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    Just curious if anyone has compared both Kemper Kone & Celestion F12-200X.

    Or maybe just your opinion of the F12-200X.

    I already own the Kemper Kone. I’m running it off a Laney IRT-X powered speaker and haven’t been able to turn it up yet.

    So there are a few variables with my final opinion. So far it sounds decent. Then of course we really need the option to save imprints

    to individual rigs,etc. But I’m sure thats all in the works.

    From what Iv’e experienced, it’s best to get my sound (tone/eq) setup in my personal wedge monitor first, then try to get the pa speaker mains(crowd speaker) to sound as close as possible to my personal monitor via Kemper output eq/etc.

    This way when I tweak a rig at home, I won’t have to worry about the crowd hearing something very different to what I hear coming at me from my personal monitor. Like many of us, I don’t own or have access or time to tweak the pa speakers.

    So isn’t the “speaker imprint” function of the Kemper Kone throwing the eq balance off between what we hear on stage and what the crowd hears since the speaker imprint only works in monitor out and not main out?

    For those that play live and run through the pa, this is why it’s probably best to stay content and work with the sounds you can get with a full range/pro audio pa speaker (yamaha dxr/qsc k series/etc.) as it’s the same style speaker that are used with the pa mains.

    I’m not sure why Kemper didn’t include “main out” with the speaker imprint function. I thought this is easy enough stuff in the digital realm?

    These are just my observations, let me know your opinions.


    I never got a shipping notice for my Kemper Kone. It just showed up on my porch the other day.

    Just be aware in case you live amongst the “Porch Pirates”.

    Also when I ordered the Kemper Kone the confirmation email told me to check the shipping status by signing into When I registered there was no info of the order. Maybe because I purchased it first and then registered after?

    Quick story: In the mid 80’s my mom picked up an Ampeg Gemini II from a garage sale for $10. I ended up selling it to my friend for $15.

    He eventually turned around and sold it to a music store for $50. I was so jealous! ha ha! Worth much more these days!

    It seems most rigs in rig manager are always very bright. Can anyone recommend warmer, darker, jazz-like rigs?

    Maybe something more muscular in the upper chord structure without being excessively Bassy? if that’s possible? I guess it’s upper mid range I seek.

    I know I can tweak various EQ parameters on brighter rigs, but I’d like to start with a good basic foundation.


    Don’t overlook the EQ section presets as well. “Cut the mix” is great start for a tighter/punchier sound.

    Working with eq mids can be difficult. You think you got it right then realize it’s a mess.

    “Cut the mix” gets you to a great starting point if more tight punch is what you seek. It seems to be preset just right for most profiles. Tweak from there.

    I usually open up a new bank and place the original untouched profile in the first bank preset.

    I then copy & paste that profile to the remaining bank presets or move to the next bank and continue to paste if I plan to do alot of tweaking and comparing.

    I’ll keep the original untouched and tweak the others. Then I can simply compare/contrast any tonal changes that I’ve made with the original.

    Jotting down notes is a good idea. It can be difficult to remember what changes you made to each preset if you have a bank or two loaded with the same profile.

    A/B comparison soft “button” may not be the best idea.

    I personally switch back and forth probably hundreds of times when doing an A/B comparison.

    I’d rip my hair out if I had to remove my hand from the guitar to press a button each time.

    You definitely need to A/B via footswitch.

    I’m finding it difficult scrolling through rigs and cabs with my hands as I have to strum the guitar with each and every profile I’m listening to. Same issue with Rig Manager.

    Sometimes I run a riff on the looper while I scroll through rigs/cabs/etc.

    Is there currently a way to scroll through rigs and cabs as well as Rig Manager via (Kemper Remote) footswitch?

    I scroll up to an empty bank and load the profile I want to tweak in the 1st preset slot.

    I then copy that profile and paste it to the other 4 empty preset slots in the bank.

    The 1st preset remains untouched (original) while I tweak the others and A/B back and forth

    between them.

    Sometimes I’ll have up to 3 banks of the same profile A/B’ing the different EQ tweaks.

    You can then copy and paste the best chosen rig back down to your working bank and delete the others or begin your next profile to A/B.

    SIDE NOTE TIP: Don’t overlook “cut the mix” EQ preset. It really makes a clean or dirty rig punchy and articulate. It’s a great starting point if you feel you need additional EQ’ing.