' the Legends IV pack!!!

    Amazing work guys!!!


    A few suggestions...

    Duane Allman - Stormy Monday, Whipping Post
    Jerry Garcia - Dark Star, Tennessee Jed
    Dickey Betts - Stormy Monday, Blue Sky

    Mike Bloomfield - Albert's Shuffle

    Jeff Beck - Cause We've Ended As Lovers

    Mick Taylor - Gimme Shelter, Sway

    Peter Green - Black Magic Woman, Jumping at Shadows

    Yes I was using the shoulder strap... it was raining pretty hard and I didn't want to have to make a third trip to the car holding the umbrella. I didn't think I was risking anything as it looked like a piece of metal (instead of whatever composite crap it really is). Needless to say my love and respect of Kemper went out the window and while it may sound quite petty, I don't think I'll be recommending them anymore. Who know what other low quality parts are ready to expire, and for the prices they charge this shouldn't even be a thing <technical term>. :P

    I understand plenty about tech. Don’t feel a need to tell people how long I’ve been around it.

    All you managed here is to be elitist.

    What I managed to do here is show people how much you like to attack other people, which you do quite often... you're the elitist, and you don't know anything at all about either tech or good manners. I attacked 2 companies for their disgusting, well documented business practices... you OTOH chose to attack me... and you attack other people here quite often... adolescent sense of superiority there? You're neither superior or important... consider yourself ignored now.

    Why the (clearly) derogatory labels? I've never understood this. You don't like Windows or MacOS.....I've never heard that one before. :rolleyes:

    Comments like yours go a long way towards validating the perception that Linux users have elitist attitudes.

    I've been a computer tech for 40 years... the labels are well deserved. Comments like mine go a long way toward validating the perception that Windows Blows and Apple is Crap... if you understood anything at all about tech you would agree... both are more interested in their bloatware than creating a worthy product and its been that way for ages. Apple (the company) are the elitists and Microsoft isn't far behind. You want to worship Big Tech, do it on your own dime.

    I think of Linux as the future, while WinBlows and Crapple are the past... and I really don't think a version of RM that runs under Wine is asking all that much.

    Linux users are growing every year and will continue to do so... eventually it will be done, so why not now? :)

    I think they makes a huge difference in terms of touch sensitivity and overtones and getting a better sound going in (which is generally going to give you a better sound coming out).

    nice work!!!

    I'm still holding out for someone to sell an ICE unit pre-mounted onto a drop in backpanel for the Kab... unless a powered Kab comes out first. Maybe Kemper will release a backpanel retrofit option when they release the powered Kab. Until then I'm bouncing back and forth between a Fryette PS, Ethos Overdrive Amp and EHX 44 Magnum. PS for richness, Ethos or Magnum for convenience. The Ethos and Magnum both require my Weber Z Matcher (impedance matcher) to give me 4 Ohms, which adds more bulk to the equation than I'd really like. There are no perfect solid state options available right now, the Camplifire being the closest, so until there is the others will have to do.

    Can anyone enlighten me on how to get a cranked twin reverb sound... without actually cranking the amp?

    When a twin reverb is cranked it doesn't really add too much gain or distortion, it stays clean and sounds more like a blaring trumpet... if that makes sense... its that blaring effect I'm looking for.

    Think cranked Bloomfield. Any thoughts?