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    Hey Frank. What mics do you own already? All I use most of the time is a Shure SM57 and it's great for most projects and what I used to use when I used a Live Rig to mic the speaker cabinet. I used to own that amp, in fact, but replaced it before I had a Kemper. Just saying...If you have a sm57 use it.

    Hey Juluxx. I'm the user who created the VG-FENvibSRVdrive and I'm glad you like it. I used my Fender 68 Vibrolux with 2/10 Celestion speakers. SRV used a Vibrolux as one of His amps, but mostly in the Studio I think.

    I have Three different Strats that I use for that Profile and all three have different sets of pickups. I have a 62 reissue which I upgraded the pickups to Seymour Duncan Antiquities 60's surfer set with a hotter bridge and it sounds frigging awesome. My other 60's custom luthier built Strat and it has custom hand-wound pickups from Australia called Sliders. they have a more vintage vibe from late 50's and they definitely ring true 50's tone. The sliders are very expensive but so are the Seymour Duncans although not as expensive as Sliders. Hope you find good use for the SRV profile. If you're interested, All the profiles I created have VG in the title, but they may also come up in a search under 'Vinsanity'. On rig exchange of course.

    Hey! Thanks for the feedback. The SRV sound he had coming out of his setup is one of my faves! I just attempted to recreate a vibe closest to his original. He used several different amps over his career to achieve his sound. Of course a lot of his sound is in the way He played.

    Have you checked out my SRV style rig on rig exchange? I created it profiling a 68 Fender Vibrolux reissue amp. I'll attach it here. It might work for you. Hmmmm...won't upload. Try searching rig exchange under name Vinsanity. rig is VG-FENvibSRVdrive

    Hmmmm...I have been using the lastest update and haven't come across any of the issues you are experiencing. No changes in the low end or quality of the rigs whatsoever. No clicks when loading a rig from rig exchange either. Try switching off the reverb on each rig you are using and see if there's a diffrence in the low end or general quality of the Rig stack itself. I've never experienced any glitch with my Kemper at all. Am loving it as always.


    I always use SPIDF with the Kemper and I've had no latency whatsoever. Are you sure your have the master word clock set for the Kemper? If not you'll get all kinds of latency issues as well as errors. In fact I only experience latency when recording using the analog outputs.