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    Oh no, another ‘Boss Believer’. :-). Yeah, I checked out their new pedal line, like the DD-500, and that was just meh. I like the idea just not the end result. I would have no higher expectations of this item. So a sound guy goes ‘Hey, I thought it was a Kemper’ and you sell? Haha.. Can’t take that tone experience seriously. Usually this type of thing you are shortly back to real amps, then start looking at Axs and Kempers again. I would put the Boss stuff at the range of something like the Digitech 1101. Really cool and fun, but in the end no.

    You think that my soundguy's remark is the only thing I made my decission upon? Serious?
    I guess I hope you see you're doing the same thing: checked out the DD500, didn't like it so the rest must be "meh" as well.
    Don't care if you put the Boss stuff at the range of something like the 1101 (you know every guitarist, all over the world, pro or amateur has got at least one Boss pedal on their boards......), in the end, I'm happy with it and that's all that counts, doesn't it?
    And yes, sooner or later I will be back on a full tube amp, a Kemper did not change that idea anyway :D

    Go play your KPA and have lots of fun with it. I know I did!!

    Okay. Just had another gig with the GT-1000, after making some small adjustments. Our nr. 1 soundguy thought I played with the KPA......
    I’ve made up my mind: two KPA’s for sale.
    Oh, wait! I already sold one of them. The other one will be sold very soon as well.

    Sorry, guys!! I think this is goodbye!

    The vids I saw it didn't sound very good BUT sounds like the sounds are in there, so that great.

    Most presets seem a bit duff, even some of the Kemper standard profiles - although some sounds that are unusable by some turn out to be the essential ones for others.

    It ( GT1000) does seem expensive so I would hope its good!

    I think most of the Kemper profiles sound duff. You know why? It all comes down to your own taste, as said before I use mainly three or four profiles.
    So 95% of all profiles in the Rig Manager are useless to me and/ or sound really like crap. Maybe it's even more, like 99%.
    I don't think it's different with any other modeler. Can I get "my sound" out of a KPA? Yes. Can I get it out of a GT-1000? Yes. And I think I can get them out of a Helix or Axe as well.

    Yesterdag first gig with the GT-1000. I made some patches, very quickly at home, which I was confident enough to use them live.
    Well, I was very impressed!! As were my bandmates, they thought I was using the KPA (just had the KPA stand by next to me).
    The (hi) gain sounds are very well pushing, the lows are 4x12-like, they have a certain amount of OUMPHH which made me smile.
    Strange enough there are parameters in the AMP module that are named "Sag" and "Resonance", but they do the opposite of each
    other. But they work very well.
    Today I'm gonna make some small adjustments to the patches I've made and tomorrow will be the next gig with the GT-1000.

    First impression so far: not bad at all. Big departure from the GT-100. Very nice plexi model, and the “X”-models are very dynamic, they respond very well on pick attack and pick up choice, sometimes even better than the KPA.
    Haven’t got time on my hands, these days, which is a shame. I’ll follow up very soon.

    I mainly use three profiles: Fender showman for clean, Morgen AC20 for crunch and Mesa Triple Recto for gain & high gain.
    If I can get these sounds for about 95% out of the GT-1000, I will sell the KPA.

    I don't think it can match the Kemper audio-wise, but still... It has nice features that the Kemper lack:
    - Audio over USB
    - Midi over USB
    - Editor app controllable over Bluetooth
    - 2 send/return loops

    I came very close with the GT-100 / GT-001 in terms of dynamics and feel, so I guess the GT-1000 will be a lot better. We'll see.

    I've had the pleasure of working with a few bands Biffy Clyro to name one who have used them in the past but no longer do because they didn't like it and switched to using iso boxes loaded and mic'd.At this level in my experience convinienece isn't always the first choice.
    I'd say 90% percent of the bands ive worked with and respect use the real deal and I've seen plenty trial it and switch back to amps.

    You're not the first person to use consumer products on stage though. I remember seeing Steven Carpenter use a laptop with some plugin running to the desk...he uses axe fx now.

    So when I buy an isocab and a SM57 and a, let's say, Mesa Triple Rectifier, instandly I'm a professional?
    The Axe FX isn't a consumer product?

    Please, can you tell me the difference between a consumer product and a "professional" product, in this line of gear?

    Well all I said is that and impulse response is missing critical data about the speaker impedance, speaker saturation, and cabinet resonance frequency which in the real world affects how the Power amp section of a tube amp reacts in a significant way. Kemper profile includes all that information accurately, meanwhile all other modelers use approximation because it's almost impossible to have the information in many situations. These are facts and you can feel free to fact check this.

    Yes, Kemper profile includes all that information accurately but only in one situation, and that's the one moment of profiling. So in many other situations it's for Kemper almost impossible as well to have the information.

    In the end it's all about (your) tone. Can you get your tone with an Axe FX and not with a Kemper, that's fine.
    Can you get your tone by licking a stringed orange, that's fine as well.

    Did you ever had to use your back up, because of your KPA failed during a gig?

    This discussion reminds of a conversation I had with Jimmie Vaughan, who was playing in Paradiso Amsterdam, back in the 90's. I was the sound engineer of the supporting act. At that time he was playing with two green Matchless amps. I asked him why he was playing on two amps. His answer was simple: "Two is better than one."
    So more is always better :P

    C'mon guys!! Play y'r guitar!!

    You're not using the Remote so for tuning you have to look at your KPA. In that case I would connect a single footswitch on the back of the KPA and program that footswitch to activate the tuner. You can put the footswitch on the floor, somewhere around your KPA.

    Would be great if the same can be done with a Noise Gate stomp (which works differently from the noise gate in the input section).

    So true. I don't use the noise gate in the input section anymore, because of that stupid "wah sound" when using your volume pot.
    The noise gate stomp is so much more sensitive to your playing. I would suggest to replace the noise gate (not the noise gate stomp) to another place in the signal path, maybe right before the ampblock, with the same parameters as the noise gate stomp.

    Have been playing with two DXR10’s for almost one year but was always missing something. Last few months I’ve tried a lot of FRFR monitors:
    - Yamaha DSR12
    - Nova KD12
    - JBL PRX612m
    - EV ZLX12p
    - Alto TS212
    - Benringer B210d (x2)
    So from € 170 to € 800.
    I’ve ended up with one Behringer B212d.
    What? A Behry B212d?!!!
    Yep, that’s it.

    What’s the setting of the noise gate (pot on the far left of the KPA) in the rig you are using with the J45? I know you’ve mentioned the noise gate before but I’m not sure you mean this noise gate.