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    It would be WAY cool if someone could make an ICE ready replacement back for the Kemper Kabinet... just 1) pop off the old one, 2) disconnect the speakers, 3) connect the speakers to the replacement back, 4) screw the back on (holes already line up), 5) rock out!!

    Voila!!! Instant powered Kab!!!

    I mean how hard could it be?

    Assembly line pre-ordered 10 at a time while demand lasts (or until Kemper starts doing it themselves).

    Put me on the pre-order list and end the debate once and for all about which is the definitive power amp for the Kab...


    Were you using the flat settings on the Power Station? That seems to yield more uniform results for me.

    I was looking at the BAM200 but it doesn't seem to do much more than my EHX 44 Magnum... and TC Electronic company are NOT very customer friendly... so I think I'll be avoiding them.I'm sure another ICE based unit will be coming along geared more specifically to profilers/modelers... at least that's what I'm holding out for.

    Some EXTREMELY tasty profiles here... thanks for the effort!!

    Have you given any thought as to which imprints (if any) sound best (closest to what your hearing with the originals) with individual profiles?

    I, for one, would really love it if the profile vendors and those uploading profiles to the RE with Kabinet/Kone axx would update/add a note as to which imprint (if any) and settings most closely match the speaker they are profiling. HW @ ToneJunkie has pointed out that some imprints actually sound better than the originals because they allow for some degree of speaker tweaking. Being able to A/B the Kab/Kone in the same room as the original amp/speaker/cabinet would allow for the closest possible approximation. I know there's a thread for saying which imprints folks like best with specific profiles... but I'm looking for something less subjective (although, of course its not possible to be entirely objective) as to which imprints resemble the rig closest.

    Any interest in this?

    What is the right profile ShadowJumper ? Is it from RigExchange or any RigPack? I would like to try myself...

    I think it sounds pretty good on any number of profiles... low or medium gain ones (and even some of the high gain ones sound pretty good to me). Settings may vary from one guitar to another (I'm mainly using a Les Paul with a set of original 59 PAFs, which are on the bright/clear side of the spectrum). Turn the volume way down on your Power Station and try these settings in Rig Manager (bring the volume up to tolerance on the PS) and let me know what you think.

    The fact that no one seems to like that imprint in the Kabinet shows you just how accurate it is.

    I think the V30 imprint sounds really nice when matched with the right profile and like it just fine the way it is... I'm not a high gain player though and appreciate clarity aver distortion 9 times out of 10.

    Interesting hypothesis.

    When I bought the XiTone MBritt I asked Mick if I needed to break in the speaker, and he replied that there was no need. He was right.

    Some speakers are broken in at the factory, I don't believe this is the kase with the Kone.

    I'm wondering if the issue with Kone\imprints not working as well with high gain tones as low gain ones is that the speakers are not broken in. Speakers generally don't need to be broken in for good clean tone, but for overdriven/high gain tones there is a big difference. It would be interesting to create imprints of, for example a new Greenback and an old one to see how they compare. I'm not sure if an imprint of a broken in speaker would compare to an actually broken in speaker, but it would be interesting to compare the difference(s).

    I guess, this amp in is only relevant, if you would want to use the Fryette as a pure power soak.

    IMHO the amp is as 'relevant' as any other power amp and the tubes/glass add a dimension that solid state amps simply don't offer. More accurately, as a power soak/attenuator they are irrelevant for unpowered Kempers but as a transparent amp they are perfect and to my ears work amazingly well with Kabinets/Kones.