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    I took a backup to USB, turned off the Kemper and held down the first button near the LCD and then powered the Kemper back on until I ended up in maintence mode. There I completed a factory reset and once completed I restored the backup.

    there are so many buttons near the LCD ;-)
    Does it have a label?

    Or is it one of the soft-buttons above the LCD?

    Very true and an important point for me.

    The thing is: in the practice room (hard, vibration-free floor) everything is perfect and works always the way I want it to (with [email protected]).

    Typically, however, many stages are not vibration-free, especially at big gigs.

    And it is exactly there (when it becomes important) that the WahWah is activated again and again due to the vibrations of the floor, even if it is not desired.

    I have the same problem here.

    Firmware 7.1.18 PB.

    I tried two different pedals (Mission EP1-KP, Yamaha (unknown type)).

    Both reacted in the same way: In a way it works, but here and there it hangs completely for about a second and then catches up again.

    Calibrating did not help.

    It makes no difference whether the pedal is plugged into the remote or the head.

    Type 1 or Type 2 makes no difference either.

    With this behavior, it is currently not possible to use the pedals properly :-(

    ps: just noticed, this only happens in performance mode. Browser mode works ok.

    Thank you so much for reenabling the "autoload" function in RM. Missed it so much.

    Upon booting, the Performance Name is wrong, it is showing the name of a different performance. The individual slots are named from the referenced (named) Performance. However, the underlying Performance is correct, the right rigs are loaded in the right spots, it’s that the UI is referencing a different performance.

    same here :-/


    I morph in a boost in volume, mids and sometimes a click of gain. Delay and sometimes an effect also get morphed in.

    Same here.

    And I love the Remote "Tap" button as the Morph button (since it's on the edge and easy to hit).


    The Rig button itself is not morphing (Option: Rig Button Morph: off), so pressing the Rig button brings always the "standard" sound.

    The only thing I'm missing: would be nice, if the "Tab"-Led next to my "Solo"-button would indicate active/not active.

    The Looper is very practical when it comes to sound fine-tuning. Make sure the Looper location is set to "Input" (system menu), record a typical lick and let it run endlessly.

    Now you can turn and press knobs with both hands and adjust your sound.

    And: the input is constant by definition.

    Since I do not use the TAP function at all, I decided to use the according button on the remote as my solo switch.

    So I configured the TAP button as my morph button.

    Unfortunately the TAP LED on the remote does not indicate the status (morph on/off).

    Since the LED is already there... would be nice if it would give me some information.

    I know, that the rig-switches on the remote have 2 LEDs where the upper one indicates morphing. But in a live situation it would be handy to have a more obvious indication.

    I didn't try it out with the Looper LED and the Tuner LED (i don't like their button positions for a quick-access-solo-switch), but I guess they behave the same.

    Feature request:

    If the TAP/LOOPER/TUNER-buttons are assigned to another function (like e.g. morph), the corresponding LEDs should indicate the status of the assigned functions.

    tnx, but 2 clicks is 1 too many for this task ;-)

    but Monkey_Mans tip to click on "Forum" in the upper left button does exactly what I missed.

    sorry for the inconvenience.

    Very often I scroll through discussions and then I want to go back to the "top/home".

    I can go there by clicking on the Kemper-logo at the top of each page, but very often I have to scroll back to the top to get to the logo.

    In the top-line (which doesn't scroll off) there is a "home"-button which leads to the "Kemper Amps Homepage".

    It would be very handy (and imho not too much effort) to put another link into the top-line which leads to the forum-homepage.

    What can happen if the KPA is not switched off regularly via the chicken button, but the mains voltage suddenly drops (for whatever reason)?
    I mean, ok, unsaved changes to presets get lost. Of course.
    But what can happen in the worst case?

    If nothing: why do I have to wait about 9 seconds until the Kemper is shut down?
    Otherwise: what can I do in a live situation where the power fails? Backup?

    I’ve had no problems setting mine to tap tempo. Let me look in the morning!

    I just use the BPM parameter to dial in the BPM of the song. That’s what I do with the delays anyway and 99% I’ve done this with trem before too. Lately I’ve been adding the trem in my DAW though (I have the soundtoys bundle and like it very much)

    That would be nice, but I only see the following parameters:

    • Rate
    • Depth
    • Crossover
    • Stereo
    • Ducking
    • Volume

    No additional knobs, no tap parameter, no BPM parameter :-/
    I wrote to the support.
    This is PB 5.5.0 13341B

    The "Rate" parameter cannot be set to 0.1 Hz.
    The values jump by 0.3-0.4 Hz.
    With careful rotation, the bar moves as expected and appears to change speed correctly, but the Hz value displayed is incremented in bigger steps (0.3-0.4 Hz).
    After saving and recalling, the speed seems to be set to the displayed/inaccurate Hz value and not to the actually finely adjusted frequency.
    This is very annoying if you want to tune the tempo exactly to a song.

    Anybody else have the problem?
    Is that a known problem?
    Should I open a support ticket?

    Translated with

    Ok. My problem seems to be solved.
    I opened a ticket at the support and got immediate answer.
    The first tip was:
    If the unit doesn't start, press and hold RIG button while powering on. Keep holding until message appears "Initializing....". This will rebuild internal data base without loss od data nor settings.
    That didn't help.

    But the second tip helped:
    If that doesn't help You can try to copy the file KAOS.BIN in the root directory of your USB stick (highest hierarchical level), plug the stick in, press and hold the two <PAGE> buttons and then power on. A Message "Booting & burning" should appear.
    I did that with 4.0.3 PB and since then no problem... I even dared a gig yesterday with it (spare amp close ;-) )

    Thanks alot for the great support!

    So, the good news is, that it doesn't look like a hardware problem.
    And yes, I know that beta firmware is playing with fire... but if nobody tries a beta firmware, it's useless ;-)

    after Updating to 4.0.4 PB I'm having problems.
    Error message on the display: "DSP Error! Communication with DSP Board has failed."
    Reboot doesn't help :-(.
    Some navigation klicks work... others don't.
    E.g. I cannot go back to 4.0.3 PB :-(

    Any tips?


    I'm quite new to the Kemper-world... and I'm still learning ;-)
    Sorry, if this is a FAQ... I searched through the forum and read the manual, but I am still confused...

    I recently bought some nice Marshalls from TopJimi, which I really like.
    The poinit is: all profiles come merged and non-merged.

    I currently have 2 scenarios:
    1) Studio: I just need the best possible sound on "Main Out".
    2) Live: I also need the best possible sound on "Main Out" for the PA. So, imho, I should use the same profile like in the Studio, cuz' PA-sound has priority. right?
    Additionally I run the "Monitor Out" through the internal power amp into a real guitar-cab.

    So: in what situations should I use merged profiles and when should I use non-merged profiles?
    And why ;-)

    Tnx, Schludi

    I second that. A Peterson-like Stobotuner would be a great thing.
    Most important for me is a good visibility from the distance.
    Maybe even a display-colour-change if the tone is "in tune" would be great.