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    Finally finished the build based on Celestion's Plans, just left out the port and this thing sounds great. Using the BAM200 for now but depending on what whippinpost91850 shows us here, I may move to integrate the amp within the cabinet. This is like having a whole new Kemper (I've only played through studio monitors and connected to random combo amps ). Creates a whole new way to enjoy the Kemper. Really cool, loving the Kone so far.





    At the moment(31 May 2020) only the loudspeaker is available for ordering, the cabinet requires some more patience.

    As alternative I want to mount the Kone loudspeaker in the FRFR cabinet I am actually using (ElectroVoice ELX112). This cabinet one has also a 1.5" tweet speaker.

    My question: Will this replacement work or I have to remove the 1.5 inch speaker or disconnect it?

    Check this cab out on amazon. Looks ok for this purpose:

    General opinion question regarding amps for the Kone/Kabinet. Is it good that most of the solutions presented in this thread have pre-amps rather than just a volume? Is it helpful/desired, or just one more unnecessary point of adjustment? (powerstage170, BAM200, ISP Stealth, Palmer Macht, Harley Benton, Hotone, Fryette, etc...)

    What would the hands down, nothing left to wish for amp for the Kabinet look like?

    Yes, I'm asking because I'm considering piecing together something that fits the bill using the newer ICEpower module (200ASC).

    Most likely because it’s intended use is exclusively in conjunction with the Profiler and the corrective DSP.

    The reason I asked is that the Kone looks suspiciously close in spec/construction to the: K12H200TC

    So I'd be curious to see their charts side by side, which apparently will be impossible!

    I have searched high and low for a frequency response chart for the Kemper there one available anywhere??? Strange that it isn't on Celestion's website.

    For anyone else who may know, I started building this box as recommended by Celestion for the F12-X200. But now that the Kone is out, I'd like to go with it rather than the F12. I have completed only the outer walls of the box, however it is 18mm birch plywood. Very thick, very resonant.

    Would it be best to just grab something like an empty Palmer 1x12 cabinet for the Kone, or would it be better to modify the construction of this box in some way? Celestion calls for a 4" port and polyester wadding to be stapled throughout the interior. The wadding would dampen the resonance a great deal, but I'm wondering if the port would be good or bad for the sound.

    @evh0u812 - I think I may have found you on FB too, so this question is sort of a repeat. From earlier threads, your box looks just like mine but with no port and no wadding. So if it sounds good, I can probably assume mine will as well! Just don't want to finalize it until I'm sure.
    Thanks for any advice and ROCK ON!

    Plattino and Spikey have both tried the amp and said they liked it, but did not post any results. Looking forward to hear your experience. People have mentioned a wet-dry-wet setup through that amp, but I'm not technical enough to know what that means. I'm assuming it has to do with simultaneously running signals through the amp in some magical fashion with a dry output for adding different effects or maybe re-amping???

    Also read a thread on here where someone used a Line6 Firehawk 1500 as an FRFR by bypassing the modeling part and using it as just a powered box. 1500W stereo sounds insane on paper, but I don't recall reading any real input on his setup other than he liked it.

    Just got into the new delays, I think they're going to waste many many many hours of my time. They are just plain fun, each in a very different way. Thanks to the Kemper staff!

    It is awesome that a single piece of hardware can continue to evolve to the point where each update brings refreshed curiosity, interest, and creative possibilities. It's like the Kemper is a different machine than when I first brought it home. Pretty cool.

    Reviving this old thread to ask - has anyone actually used the Line 6 Firehawk 1500 with the Kemper? If so, could you post some video of the results?


    Well, while searching for results, I found this interesting video. I think some of you very technically oriented people will find what this man does to be interesting: