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    no worries! 4cm is 4 cable method. It basically means using a multi fx unit that has an effects loop that you would use with your bogner amp or Kemper in a way the makes it so your before preamp effects first , and your time based and modulation effects, after, in the amp or Kempers fx loop post preamp stack.
    Weird thing happening with helix and kpa...

    Ah. Been doing the 4cm since I think way back to the Roland GP8. Just didn't recognize that shorthand for it. Until recently, I was using an M13 that way with my Ecstasy. Since I got the Kemper, I sold that M13. Still liked it, just figured I might as well get rid of it before it depreciated any further. Now when I run my Bogner, I just use a traditional pedal board with all the basic needs including 4 gain stages. :-)

    Good times.

    Thank you, I'm a big fan of Bogner Ecstasy: I'll try your rig ASAP.
    If you have other rigs, can you share them with me please?
    XTC n.1 for me!! <3 :tthumbsup

    I have a couple of other profiles I made of the same amp/channel/mode in merged and DI formats. I'll throw those up on the RE for you as soon as I can.

    Any Marshall from MBritt and TopJimi are going to work great for classic rock. If a profile from either of them sounds too dull or too bright, just tweak them a little. Their profiles are such high quality that they take to tweaking very well. Start with changing the profile's cab to something you know you like on other profiles. Can make a world of difference when running your FRFR.

    I'd never played a real Morgan before hearing that profile. It sounded so good I was just like, "I HOPE the real amp sounds this good." Then I had a chance to check out the real Morgan AC20. I was disappointed. The profile is so much more lively and expressive to me. If my Kemper ever got stuck on one profile on a gig, I'd hope it was that one. You can do anything with it.

    Hey everybody. Just put my first offering to the Rig Exchange up. It's called XTC UNCHAINED. It's a profile of my Bogner Ecstasy on the Blue channel in Plexi mode with the amp's internal boost on. I did the profile with an old Marshall 4x12 with pre-Rola Celestion Greenback speakers and a Sennheiser e609 mic. I used the basic profile to try to get a good Van Halen sound so it's loaded up with the Kemper's clean boost, phaser, delay and reverb. It also has my best attempt at copying the EVH Flanger with it's button engaged. On my Kemper, I have this profile set up to morph the mix of the Flange from 0 to 100% in 0ms and I have it set up on a momentary switch. Too much fun playing the opening riff to Unchained that way. I hope that morph setting translates to whoever downloads the profile.

    Have fun with it. If you strip away all the effects in the patch, the base profile is so close to my Bogner dry that it's scary. Let me know what you think!

    Yeah, one's relationship with a Kemper can be like an ideal marriage - one loves one's partner (Kemper) more every day.

    Ahh... when you said, "When I got my Kemper back home, playing it through the same cabinet with the same guitar, all of the profiles sounded a little bit thinner with a bit more edge", I got the impression the behaviour had changed.
    Thank you for clarifying, Wendell.

    It did change, from the way it sounded at the last gig (f'n awesome) to the way it sounded when I got it "home" (my shop where it usually lives). It never wavered on the gig. And I've never gotten it to sound great since setting it back up here.

    As far as my relationship with my Kemper, it actually sounds like lunacy coming out of my own mouth when I say it, but I actually think it's better than traditional amps, and I'm a bit of a tube snob. My other big amp is the Bogner Ecstasy. I'm super serious about tone. My favorite profile is the one that I made of that amp and when I play it through the Kemper, sometimes I sort of forget that I'm not actually playing my Bogner. Times when I'm reminded that I'm not are like when I look back and see a bunch of lights I'm not used to seeing or when I need to add a stomp box effect or something I would traditionally put in the effects loop, and it's so much quicker and easier to do with the Kemper. And no patch cables to fail. The thing is a godsend. So my relationship with it is actually like I'm cheating on my marriage to my Bogner (and tubes in general) and more like I want to get another KPA so I can have an extramarital ménage à Kemp.

    Sick. I know.

    Thanks for all the great suggestions, guys.

    @Monkey_Man, the behavior didn't go away and come back. I've had it since I got the rig home from my last gig.

    @Awesome_Elvis, I'll check out those parameters and let you know what I find. I'll change them if they are maxed. Would love to read your thread but I don't know what "4cm" is. Sorry. I'm a nube.

    @Finally, @ashtweth, @mikeb, thanks for your input. Looks like a global reset is in my near future.

    @Dean_R, Good call. I did open a ticket with Kemper support. My OP is a copy and paste from my email to them. I started this thread assuming that support from them would be slow, like every other company on the planet. Not so with Kemper. Woke up this morning to a reply that pretty much goes through all the suggestions here plus further steps to take if the global reset doesn't work. There are a couple of other trouble shooting steps they want me to take like checking the tone from all outputs, not just the powered out. Here is their email to me:

    Dear Wendell Walker,

    thank you for your email. It is very unlikely that the fact that you created a backup on your Profiler has changed the sound of it. That was probably just a coincidence.
    Are you experiencing the difference in sound through all outputs including the headphones?
    If so please try the following:

    1. First consider to create a backup as this process will delete all user data and reset all settings.
    2. Upgrade to the current Profiler operating system release software.
    3. Press and hold Soft button 1 (next to the TYPE knob above the display) while powering on into Tuner Mode
    4. Keep holding the button until "System Maintenance " appears.
    5. In Maintenance Mode press "Recovery" followed by "Init&Factory Content", "Yes" and "Ok".
    6. Then press the Exit button and reboot or simply restart the Profiler via Chicken-Head knob.
    The Profiler will now start like a brandnew device under current software and will ask for your confirmation of date, time and Owner Name entry.

    If the issue persists after the reset please record a take from the main outs using one of the unaltered factory rigs and also record a track from the direct out at the same time. Send me both recordings and let me know which rig you used. I will then reamp the DI track using the exact same rig for comparison.

    Hans-Jörg Scheffler
    Kemper Amps Support Team

    I tell ya, these guys are fast with the response. I love it. Even a bigger Kemper fan now. :-)

    I'll post my progress here.

    That was the first thing I thought. Because I've had times when a profile sounded thin and lifeless only to discover I had an expression pedal set up as a Volume before amp stack and it was all the way toe down. So I just disconnected my Floorboard altogether. It's removed from the equation.

    This is a different sound though. It's edgy. It's almost as if I were running a profile with no cab sim into an FRFR. But I'm running the profile out of the powered output into my best sounding 4x12.

    It has to be a hardware thing because I have another Kemper right next to it that has been restored from a backup made by the bad sounding Kemper. It sounds great. The only difference in the two setups when I A/B them is the speaker cable and they are both high quality.

    Just recently, my Kemper sounds different. I recently did a gig where I borrowed a friend's Kemper for another guitarist in the band to use. I did a backup on mine and a restore on his to duplicate the two Kempers so all of our tones would match perfectly. Any changes made on one would be backed up and restored on the other.

    All went well through the gig. When I got my Kemper back home, playing it through the same cabinet with the same guitar, all of the profiles sounded a little bit thinner with a bit more edge. Enough so as to make the amp not a pleasure to play through anymore. I've rebooted. I've done a system update from 5.3 to 5.1.0. I've done a restore back to a date before I started copying back and forth with the other Kemper. I've gotten the other Kemper back and A/B'd it with mine and there is definitely a difference. The other one sounds beefy like mine used to. I've even done another backup on the other one and restore to mine.

    I've gone through all the pages in the Output section and compared them both. All settings are identical. I've done the same in the System section and all setting are identical.

    @Andy_T-V, Thanks! No link in your comment to another thread but your link to paults put me on the right path to findng an answer.

    I guess I just click the soft buttong for Morph>Wah and set up the pedal 3 input to be a Morph pedal. Then it defaults to being a morph unless there is a wah in the Rig. Perfect!

    I want to use one expression pedal with my KPA remote but sometimes I want it to morph something, sometimes I need it to be a volume pedal, and sometimes I need it to be my what. I don't see ever needing it to be more than one if these at a time.

    Is this possible or do I need to get three expression pedals?

    I blew two Celestion G12K-85s while profiling. No telling if it was the Kemper's fault or if those speakers where just ready to go. They were in a 4x12 with two others just like them and I was profiling a Bogner Ecstasy which my tech tells me is actually pushing about 120 watts with how it's biased. But still, the cab was well above that wattage with those 4 speakers.

    The silver lining is that I replaced them with Eminence George Alessandro signature speakers and now have a new favorite guitar speaker. :D

    looking for EVH flanger and phaser settings in the kemper

    I have sat with the EVH flanger and duplicated it manually with the Kemper's built in flanger. I've given it the Pepsi Challange with three different people who have great ears. No one can tell the difference.

    The phasor is basically just an MXR Phase 90 with the knob set at about 9 o'clock. It was pretty easy to nail that one in the Kemper.

    I sent you a private message with my email address. Send me an email and I'll respond with a non-commercial profile that has those effects in it. If you like them, just copy them into your favorite brown sound type of profile.