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    I would give the bell bronze frets a try. Ive had then on a les paul for 5 years now with no wear whatsoever. Great fret material. I play that guitar about 12 hours a week.

    I've read so many posts now on how kemper should make an editor for the profiler and a few other differences they want on the profiler. I dont know. I have used my kemper for all sorts of stuff live and recording, and I have had no problem with any of the functions of the kemper. I have also seen kemper's response to people wanting changes and it seems to be more of a,"If you like the profiler, great. If you dont like it, sorry." I respect this massively. If you like it, cool. If you dont, either you're not using it correctly, or it's just not for you. If you want the profiler to function differently, the chances of Kemper changing a product that they spent years developing to be the perfect amplifier are very little. If Kemper gives an editor to their "perfect amplifier", they sell out. Kemper may be in competition to many other things on the market, but kemper stands on its own above the rest because of its sheer quality.

    Okay, my little rant is over. Kemper is awesome. It doesn't need to change.

    I disagree completely though I suppose it varies with the profile. Using mbritt's robin ford ODS 100 profile, the amp reacts just about as well as any dumble amp I've ever played through or owned including many of the big name clones. It is much more amp-like in that respect than the axefx. I like the axefx models very much but your description applies way more to axefx than kemper. The kemper seems to be much more amp like in terms of the guitar's volume affecting the tone than any other modeler.

    In terms of what I *DON'T* like:

    • The effects are generally weak, particularly the time based effects
    • no spring reverb
    • no multi delays (impossible to get a holdsworth clean sound because of this)
    • No univibe
    • non realistic trem
    • choruses don't compare to axefx choruses
    • overdrive and fuzz pedals have way too much gain
    • no zendrive
    • no editor software

    However, in terms of realistically modeling a tube amp, the top of the heap. The real issue it has is not enough CPU horsepower. The single processor just doesn't have the bandwidth to do what axefx does in terms of effects. But in terms of sounding like a real amp, IT DOES THAT REALLY, REALLY WELL!

    This was resolved a few days ago. There is nothing I don't like now.

    unfortunately... it's not. i could not "provoke" the green screen of death, but i still experience that after morphing a rig it still needs two steps to change rigs via midi controller (fcb1010, stock)
    the first step (program change) seems to reset the morphed rig to the initial rig


    I have opened a ticket with Burkhard for this problem. They are working on it.

    Just for some positive stuff. Even with all the issues and errors I have had with the 4.0 beta and 4.0.1 beta, the KPA and the Kemper Support Team never cease to amaze me. They reply so fast to all my queries, never getting impatient. Amazing product and amazing service. Massive chops to Kemper for their work!

    I think if you go back to the stock chip, you should be able to programme the expression pedal to transmit on CC#11. But this would mean losing out on the other functionality, such as looper mode, etc. I think you're going to have to wait for a new EPROM to be released before it will be possible to have all these features simultaneously with the FCB1010.

    One option to get going right now, however, would be to get an additional expression pedal and just hook it up to the back of the Kemper. That way, the two expression pedals on the FCB could be dedicated to volume, wah and pitch.

    How did you get your FCB with the UNO4Kemper to work as a looper? I am fine with not using an expression pedal for morphing, I prefer to just tap the particular slot button again let it do the morphing to the time I set it to.

    After seeing what you have said about it working so well, I sat with the KPA for a while before updating to 4.00. The thing I didnt like was that it cleaned up a little, but muffled the sound. I have messed around with the noise gate and now it seems to be perfect. I think the noise gate was cutting too much. It sounds great now! I use hand wired Rude Rock Pickups from South Africa and P90's.

    Have you enabled "Morph to Wah" in the KPA?

    Ive sat trying this. Using the wah on the FCB does not seem to work for morphing. Tapping the button again, like on the remote works perfectly. Enabling "Morph to Wah" did not work for this. Moving the wah pedal has no effect on the morph progress bar, but moving the progress bar in "system" moves the wah with it. It works one way, but not the other way around.

    For me that all depends on what profile is used, what amp was profiled and how the amp was dialed in when being profiled.
    Some real amps will clean up and some don't. There are many profiles available that can go from gain to clean with the guitars volume knob.

    Example in the video at 5:55

    I will have a look at this. I am using Michael Britt and Guido profiles though.

    The only thing I dont like is that when I dial back the volume on my guitar, it does not resonde like a valve amp and get a clean sound. Ive tried messing with the compression and power sagging, but the sound still is not the same.