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    rich2k4 - you've said you are listening through the audio of your interface. Do you have a Focusrite interface? There hare been numerous reports on this form of poor audio out from Focusrites.

    Just for the sake of establishing whether it is the Kemper or the audio interface, have you tried plugging into the Kemper headphone socket directly? And then after that, as suggested above, try running audio into the alternate input.


    I too remember a recent thread with someone having issues with recording onto a Focusrite.

    I know one of the things was that the Focusrite headphone output is of lesser quality than the Kemper headphone output. So plugging into the Focusrite with headphones is never going to sound as good as into the Kemper. That doesn't help the playback issue though I know.

    chu There is a snake from the mixer to the stage. So that is why it has to be balanced XLR, because of the long run.

    Then I just talked to the sales guy at the online store. He said I don't even need a DI box as no impedance change. Just use a standard XLR to TS mono cable...

    Apologies if this has been asked before. Am away for work and using phone.

    I need a device to go from balanced XLR into unbalanced 1/4” jacks.

    The reason being that there are insufficient mike channels on the mixer, however there are unused “line in” stereo channels.

    I wish to get the two XLR left and right channels from my Kemper and run them into the line in stereo channels on the desk. However the Kemper XLR outputs are balanced and the desk inputs are unbalanced.

    So I need something to convert two channels balanced to two channels unbalanced.

    I’m thinking of getting a Two channel Radial passive DI box and running it backwards. I say backwards because mostly they’re used for 1/4” unbalanced in and XLR balanced out.

    Looking at
    - or

    Am I on the right track? Do these work backwards?

    And Radial are super expensive but I gather they sound great. Any other recommendations?



    I get what you're trying to do...

    If you give it a go, then you'll know if it works or not - it doesn't cost anything since you have the gear. Just time.

    Sometimes just trying something puts me on the path to another idea, and on the way to something that does work.

    By the way, there are a couple of threads where people are new to Kemper like yourself and start off with earphones only. Usually they haven't been able to get a good sound, so come to the forum and then everyone says find an amp, and plug into that. Then once they plug into an amp, it seems the issue with Kemper sound was resolved. Your experience is the other way, in that you like the headphone sound, but you are still experiencing a different sound when comparing headphones to main out.

    I got myself a wired in-ear setup about three months ago with a little two channel headphone amp. With those forum thread experiences in mind, just out of interest I compared the Kemper headphone output to the Kemper monitor output and adjusted volume manually so levels were about the same on each. For whatever reason, I found the same thing as the others, the headphone output sounded like a blanket over an amp, but the monitor output had the same tone as I was getting via FOH.
    So as I suggested above, if the headphone amp is delivering different sound than monitor out or main out, then that could be a source of the problem.

    And as others have said. Start with the simple case:
    - no pedalboard
    - main out into a home mixer
    - you might also like to try "monitor out" into the effects return of your guitar amp (using effects return will bypass the guitar amp preamp because the Kemper is doing that role). Then turn off the guitar cabinet in then Kemper (settings are in the Output menu and button on front). Your guitar amp will colour the sound from the Kemper but you can still hear the difference in profiles, and you'll still be able to tell if there is a good sound from the Kemper or fizz.

    When you have a good sound, then plug the pedalboard in and if there is an issue add pedals in one by one. The Kemper has an effects send and return which you might want to use for delays, reverb and chorus.

    For sure A=432 sounds great, and yes you definitely can hear the difference. To me, the sound is richer and more melodic. Although, you might not hear the difference straight away if you've never tuned to A=432 before. Maybe spend a bit of time there before you make a call on it.
    The downside is having to tune back to A=440 to play with the band.

    Yes, the Kemper will assist, just turn the chicken head knob to "TUNER", and then you can adjust the tuning frequency using the leftmost knob below the display - the one to the right of "GAIN".

    Totally agree there is a lot of hogwash out there, and I don't retune for those reasons.