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    Nah. Very different thing than software. If they're shipping in Q1, the product has already been released for production. Raw materials have long since been ordered and manufacturing either will or has begun.

    All the speaker imprint processing is being done within the KPA so the software needs to be ready as well.

    ... 600 W? :o This would definitely overspec the Kone!

    I don't want to get into the whole "tube watts" vs "ss watts" thing but if the speaker is rated at 200w, it should be fine. Or buy the 16ohm version if it's that much of a concern

    Any chance to access another Kemper unit of a friend / fellow musician / in a music store nearby? Does it sound similar or are there noticable differences with the same rig? If the second one sounds better we need to chase the setting which causes you troubles.

    I'd say the same. The aspects you describe for the distortion are usually not associated to the Kemper from my experience and from what I hear and see on stages, here in the forum etc. - so the chance that something is wrong in your setup is still there. Let's find it.

    Yes, definitely find another KPA and run the same profile through both and see if there is a difference. I did this and it ended up I had a bad DSP board. But, for all the players here that whine about their Kemper's tone, they are never willing to upload samples for us to hear. I don't know why that is, it would be so much easier to diagnose. Even a camera phone video would provide some insight

    My guess is it will be the F12-X200 without the compression driver, maybe similar to a 12L.

    I've had the powered Kemper, 50/50 tube power amps, Matrix amps and I've ran the KPA through guitar amp heads. What ended my search was the Fryette Power Station. I expect it will work great for the Kone too.

    Except that the picture seems to imply that the Stage is running straight into the Kone. I'm still thinking early next year will be optimistic for the Kone. Not because of the speaker hardware, but because of the software changes required.

    No it doesn't, it shows the Stage power cord running along the back of the cab and out the other side. One main out is going to the drummer's monitor and the other main out goes well beyond the cab and disappears. What do I think that means? Absolutely nothing, the photographer wanted it to look realistic and clean and didn't want to bunch cables together. My point is, you can't read too much into it

    CK: "The speaker and passive cab will be available late summer with a powered version to be released at a later date"

    Kemper Forum: "There's an electrical outlet in the background of the picture, that must mean the powered version will be released first!!!"


    Good points. Thoughts on the diy powered cab with a kone? This is what I’ve been envisioning.

    Anything said about the kone and how it would work in an FRFR cabinet would be pure speculation. We do know it's designed to go into a real guitar cabinet so, given that, I doubt it would work well in a PA or composite style housing. I chose a pine, open back 1x12 for i'm just waiting

    If you're on a budget, don't waste your money on temporary solutions you know you won't be happy with. If you don't already have them, buy some powered studio monitors. If you are at all serious about home recording, you should already have a pair. They can also double as your home FRFR solution.

    At the very least, wait until we hear what CK had to say during the recent Andertons video shoot.

    Which is also what the Powercab is doing.

    CK's design completely leap-frogs what the Powercab is doing. Being able to throw the speaker into any cab is the selling point, the speaker should just produce guitar frequencies and let the REAL cab fill in the rest. Can the Powercab model a pine cab with birch baffles and an oval back? How about 100% void-free OS birch and a closed back? If you can't tell the difference between the two, perhaps the Powercab is right for you

    Please don't make me eat my words, CK

    Agreed. I've literally got money burning a hole in my pocket waiting on this.

    Well....this...and for when my name comes up on the King of Tone waiting list.... :)

    Ha! I put myself on the list in Sep

    As for the Kone, it only seems like three of us here are planning on buying it on day 1. I'm not hearing much hype about it anywhere else. Also lots of discussion about other recent FRFR/cab purchases by users here, don't know why anyone would buy anything until this is released and reviewed. Oh well, too bad for them