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    Any thoughts on how well a Thiele cab will work with the Kemper cone? I currently have one loaded with an EVM12L.

    Everything is pure speculation at this point. But, the concept is the Kone will produce guitar speaker frequencies and the cab will naturally fill in the rest. So, if you have a ported cab like the Tiele, expect some deeper tones coming from it. I wouldn't change yours out though, a 12L in a Thiele is fantastic as is. I did see Kemper is including the 12L in the software, you could compare the two!

    Interesting. Why did you choose this cab? Is it by any manufacturer? What are the specs?

    It's a tweed 1x12 ext from Mojotone, just put in a G12-65 and it sounds very nice with the Kemper. For cleans and edge of breakup, FRFR just doesn't cut it for me, I still prefer a real open back cab for those. Finger's crossed hoping the Kone will deliver

    The thing that concerns me is the software supporting the Kemper Kone probably won't be released until the Kemper Kab is available. I'd really like to play around with that, even without a Kemper Kone driver or speaker.

    The easiest way to integrate a power amp to a cab would be an ICEPower plate amp. I'm not aware of any ICEPower plate amps at this time, but would be a bit surprised if they aren't available.

    This is the one I'm using for my Kemper. Right now I have it in a home-made backbox which fits in the Kemper back opening, but I'll consider permanently installing it into a cabinet, depends on how I like the Kone…%20Brief-PWR-ICE125WD.pdf

    Christoph says "broadband" everyone else is saying "full range" which is the point I was trying to make. It might be best to take FRFR out of the vocabulary for this product.

    I don't understand why people are so focused on the FRFR aspects. It doesn't need to be full range, the Celestion speaker in question only needs to produce guitar range frequencies. The real wood guitar cabinet provides the rest of the spectrum. Wouldn't surprise me at all if some of the background DSP will be high and low cut EQing to eliminate those frequencies that don't occur with a guitar speaker.

    Confused? If the Kemper Kone is meant to impart imprints of real speaker types, which then go into an FRFR cab, or more specifically this new Kemper 1x12 FRFR, doesn't the old fashioned method of picking a different cab sim within the profile already accomplish this? Will be cool to hear the run down of what Kemper Kone actually is. Now, perhaps it accomplishes some sort of amp in the room thing?

    Celestion has a new 12" flat response speaker, perhaps that is what's inside the new Kemper cab. As someone that can't give up my real cabs, I'm intrigued.

    Make a studio profile, turn off cab, test. Adjust, reprofile, test. Adjust, reprofile test.

    Even better, mic and record your amp to your liking and use that as your control. Don't touch the mic, profile, record second track through speaker and mic and compare. Adjust, reprofile and test until you get it identical. Tedious, but worth the effort

    I realize, in your mind it may not seem as "pure" as getting a direct profile, but it doesn't matter how you get long as you get there

    =O Holy crap! Does that speaker come stock in any cab or do you have to install it yourself?

    The EVM12L is one of my favorite speakers, can't think of any company that is using them currently. I had them in my M/B 4x12 halfback and currently have one in my Dumble clone. They're basically PA speakers, very flat compared to most guitar speakers. They're best suited with high-end amps that get most of their tone within the amp itself and not relying on a speaker to further color it. They're also really good in ported speaker cabinets ito better accentuate the low end. Some Kemper profiles would be great through them, others not so much...probably not one I would recommend for the Kemper.

    A little out of your price range brand new, but you can look for a used Port City OS 1x12. They sound a lot bigger than their footprint and I would say a G12-65 would work well for your needs. I scoffed at them until I actually tried one, ran right out and got a 2x12 and sold my 4x12 soon after. If you're worried about the Kemper's power output, get a 16ohm.