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    I want to use an on stage monitor with the Kemper and I want to be able to adjust the monitor volume with a roller knob, attached on the Remote. I think a roller knob is more precise than a volume pedal (and much smaller).

    I'm thinking about this one:

    My question is: I can order this with 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k or 250k resistance. Which one should I choose?

    Or are there better alternatives?

    Thanks for the help!

    The Remote controller now facilitates two display options.
    I would like to request a third option, because both current options are no good for me.

    Let me first explain how I use my Remote. I use performance mode.
    I think it is too much switching it have a single bank for each song.
    So my Bank 1 is called "Standard" and the 5 slots are filled with: Clean, Overdrive, Distortion, Heavy Dist and Solo.
    I also have similar banks for Supertramp sounds, Acoustic sounds, Police songs and so on.

    My problem is that I can not read the texts in the 5 slots (bottom line). I have heard complaints also from other people that these texts are pretty small to read standing up at a dark stage.

    My perfect perfect display would therefore be:

    Top Line: The name of the Bank (same as now)
    Bottom line: the 5 slots and their name
    Middle Line: The name of the slot that is selected (yes, big).

    If you can provide this as option C, this would be very useful. I think it is not that big of an enhancement to make.

    Thanks!! :)

    Hi all,
    First of all, I love my Kemper. I really think it is a revolution in guitar world. I have the following question. During my last gig I found myself often on a very dark stage. I found that I had trouble using my Remote. Yes, there are a few bright leds shining down there, but I had trouble to see what is where.
    Is this something that you have experienced as well? How do you cope? I am thinking of using a small light, on the other hand that looks so silly.

    I bought and checked out the acoustic package. If you want to play your acoustic guitar, thuis is a must have. I spend a lot If time finding a good profile (free) before. The ones from Bert are great without any editing. And the Price is more than reasonable. So thank you Bert!

    I am struggling with something I think has changed since the last update. I am wondering if I can change this.
    Lets say that in performance mode I am on performance 1 and I have four stomp boxes assigned to buttons I-II-III-IV. These stomp boxes are not active at the start when I select performance 1.
    What I really liked that in case I had switched on two stomp boxes (by clicking buttons I and II), I could get quickly to the start of the performance (with no stomp boxes selected) by just pushing button 1 again.

    When I try that now, the selected stomp boxes do not get deselected like before. I think that has changed since the last software release.

    Do you recognize this and do you know if I change this back to the old behavior?

    Thanks for your help,


    Hi Danides,
    I am not sure if I understand your issue right. I think this is simpel ? I myself have a small flight case including the Kemper and my IEM unit.
    The signal chain is as follows:
    Guitar > Kemper In (front)
    Kemper OUT >>> Central Mixing Board (mono)
    In the central mixing board I create a separate mix for my personal IEM, this sits on e.g. AUX 4
    AUX 4 from central mixing panel >>> IEM unit in my flight case
    And than the IEM wireless to my ears (no other monitor)
    I make my own mix for my IEM with the guitar as loud as I want.
    Why don't you do it this way?

    Best regards,

    Hi everybody,
    I just made my first two profiles and uploaded them to the rig exchange:
    - All Bluetick Clean >>> My Alessandro Bluetick amp, great for fender like clean tones, add overdrive by increasing guitar volume
    - Mario SM57 1 >>> A bass profile, based on Sansamp pre-amp, Ampeg amp

    I spend 15 minutes for both profiles and like them a lot. Please tell me what you think and how to improve.



    It happened exactly the same to me last week. When doing so, all the settings in the SYSTEM menu go back to default. So use a backup or write down your settings to get back to your start situation. All other settings didn't change. I have no clue why the system restore happened. The only thing that I am not sure about is if perhaps the power was shut down while the Kemper was in the shutdown phase itself?

    OK, after some more reading, my conclusion is that my Kemper has done a System Restore (Factory Restore). I do not know why, but this explains the fact that I had to do the "Startup Dialogue" again + that I lost settings for my expression pedal, as these were set in the SYSTEM menu settings. I gues there was no detection of a new Remote pedal, this is how I misinterpreted the Startup Dialogue in combinnation with me Remote acting weird.
    I will go and check all my settings in the SYSTEM menu and than I should be fine. Except for the fact that I can't explainwhy this System Restore happened.
    Thanks for your support on this.

    Hi Sharry,

    thanks for your response. I have a spare CAT5 cable with me, so shall use it when this occurs again.
    The thing is: I can not remember that I ever saw these questions on my Kemper where I had to enter date, time and my name before.
    Also, the pedal setting in my Kemper were gone/changed. I had to set that right again. I wonder how the cable between the Remote and the Kemper could have caused that...
    Anyway, let's see what happens.

    Has someone seen this before? When I started my Kemper + Remote+Mission pedal, I noticed that my Wah setup on my Remote and Tuner showing up with heel on my Mission Pedal didn't work anymore.
    I used it the day before. So restarted a few times, same thing.
    Than I noticed a dialogue window on my Kemper, indicating that the Kemper witnessed a new Remote Pedal or something? I had to type in date, time and my name?
    I have never seen that before.
    Than I had to change the pedal setting in my Kemper, to setup the mission pedal right to get was and volume behavior as I had it before. Fortunately I had it written down.
    Anyway, can someone tell me what just happened? I have not installed anything new and have no clue what I witnessed and why my pedal settings were gone.