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    Profilers will sometimes offer a DI pack of every amp they have for a good price. Try out their free packs then go with the profiler you like best. For cab IRs, my favorite pack is OwnHammer's 212-GTR MAR-66 Multi-Speaker collection. This will give you a taste of almost every speaker available. Before you buy, there are many free IR packs available online. Just search "free cab ir" and you'll find a bunch, you may find something you like

    Commercial DI profiles + commercial IRs are pretty much all I ever use now. Studio profiles provide the best representation of a real amp. But, I have to disagree that merged profiles are better than DI+IR. Merged profiles still rely on the KPA to accurately distinguish the amp from the cab when being created. They are able to do this remarkably well, however, it's not 100% accurate. I like the flexibility that commercial IRs have with mic and placement combinations that KPA commercial profilers don't provide. And, let's face it, commercial KPA profilers tend to use the same mic and cab over and over with every amp they offer which tends to make them all sound similar. Mic placement is an artform in of itself and a few profilers have that magic touch but many many IR providers do. My only issue with commercial IRs is that some of them are pretty hot. I usually run it through a DAW and bring down the levels to something that works best with the KPA. You can also be overwhelmed by the number of IR options and need to be willing to spend a lot of time with it. But, in the end, go with your ears...if it sounds good, it doesn't matter how you got there

    Awesome!! thanks for that info! where did you find that info?

    It's not a secret, I found it on the forums here. I actually ended up going with the cheaper and less powerful 125asx2 version. I mostly play through a 2x12 so I didn't need much more than the 250w @ 8ohms mine produces. Another good thing about the 125asx2, I can safely go to 450w @ 4ohms without any fans or active cooling. Stereo is also an option with any of the ICEpower modules

    The powered KPA uses the ICEpower 250asx2 amp module. This amp is readily available in many consumer guitar and bass amps. You simply run your Kemper output into the effects return to bypass the preamp for a clean, unaltered signal. You can also build your own like I did. Plenty of info on how to do it on the web.

    If you're on a budget, DXR10. If not, Atomic CLR. If you want that real "amp in the room" sound, just use a real guitar cabinet. I go back and forth between a CLR and a standard 2x12 depending on my mood. I found the cab-like FRFRs were just a compromise that neither sounded like a real cabinet, nor did it sound like what I got when I dialed in my profiles through my studio monitors. With the CLR, I don't have to touch a single knob when going from studio monitors to CLR. When I want that thump in the chest feeling, I use a real compromises

    My first Kemper sounded similar, turned out to be a bad DSP board. My volume would drop out though, wasn't consistent like your sample. As with all digital gear, double check your inputs and outputs...backup - restore factory defaults...still sounds bad, time to contact the manufacturer

    I was the last person I knew to still lug around a 4x12. I recently sold my beloved Mesa Boogie Halfback that I used for almost 30 years and bought a Port City 2x12. Doesn't have nearly the same power handling capability, but it sounds bigger than it is and I'm very happy. I go back and forth between that and my Atomic CLR depending on my mood or venue. If you can afford it, buy both. The speaker (cab, frfr, headphones or pa) is the most important part of the signal chain...why limit yourself? You've got more than one guitar, right?

    I wonder if it's a passive eq, or does it actually listen to the input and change the tone accordingly?

    Edit, the latter apparently.

    Would be very easy to tell, just change guitars and see if the tone changes or if it's always the same no matter what you play through it. I had no problem selling my amps when I bought my Kemper, not sure if I could sell all my guitars that easily!

    Is this going to be another one of those threads where the OP says the Kemper sounds terrible but refuses to upload any video or sound samples? Quite possibly you have a hardware issue or maybe it had been previously returned and has been messed with. Restore to factory settings then upload a video. If there is an issue, I'm willing to bet the good people here will know exactly what's wrong within 10 seconds of hearing it.

    There's a surf guitar profile in one of the legacy packs. It has a reverb/delay combo that can get you close to that spring reverb sound. Use the profile as is or copy and paste the two effects into another amp profile.

    Ohm's law doesn't discriminate-watts are watts are watts. For a truly honest and objective comparison, you would need to measure the input voltage driving the various amplifiers as well as the output voltage and current when driven with the same input signal. You would also need to measure the harmonic distortion of each device.
    The results would surprise most people, especially those who endorse the "tube watts are louder than SS watts" thing.

    Most of us don't have the opportunity to go around with measuring tools to test out every amp in the world so we have to rely on advertised specs. A tube amp advertised as 100w is going to be louder than a SS amp advertised as 100w. You can argue "watts is watts" all you want, but all that matters is what's going to blow up my speakers and what is safe? Even cabinet manufacturers specify a difference between tube watts and SS wats when rating their cabinets.