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    Another Reaper fan here... I've been using it for years and every time I check out another I appreciate Reaper's workflow and simplicity more and more... it had been recommended to me as a great place to start and after using it for awhile I never saw a need for anything more.


    Which is the best poweramp for kemper kabinet? Seymour duncan power stage 170 or something else?


    There are quite a few threads discussing this at the moment and I don't think there is a definitive answer as to which is best. I really don't think there is a perfect solution yet as every power amp (pedal, rack, internal) seems to have its drawbacks. Whether its not enough solid state wattage, mismatched impedance, incorrect voltage, too much coloration, noisy unit, overpriced, etc. none are perfect as none are designed specifically for this application. I think that hopefully in the next few months there will be new options being offered that are designed for the Kemper/Kone and available in different configurations designed more to individual needs/preferences. Just a matter of time. In the meantime I am using Fryette Power Station, which is perfect for my needs and preferences and I was lucky enough to already have one so there was no need to purchase anything. I am looking fora solid state backup though... the EXH 44 Magnum I have just isn't cutting it, but I think I'll wait for the perfect solution rather than settling for something 'less'.

    I am thinking that this Traynor cabinet (DHX12) would make a great donor cab for a Kone. It has the option of being closed or open back. ? it’s also reasonably priced.

    Open backs leak bass, which is fine if that's what you're looking for. I think it might not be true FRFR in that case though and the change in dynamics might be more severe than with a regular guitar speaker. It would be interesting to hear what kind of difference it makes though and I'm not sure if the cab is actually taken into account when these are voiced... or if its just the speaker.

    nice. Im deciding on 1x12s while my cone arrives. Now im deciding whether to get a plywood cab or go closer to the Kabinet spec and find an MDF cab, which would be even cheaper

    I think MDF is perfect for housing the Kone. As is true with open vs closed back the added warmth of plywood might change the dynamics. It would be interesting to test that though...

    I'd also love some more tuning options... especially the Peterson Strobo ones, and just as some food for thought in regard to future application, I have several guitars with tronical (robo) tuners and one feature they have is the ability to tune your guitar exactly the way you like it and then save that as a preset. This is in effect profiling your tuning... which I thought fit well with the Kemper philosophy. The ability to save several tuning 'profiles' would then allow for every possible combination and preference.

    Anyway, just a thought...

    Yesterday ordered the cabinet (will take a week to ship) and seperately a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170. Got the Powerstage today and was very disappointed by the continuous noise of the fan. Now saw in reviews that others have similar experiences.

    Will return it, but what power amp to order now???

    Haven't tried either but I think I would rather have a Camplifier than a Powerstage... I'm using a Fryette Power Station (PS-1) with my Kabinet and unpowered Toaster and it rocks! I have a 44 Magnum and its pretty good at lower volumes. If I get something more 'substantial' for a solid state amp it will probably be a Camplifier though.

    Isn't the PS-100 the newer, updated (more expensive) model?

    I own a KPA Stage and I'm currently looking at the EHX Magnum 44 to power the Kabinet.

    My Kabinet should be here later today... at some point I will try it with my Magnum to see how it interacts with the Kone... one thing to take into account with the Magnum is that it only runs at 8-16Ω... I have a solution on hand, but others may not.

    Do you have any SS amp to compare to Fryette PS-2. I was also thinking to get SS amp for my Kemper, but what the h3ll. If PS-2 will be dull, I will get smth else ;)

    I don't think I would ever describe my PS-1 as dull... quite the contrary, it is quirte brilliant. I usually run my Kemper through a 1000W Behringer Eurolive B112MP3 Active 2-Way PA Speaker System. I also have an Electro-Harmonix 44 Magnum which, with the exception of late night bedroom playing, is just too little power to push any air. I've been eyeballing am Electro-Harmonix ART SLA-1 260W Power Amp but I keep waffling on it because some folks say the fan is way loud... so the jury is still out on that.

    PS-2 ordered, now time for Kabinet...

    IMHO they add 'real' (noticeable) tube amp warmth and require a bit of extra tweaking because most are EQ'd for solid state but once you get the hang of it it is well worth the effort. It will be interesting to see how the Kabinet/Kone interact with it... if at all. My Kabinet will be here this weekend and I'll be plugging in as soon as it arrives and questions will be answered... oh yes, questions will be answered!! :P

    I looked on eBay at power amps. All a bit confusing

    It is isn't it. I have the Fryette Power Station, but I was looking to get something relatively inexpensive in solid state as a backup (or stereo) alternative. Seems every power amp I run across after doing some research has negatives (fan is too loud, not loud enough, wrong impedance, incompatible power source, expensive, too much flavor, etc.). A powered Kabinet would make things much easier but would probably not offer a lot of choices. The Camplifier and Duncan Power Stage seem to be the stand outs so far though.

    This makes no sense. As soon as you have purchased a Profiler, you're a customer, whether old or new. Providing free updates over the past 8 years for their product, rather than releasing new products in the form of hardware updates is only value for their existing customers. Prospective customers that might be persuaded to go the Kemper route because of the updates would exist whether they introduce them with a new product as a hardware update or not. I think you should think about what you're saying before posting your bile on here and telling others to "wake up"...:/:rolleyes:

    Thank you Mother Theresa... I'm sure Microsoft and Apple just give free updates out of the goodness of their hearts as well... if you knew thing one about business you would understand it is a common business tactic... call it bile if you like, I call it reality... you can prove me wrong or you can continue to spew nonsense. Don't let the title of enlightened user go to your head... clearly you're not.

    I think free updates to functionality and capability say more about how they value their customers than any generic, auto-reply thank you email ever could... :rolleyes:

    Its pure marketing for new customers, nothing to do with servicing old ones... wake up, they could care less what you think!

    I literally did get a Thank You note from Kemper, regarding my Kabinet purchase:

    As it should be...

    You want them to say thank you? I just assume that companies are grateful when I order stuff.

    I think this might not be the last delayed delivery you receive given the global context.

    Yeah... take advantage of that one-size fits all excuse for lack of common courtesies.... maybe in your world, not acceptable in mine.

    ShadowJumper You may want to check your Spam folder - I've seen posts where people have indicated they have found emails from Kemper there.

    The website says the same thing... it is just lack of appreciation... which I've come to expect from Kemper... ;)

    Ordered a cabinet 3 days ago (promised 2-3 days delivery on the website) and not so much as a thank you from them... they sure dinged my credit card within minutes of receiving the order though... that was after they posted the wrong price, raised it by a hundred bucks and non-nonchalantly canceled my first order... shows how much they care about their loyal customer base... Kemper doesn't really seem to have much of an understanding of time and promises as is proven again and again... the profiler is great, everything else, not so much!

    Fryette PS-2. Unfortunately not available at Thomann right now.

    I have a Kab on order and can't wait to hear how it sounds with my PS1. Ordering from Kemper is always an ordeal though, and this time was no exception. They canceled my order and said the listed price was too low... which is pretty much what I've come to expect from them. Reordered at the new inflated price... lets see if they can get it right this time... one of the worst companies I've ever done business with, they are just lucky the Kemper is so awesome.... which is based purely on the technical side, as their customer support and sales SUCKS!!!!