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    I think they makes a huge difference in terms of touch sensitivity and overtones and getting a better sound going in (which is generally going to give you a better sound coming out).

    nice work!!!

    I'm still holding out for someone to sell an ICE unit pre-mounted onto a drop in backpanel for the Kab... unless a powered Kab comes out first. Maybe Kemper will release a backpanel retrofit option when they release the powered Kab. Until then I'm bouncing back and forth between a Fryette PS, Ethos Overdrive Amp and EHX 44 Magnum. PS for richness, Ethos or Magnum for convenience. The Ethos and Magnum both require my Weber Z Matcher (impedance matcher) to give me 4 Ohms, which adds more bulk to the equation than I'd really like. There are no perfect solid state options available right now, the Camplifire being the closest, so until there is the others will have to do.

    Can anyone enlighten me on how to get a cranked twin reverb sound... without actually cranking the amp?

    When a twin reverb is cranked it doesn't really add too much gain or distortion, it stays clean and sounds more like a blaring trumpet... if that makes sense... its that blaring effect I'm looking for.

    Think cranked Bloomfield. Any thoughts?

    Someone asked to define "pushing air" - I remember when CD's first came out - I thought the sound was too sterile i.e. 2D vs. 3d - depth, richness, open sound of quality vinyl. For me, the Kemper reminds me of that - it sounds like a flat 2D digital tone vs. 3D open tone - so again for me 3D translates to "pushing air" or Analog vs. sterile Digital. This being said - I do hear videos where people have seem to have achieved this openness. My setup typically consists of KPA ==> DI ==> board for gigs and KPA ==> 500 series pre ==> computer interface for recording. Any help you can offer for how to set my KPA up would be greatly appreciated :)



    I think you're right... but those that don't want to hear it (the difference between analog and digital) are simply not going to. And while the opposite may also be true, that is not my own experience. My Kone sounds infinitely better through an analog/tube amp than through a digital/solid state one. Its nothing a YouTube (i.e., digital) recording is going to capture though... same as PIO caps vs ceramic and original PAFs vs clones. This is not to say that they (digital sources) don't sound magnificent... to my ear there is a noticeable difference.

    It depends on the amp... the Fryette Power Station is basically just a tube amp and mine runs rings around the solid state amps I have used. If your amp has an effects loop you can plug your Kemper into the return and you'll be pretty much good to go.

    I have a 200 asc and plan on trying it this weekend with the Kab Klone I’m building.

    I still like the idea of a replacement back for the Kab... i.e., pop off the existing back, connect speaker wires to a 200ACS embedded retro fit back and pop it back on. In my case it would be the ideal solution... I'm not sure how many others agree though. :/

    I think one of the problems is that everyone is looking for something different based on individual user needs... and there doesn't seem to be a one-size-fits-all solution presented thus far. It appears the basic requirements revolve around:

    100/115/120/230 V AC Power Supply


    50/100/200/400 Watts Class D Power

    4/8/16 ohm Switchable

    Pure Flat/FRFR EQ Curve

    Rack Mount/Unpowered Unit Retrofit/Pedal

    Low Price/High Quality/Technical Support

    Most of us can tick off the ones we want from the list but I don't think there is anything available that does it all. I'd imagine that Kemper is trying to decide what would be acceptable to most (if they haven't done so already) and incorporating that into a powered Kab.

    My Power Station is working well for me in the meantime with the Power Amp section of an Ethos Overdrive Amp and an EHX 44 Magnum in the batter's box.

    Ciao Federico gradirei che rimuovessi il post come da regolamento non è consentito intervenire in Thread di altri produttori Grazie . In questo thread è successo di tutto purtroppo ....utenti che scrivono solo in maniera diffamante e nel solo intento di mettere in ridicolo il mio lavoro ho provveduto a segnalarli e a cui ho ricordato che è consentito scrivere solo per ricevere info tecniche come da regolamento Grazie

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    FYI: The Power Station's depth and presence knobs should be turned all the way to the left if you want it flat. By putting them an noon, you are effectively making the tone scooped.

    With my tone knobs in the 5ish range through a PS-1 I seem to get the flattest response by having them at noon with both switches set to FLAT. Turning the knobs higher scoops it one way while turning them lower scoops them the other. Am I hallucinating?

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