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    Another issue:

    6. The timebar that displays in Looper mode isn't filling while recording / playing.

    Yesterday I did the update to 4.0.3 as well. My findings on the list above:
    1. Yes, noticed the same pop, but it looks like the Kemper takes some time to fill the performance with programmed rigs. If you wait a few seconds there is no pop.
    2. Yes, latency on the remote. Even if you downgrade to fw 3, the latency on the remote will stay!!
    3. No problem to me.
    4. Looks like you upper led isn't working. The upper led nr. 2 on my Remote does lit. Maybe someone else can verify this?
    5. Check note 1.

    With this FW it's very nice to fill three effects blocks (X, Mod and Delay) with only delays :-)

    you must have a very expensive cable with zero inductance, a cable with a high rate of carbon in it. It depends fully on what is your
    benchmark. A conventional (copper) cable has a certain inductance thus it will always act as a high-cut filter. For me a good quality wireless
    system is always better than any cable. Therefore I do not use the "cable filter" on my G50. In the past I used Sennheiser EW100 G1, later
    G2 and when Line6 came with the Relay-series, I went to Relay. The difference between those two systems is enormous, with all credits to
    Line6 :)

    Cool. If I got a boss fs-7 which has an led for each switch, would that follow the active/ deactive assignments as I switch from rig to rig? That is, suppose on of tne fs-7 switchs was globally assigned to the reverb slot, would the led light up…

    The answer is simple: No, the led's on the FS-7 will not follow your assignments since the FS-7 has no intelligence or some kind of abillity to read your assignments. Even of you choose the switches to act as toggle switches, the status of the switches will not change if you change to another rig.
    So I would suggest, if you're going to use a FS-7,to use it in unlatched / mod.

    They seem like the same ones that were on my Line 6 FBV longboard when i had it

    The reason that I'm asking this is that I do not have such great experience with actuators. I've had three Line6 FBV Shortboards and my VL Ground Control broke down, all because of broken actuators.

    Can anyone confirm what Raoul23 says?

    Can anyone tell me what kind of footswitches are used on the Remote?
    Are these Carling- or Alpha-like switches or are these actuators, as used on Line6 FBV and VL Ground Control?