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    Cab type & construction matters. I'm a high-gain player and the V30 imprint sounds astonishingly accurate in my Port City 2x12. The V30 will sound shrill or ice-picky in the average, typical cabinet. The fact that no one seems to like that imprint in the Kabinet shows you just how accurate it is.

    Well, that's actually a rear shot of the PS-100, not the PS-2. The layout is basically the same except the PS-2 has an additional output for parallel out. So, if it's still not working, double check you have the correct output on the Fryette and check the output section of the KPA. It's very easy to mess up an input/output setting, 90% of the time when I get a frantic call about no sound, it's an output setting.

    I can also confirm the PS-2 works flawlessly with 2 Kones @ 2ohms

    I'm confused, was everyone thinking the Kabinet was going to sound like a 4x12 Marshall? I'm beginning to think a lot of players here are just now discovering how important cabs are to the tone equation. Maybe that's a good thing

    There's a reason why so many metal players like the Mesa 2x12 or similarly constructed cabs. It's smaller length/width & longer depth adds tightness, balances out V30s and a reinforced baffle that will not flex under any circumstance. Throw a couple of Kones in there and I'll bet you won't be able to tell the difference from real V30s. But, alas, that cab may be a one-trick pony so it probably wouldn't benefit from all the other great speaker imprints available. If you're mostly a high-gain player, the ultimate setup would be a stock Mesa 2x12 (or similar) for metal and a Kabinet for all your other music genre needs. And, if you think having more than one cab ridiculous, count how many guitars you own first.

    If a resonant cab is designed to accentuate the right frequencies then you can get a great result if done right (eg: Buzz Feiten did one), but with different amps you get what you get.

    Using MDF for the Kone is the best option by a mile. The results speak for themselves.

    Let's not kid ourselves, MDF is strictly used for its cost. The best cab builders don't use birch or pine to "accentuate the right frequencies"

    FYI: Lots of those solid state bass guitar amp heads use the same IcePower modules as the Kemper and PowerStage. If you can find a cheap, used the Kemper out to the amp's effects return to bypass the preamp.

    You can also find basic, no frills, pre-made IcePower amp boxes from China on eBay. With the Kemper, there is no need for TMB on the amp. The 125asx2 module will run at 4ohms with no active cooling. There are lots of sellers, choose the one that is willing to change the input/output to 1/4" and you can also specify if you want mono or stereo with some sellers

    I don't think this is that exceptional.
    It's probably the way most people that use a guitar cab at home or without a PA use their Direct Amp Profiles. Unless i'm missing something here.
    Most of the profile sellers distribute "direct amp" profiles, rarely merged.

    Yes, it will be a pain to assign a cab to every direct profile you own, but on a complaint scale of 1-10...I'd say it's a 2. When the switch is made to assign the Kone per rig, you'll need to do that anyways unless you want one imprint to be global for all profiles. In which case, might as well use a real cab then

    External amps are so much more versatile. I completely understand the appeal of a clean and simple setup. But, with an external (in my case a Fryette PS-2), I can use it with a Kabinet, real cabinet and speakers, passive FRFR, Toaster, Rack, Stage, Axe-FX, Line-6, any older modeler, any future modeler, etc etc

    Would it be an option to get in touch with the profile-guys like HW and get some real vintage speakers over and imprint them?

    Or maybe the Kemper-guys build a mobile "imprint lab" and send it with an engineer someone around the world to hunt down legendary speakers? You even could A/B your freshly done imprint directly in the room with the original speaker/amp...

    I believe CK already put a call out to anyone with vintage speakers that are willing to part with them for a bit. A vast library of vintage and rare speaker imprints would be a huge selling point for the KPA. But, it would probably be best to start out with speakers that are more common and well-known. Like the G12H-75, did I already mention that earlier in this thread? Just in case, let me say it again, G12H-75

    These are the amps I went through before the Power Station...

    ADA t100s: I already owned this prior to the Kemper, still love this amp, lots of clarity and non-coloring but I wanted something SS

    Rocktron Velocity 300: Sounded ok, very heavy

    Stewart Audio PA-50b: This one sounded GREAT but needed more power

    Matrix GT800: Great response and attack, but started coloring the tone at higher volumes

    IcePower 125asx2: After learning Kemper used IcePower modules, I bought one and build a little backbox for it. Sounded as good as the PA-50b, clean and flat through all volume levels, but I felt it was still missing something.

    Fryette PS-2: Couldn't be happier, has the response and attack like the Matrix, very clean and flat like the IcePower. I liked it so much, I sold my powered Atomic CLR and bought the passive version just so I could use the Power Station for both cabs and FRFR. I can quickly and easily use the presence and depth knobs to adjust for the room so I never have to touch the KPA when setting up.

    Here's hoping the powered Kemper Kabinet won't be far behind. It seems like far more non powered Kemper Profilers have sold, but I could be way off, or why else would they concentrate on non powered Kabinets? So, like many others, I'm not going to invest in a separate amp, as I will just wait for the powered version of the Kabinet.

    I don't think it's a question of how many powered vs unpowered KPA are out there the wild. The question is, are players that are happy with their FRFR setups going to switch to a kab? My feeling is, players that hate FRFR and insist on playing through real guitar cabinets are going to be the early adopters. Or, it was simply easier to bring the passive kab to market first which is likely the case.

    Best part of a separate amp is that you can use it for other things. I've found the Fryette Power Station far superior to any SS amp, including the IcePower inside the powered KPA and it's immensely versatile for both modellers and valve amps.