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    Ive no used the kemper much loyalty, and just done all the updates etc.

    All works fine but....Im not quite understand the presets area...can someone explain or is there a vid ?

    I see - All Presets 718

    My Profiler 417

    Local library 0

    Preset packs 301

    Kemper factory content 301

    Ia this typically correct ?

    Now In the editor screen I have compressor, Delay and reverb selected, but every time I preview a rig these FX are applied....why is that ?

    Im sure its simple but Im just not seeing the logic...

    If I drag or import a preset the message says

    Rig Manager didn't find any suitable files to import. This happens if the items are unknown or damaged.

    Example file - A-Supro 1624T Jimi - 2012-08-24 10-54-37.kipr

    These are also present Ive used previously....

    Any clues ?

    So Ive been running the Beta with my Toaster...used it juts a couple days ago.

    Tonight I get and Update the I have this

    Your PROFILER needs an update. Rig Manager will search for a newer software version online. This might take a couple of minutes to arrive. Profiler 7.1.19 or higher is required.

    It won't connect to the profiler now.

    I installed a new drive in my Mac, and now when I open RM from the old drive it asks me to setup again....should I do this or can I move RM to the new drive a retain all the setting?

    Thanks folks

    I don't like to bend over and have my gear under my feet, I'd rather have it a couple of meters away or more, controlled by small remote (I barely use any pedals when using analog gear) Here, one of the reasons why.

    As for head becoming "worthless", unless you have invested your entire life savings in profile head stock (physical stock), even if resale price goes down, it will still sound the same. I am keeping 2012 version of mine even if there is a mkii. Stuff is going to get vintage status in 10-15 years ?

    Mmm...a Vintage Kemper.....I got one of the first ones !

    It's the same functionality and you can load a backup of your rack, so it IS the rack. Why would you want to plug it into your rack?

    So I can have the head at a comfortable operating position in the studio, and the foot switches on the floor.....then if I what to gig I just load up and take the footboard....seems a sensible way to integrate with head units to make them worth while keeping.

    Indeed this seems like a very "traditional" floorboard concept and maybe some of us(me for sure) expected something more innovative.

    Anyway..I am happy that a lot of customers from the "digital modeller pool" will get this and not something from the competition.Good for Kemper.

    I will stay with the toaster/remote for live gigs,jams and rehearsals...No way I would put a 1600€ tool on the floor of a shabby night club.

    Agree- but sadly I reckon the Head and remote setup are doomed and will soon become worthless.

    Why on earth would anyone pay more than this for a toaster now?....Hope they dont have loads on the shelf