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    Really... you simply bought it because it does NOT come with an editor. Did you also buy your guitar because it wasn't a trumpet? What a maroon!!!

    An off-handed comment on what really amounts to an obscure podcast, about something most assumed was already happening. From a company that's provided brief monthly updates.

    With 13K subscribers on their YouTube channel I'd imagine ToneJunkie podcasts are hardly 'obscure'... and revealing that private betas are already being tested is indeed an update that should've been made by Kemper themselves (assumptions are the root of all fake news) if they actually cared about what their customers think. Either way, its good news and hopefully it won't be restricted to private beta for another year...

    Maybe its just me, but my Kemper is perched on its throne all the way on the other side of the room and I usually sit at my desk (with computer) to play. Repeatedly getting up to tweak it and sitting back down reminds me too much of church... so I'd rather have the editor.


    Unfortunately my interface doesn't have MIDI. I only have the 2I2 for now.

    same here... a while back I was (entusiastically) ready to delve into the wonderful world of toast and MIDI and was pricing new interface units when word of the editor came along... with the word being that it would be released 'this summer' I figured it would be better to wait for the 'official' editor, rather than going the toast route... not pointing any fingers or placing any blame but had I known then what I know now the choice would've been entirely different...

    I don't think they are intentionally stringing us along either, but I can understand folks getting that impression. Unveiling the product a year ago... promising it by summer... then by end of Q3... then in a couple days... that last occurring 2 months ago doesn't really bolster their credibility. Add to it the virtual disappearance of the Kone and Kabinet can indeed make one tend to take anything they say with a grain of salt... and as far as your 'just shut up and play your Kemper' comment goes if they played as crappy as me I can understand them wanting to just turn it off every once in a while, blame Kemper and bust their balls a little... :P

    You're accusing the company of being lying cheaters. I don't share your conspiracy theory and think it's rude to suggest that they're just stringing people along.

    Playing guitar helps with irrational stress.

    When "a couple days" turns into "a couple months" after already having been strung along for almost a year its not really that irrational, is it?

    Hardware and software are apples and oranges... Kemper is first and foremost a hardware company and if its their regular hardware staff trying to program this then that would explain the 'delays' and we might be in for several more months of them as they muddle through things. If they hired some actual windows and mac software programmers to handle it, then it might be time to rethink who they hired as they don't seem to be able to produce if 'a couple days' turns into 'a couple months'. As a business owner I certainly wouldn't accept that kind of incompetence in my hires and as a software developer I am well aware of what is acceptable and what isn't as far as time frames go. GString promised to update us as he things developed and the fact that we haven't heard anything pretty much means that nothing has developed. I'd love to be proven wrong but I really don't think we will see either the editor or the kone any time this year...

    Currently in talks with Scorsese and Spielberg to bring this thread to the big screen... its just too important to allow to fade away just because some software gets released... or doesn't... also checking if either Morgan Freeman or Jack Nicholson... or maybe even Greta Thunberg is available to do the narration... :P

    I vote (if that's still a thing) that we should keep this thread going strong even after (if and when) the editor is actually released... it'll probably have grown another hundred pages by the time they actually get around to beta testing it and the thread withdrawal symptoms will no doubt be too much for mere mortals to endure... so let's just keep it going and act like nothing ever happened... that shouldn't be too difficult to imagine... :P