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    Is that the SPDIF Out LInk option that need to e checked in the Output section?

    No - not the link - page 1 of the Output Section - is the SPDIF Output set to anything rather than off? From no shortage of personal experience its sometimes the simplest explanation! :D

    Hi there. You could try out Liam's suggestion - worked for me! Good luck

    Hi Guys. First post here. Just wanted to start by saying that I'm very much enjoying using the Kemper and Rig Manager and a big thank you to everyone uploading some excellent free rigs.

    I've encountered the same problem as in this thread:…read/12999-Deleting-Rigs/?

    Unfortunately no matter what I try, every time I delete rigs from my profiler from within RM, regardless of whether I use a right-click or the delete button, the rigs reappear in the profiler when I start up again. It doesn't make any difference whether I close/startup RM or my profiler first or second - RM starts to reload all deleted profiles back onto both. Can confirm re suggestion in above thread that my user name is identical in both my profiler/RM.

    All deleted/reloaded rigs have one thing in common - in RM only their name and date show up and whilst they are selectable they do not load on the profiler. They are all resident in the Browse Pool but once again they cannot be loaded. They are however using up the Profiler's capacity - I tried loading in some extra rigs but it wont accept any that take it over the 1000 mark which includes the 120 deleted ones that I cannot (and don't want to!) access.

    I tried backing up RM content and subsequently restored it but to no avail. I am using v1.5.41 but am a bit reluctant to upgrade until the new release is finalised as some people have encountered problems. Any suggestions apart from deleting the rigs one by one on the Profiler will be appreciated!

    Thanks for any help in advance.