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    What's funny is, I've got an Agile 24 fret neck through LP copy with Zhangbucker custom wound pickups that smokes about every $2000-$6000 guitar I've ever owned. That CE24 is just a rare guitar that I've not wanted to change the pickups/electronics on.

    We agree on the CE24 but maybe I got an Agile dud. My LP copy was nowhere near the hype I had read about. Fake flame top, very short tenon compared to the ones people showed online and very sticky finish once the sweat started flowing. They said it was solid mahogany and I'm not a tree expert and have no education in field of wood identification...but, I would have put down money that it was poplar or maybe even paulownia the way I was able to dig my fingernail into the wood in the control cavity and inconsistent wood grain in the see-thru rear finish. But, with that said, it sounded good and the hardware was surprisingly well made but, when it came down to playing, it was never a guitar I would grab for first. See the MIJ Burny in my avatar? Got it for the same price as a top-of-the-line Agile LP and it's as solid as they come and will appreciate in value. Definitely a better value than any Agile. I wouldn't say it blows away my Gib Les Paul, but it comes close for 1/5 the price. Sorry, I just get a massive chill down my spine anytime I read online that some guy's Agile with GFS pickups "blows away" this or that. Never tried Zhangbuckers but I'm a loyal WCR guy :)

    PRS CE24. Love it wayyyyy more than my Custom 24.

    Funny because my CE24 got way more use than my Custom 24 as well. Loved it so much I went out and got a CE22 to round out the collection and absolutely hated it. Don't know if it was simply the position of the pickups or sound of the Dragon pickups or maybe it was simply a dud...but it didn't stay with me very long. Luckily, most PRS owners only care about how it looks so it sold quickly.

    Sounds like mine when I go through the alternative input. Not only is there more noise, but it sounds like my guitar is fretting out. I'd go on but I'd probably get more "blunt" talk or insults about my reading comprehension.

    Do you know what has caused the sound breakup or what Kemper Team fixed? Dying capacitors, loose connection, ...?

    I didn't get specifics but was just told it was a "hardware problem" the first time. Still waiting to get my KPA back this second time and haven't been told if it is the same issue or something new.

    Sounds like a lot of people are complaining about similar things and Kemper is trying to figure out which units have hardware problems and which ones are software issues. Probably not the easiest thing to do over email. They way I explained my problem (extreme sound breakup after 30 min of use) I was told to RMA it immediately with no audio samples needed. Perhaps your problems are more indicative of a software issue and your preferred profiles and settings cause your issues to happen. If so, a replacement unit is not going to help you

    This is the second time I've had to get my KPA fixed for the same thing and I'm not nearly as annoyed as you are. I even waited two weeks between support emails because I got the 'ol "never got the email" excuse. Yes, I sold all my amps too but realized, after borrowing others', anyone who is serious about playing isn't going to put all their faith into one piece of equipment so I went out and bought myself a pedal preamp and cab sim as a backup. Not nearly as versatile as my KPA but it fits in a small bag and plugs right into the main board or powered monitor, just like my Kemper, and has been very reliable so far.

    Gotta be blunt here...if you're serious about recording, use that money to buy yourself a quality microphone and practice miking a cabinet. That skill will be a lot better for you in the long run than throwing money at new equipment. But, I'm going to guess that you're in an apartment or something and can't make too much noise. Trust me, we've all been there. If that's the case, you really need to compromise and understand you're not going to get your perfect tone that way. If it was just as easy as throwing a Torpedo and a load box on top of an amp, a lot of sound engineers would be out of a job. Additionally, out of all the Kemper cabs and free cabs available that were done by people with decades of recording experience and thousand dollar microphones and none of them are to your liking, I really don't see how a Torpedo will be any different for you.

    Or, maybe there's just something seriously wrong with your Fryette

    Sounds like a similar issue I was having. If it is, unfortunately, it's a hardware issue that requires repair. I had my repair done in July and the problem came back and I just sent it out again this week. Upon initial startup, it sounds great. But, after playing 20-30 min the sound just gives out as if a tube went dead or, like you said, like your guitar is fretting out badly. Funny part is, I held onto my old amps until I was sure the KPA was right for me. Right after I sold them, my Kemper went dead. I was bragging to my friends about how great it is and now I'm borrowing their amps and getting a lot of teasing haha

    *edit* After listening to your audio example, my issue was a LOT worse so it may be something different than from what I was experiencing.

    I used it exclusively when I first got my Kemper and had zero noise problems. I had other issues and had to RMA my unit, ever since I got it back the rear input has been useless as it's way too noisy and breaks up on high gain profiles. I tried to RMA it again and was denied and told that was normal.

    Mine crapped out in 5 months. Started to get real noisy then eventually made all sorts of sounds even with nothing plugged in. Sounded much better after the repair but I just get the feeling it's not as good as when I first got it, high gain profiles just don't sound the same as I remember. Wish I could A/B it with another KPA

    I played with some Line 6 gear a few years ago and thought their CustomTone area was outstanding. I could type in almost any genre, song or artist and several different rigs would come up to choose from. I didn't think they sounded that great but they were as close to those original tones as you could get with the equipment involved. I assumed the Rig Exchange would be very similar and was a little disappointed, I couldn't even find a single surf guitar profile. But yeah, with 7000+ free profiles I shouldn't complain

    I agree though, it would be too overwhelming to flood the RE with duplicate profiles at different settings/effects. If there could be an easy way to share these, that would be great. There are times when I want to take the time and deep edit sounds and other times where I'd like to just turn on the Kemper, type in "Aces High" and just shred without too much tone searching.

    Another vote of support for AMT, I own the SS-10 and it's a fantastic pre-amp and very well engineered. But, if I were doing any sort of tour these days on a tight budget and I were responsible for my own equipment, I'd probably take a few pedals and a decent cab sim and call it a day. Also be aware than AMT is using solid state replacement tubes for some of their products

    I really really like this preamp/pedal. I can't keep it so I ended up profiling almost every gain/dynamic combination available which ended up being 40+ profiles. I uploaded my favorite profile for each channel (clean, O.D., Dist). I didn't want to flood the Rig Exchange with profiles that have very minimal differences so the rest are available at the link below. All profiles are DI and the Rig Exch ones use various Kemper cabinets. Vintage cabs sound great on clean and crunch, higher gain try out your favorite 4x12 cab.

    Rocktron Gainiac 2 Preamp

    Very high gain preamp that tends to get muddy when turned up. I was unable to profile the highest gain setting because I kept getting the "too noisy" error. PP indicates my profiler's pick of the sweet spot for the distortion channel. The others were profiled with a flat EQ for the user to dial in themselves. The Gainiac features a scoop knob which is basically an exaggerated mids, profiled at 0, 5 & 10. Profiled though a 50/50 power amp with EL34s to a Kemper DI box and custom IR cabinets inserted afterwards.

    AMT SS-10

    Uploaded the first of my preamps. Pretty good sounding tube amp, high gain without being too muddy. Profiled through a 50/50 power amp with EL34s to a Kemper DI box and later inserted my IR concoction of a Marshall stack. Other peoples ENGL and Michael Wagener's Randall cabinets also sound good. PP indicates my profiler's pick, what I think it the sweet spot for each channel. The rest are profiled with a flat EQ and one of three treble shift settings. I'll follow up with some medium gain profiles but it still sounds pretty accurate when you turn down the gain on the Kemper.

    I just tried out the new Supro 1695T Black Magick, wow!! Waiting anxiously for someone to profile it. The newer Supro lines haven't gotten much Kemper attention, hopefully this one will.