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    I was looking for a simple solution to control my KPA but not with the Remote, by using the two footswitch inputs on the back of the KPA.
    Bought a second hand Framus FR-S4m footswitch, which is intended to use with i.e. the Framus Dragon amp. It's a qua footswitch with
    attached cable, on the end of the cable there are two stereo jacks. So it fulfilled my wishes at once.
    I thought the four footswitches were latching but no, they are momentary (hence the "m")!! The only thing that came across was
    that the footswitches were connected NC = Normaly Closed. For the tap tempo function this is unusable since the contact is always
    closed, therefor the Beat Scanner will always be on. The only thing I had to do is reconnect the footswitches to NO = Normaly Open.
    Two minutes of soldering later and it was done. Now I have a simple footcontroller.
    From left to right the footswitches have the following functions: Rig down, Rig up, Tap tempo, Morph.
    Works like a charm :)

    AFAIK, the FR-S4m isn't available anymore but Stagg has a similar quad footswitch but I don't know if it has momentary footswitches.

    Some pica's of my rehearsal KPA (with Behringer B212D):

    Listen to this sample

    This is a sample that I recorded, it's a GT-001 straight to laptop, no external soundcard or post-production.
    I suggest to listen to it with good headphones or monitors, not through laptop speakers or something like that.
    From 0:00 to 0:12 = sound A
    From 0:14 to 0:22 = sound B
    From 0:25 to 0:36 = sound A
    From 0:38 to 0:55 = sound B
    In all cases the patch is the same, I'm only making some changes in the speaker sim block, which to me makes a big difference
    from muffled speaker simulator sound to a more "real live" sound.

    Yes!! I've cleaned up my "rehearsal KPA". Got rid of all unused profiles and looked very critical to the rigs I'm using.
    Now it came down to this:
    - 93 profiles in my KPA
    - 7 Performances, which are loaded with:
    - 21 different rigs.

    In the end it's mostly Fender Showman 62 for clean, Morgan AC20 for drive, Mesa Triple Recto for crunch and lead that I'm using.
    And live only using 5 Performances. It's nice to find out four basic sounds are enough, like in the "tube amp" days :D

    There’s a magic secret that can make the GT-100 and GT-1000 as well sound very, very good. This secret you can’t apply to the GT-1.

    I'm one of them who dream about.The Kemper 1 at home and/or rehearsal room to tweak the sounds and make all settings.
    The floorboard for GIG's.

    But there are no signs that this will be available for purchase in the near future. :/

    The difference between a floorboard based KPA and the current KPA with Remote = 1 bag. ONE bag!! And that's in my case: KPA in one bag, Remote in the other. A lot of us use the original KPA gigbag which fits both the Remote and the KPA.

    But hey, if there will be a floorbased KPA coming out, I'll be the first to buy it :D
    Till then I'm happy with my 19" KPA in the truck for gigs (including crew) and my toaster for rehearsal / at home.

    Alto TS212: returned.
    Ant Greenhead 12: returned.

    The Alto seemed nice on "living room volume", but if you turn the volume up to "rehearsel level", the high freq's are boosted. On one point I've set the Monitor EQ Presence on -3.5. The overall sound didn't appeal to me at all.
    The Ant was not as loud as the Alto, very mid-scooped sound, screaming, ear-pearcing mid-highs and highs, very loose and boomy low's. Not my cup of tea.

    About 10 years ago I was playing live on a Roland GR-55 with two Behringer B210d's, in that days I was very confident with my sound. So I thought I order two B210d's again (with discount € 300,- for a pair!!). And guess what: with the KPA they sound great as well. Very compact and lightweight, 3 years warranty, very loud, no problems on rehearsal level, built in 2-band EQ with right freq.bands (80 Hz and 12 kHz) to my ears. So I've put them on the Master outputs (jack) and I don't have to adjust the Master output EQ on the KPA.
    The B210d might not powerful enough for you, in that case you can choose the bigger brother B212d or B215d. Both are rated at 550W instead of 200W of the B210d.

    Alto TS212 incoming, tomorrow.
    I’ve tested some mid budget monitors, last month after selling my two DXR10’s but none of them was OK. Now I’m gonna check some low budget monitors. I.e. the Behringer B212d sounds very OK, for € 229,-.
    I’m expecting an ANT Greenhead 12 as well.
    ANT is a newcomer, comes from the RCF factory.

    I have two KPA's, but not because I'm in need of a back up. Since we have a truck with complete backline and PA, my "Live KPA" is always in the truck (when I'm not gigging, of course). For rehearsal and making sounds I have a second KPA, at home. The only thing I carry to a gig is a USB stick with the latest back up of my "Home KPA".
    None of my KPA's went down - playing 2 gigs per week, from April to September, every year (playing KPA since April 2016).

    I cannot believe that after 7 years and hundreds upon hundreds of the identical discussions with the same comments, beginning in 2011 at The Gear Page and now in 2018, guitarists continue to discuss the same thing over and over again.

    Some folk just have too much time on their hands.

    It's nauseating.

    It's not about the Axe FX III anymore, it's about who's "wrong" and who's "right".

    Or better:
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    - Hmmm, but a D5 mk III is much better
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    - Yeah, you know, Cliff!!
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    And so on, and so on, and so on. And still no editor and no update 8o

    (PS. d*ck and c*ck are "Other Gear"......)