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    Thank you for a third time! <img src="" alt=":)" />

    Most welcome. Hope people can get some use out of them :)

    Added second session rigs. Think I'm done with this one unless anyone has any requests.


    I meant no offense. That was not my intention.
    My fault for not reading the rules though. I get it.


    Hi all,

    I'm in the process of profiling my amp collection so I can play them all in the wonderful Kemper without having to blow my windows out all the time!

    I decided to start with my favourite Marshall Silver Jubilee model 2555 from 1987.

    I have been experimenting with various speakers and mics, and am still refining my profiling chain/process, but I think they are sounding pretty good.

    You can find them on the exchange if you search for either Jube or ww42.

    Edit: I just uploaded a bunch more from the same session.
    The following are up on the exchange now:

    Jube Cl Full 01

    Jube Ld Med 01
    Jube Ld High 01
    Jube Ld High Rc 01
    Jube Ld High 02
    Jube Ld Full 01
    Jube Ld Crazy 01 (Master volume, lead volume and gain all full. I thought my house was going to fall down!)

    I'll probably be doing another session with some different mics next week.

    Edit: Added more from second session. Lots of "High" profiles with different mics/positions. I tend to use the amp like that and roll off volume for cleaner tones.

    Jube Ld High 01d
    Jube Ld High 01e
    Jube Ld High 01f

    Jube Ld Med 02b
    Jube Ld High 02b
    Jube Ld High 03b
    Jube Ld Full 02b
    Jube Ld Crazy 02b
    I'll stop spamming the exchange now!