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    I’ve read some of the previous post and looked at the few videos on YouTube on how to load IRs with the Kemper cab maker, but no success. I went ahead and downloaded the free Ownhammer IRs first but when I load the usb stick into the Kemper it displays no data to import. What I’m I doing wrong.? I see the irs but just can’t seem to capture them on the usb stick to import. Need help. Can someone give me the step by step to fix this. there another alternative? Thanks guys.

    All great input guys! I have two of the same untouched as is and the other I tweaked such as eq, clarity, drive and so forth. Different animal now. So I see the point of working with the Kemper to get a sound you like. On the other side I see the market flooding with pedals that make sure it states “ works well with modelers”. I guess it comes down to individual preference.

    To echo my forum buds here..I’m down for an OD update..hint hint.

    Can someone shed some light as far as overdrive pedals such as the Precision drive or the Nano attack working in conjunction with a Kemper? Is it necessary for pedals like these to push a Kemper amp sound? Doesn’t the green scream work as well? Thanks

    Well javcab08 for now I got myself a illuminator bridge. I didn't do a sound comparison with the Lithium and Illuminator but through my 2x12 cab with vintage 30's it sounds waaaay much better.The sound tightened up and harmonics were richer. I'm not a tech person but to the eye, the illuminator had much more winding. One would think just by looking at the lithium bridge it would've gone towards the neck. Anyway for now the illuminator works. I'll keep doing the research on the BK pickups.

    One thing on the Instrumental pickups, being that I don't have facebook my wife sent Ethan a message before I received the illuminator and never got a response. The instrumentals were my first choice but never got a response. I'm sure he's busy I guess. Is facebook the only way to get a hold of Ethan? I'm still interested in trying these pickups out for myself.

    Hey Javcab08 I agree, Lithiums aren't bad but thanks to the Kemper I've been able to tighten up the low end but still something about the lithiums. You mentioned the note separation, that could be. It could be me. Maybe I just need to spend more time with both the Kiesel and the Kemper. I've been reading up on the Dimarzio Illuminator 7, tight end response but not sure yet. I want to give these lithium a chance. Yesterday I raised the bridge pickups closer to the string...wrong answer! I thought my studio monitors were blown. Also could not get a pinch harmonic to save me. Once I lowered them better well rounded sound. I'll look into the Bare Knuckles. Which do you recommend?
    Dean R - I may be leaning towards the passive side for the fact that responsive and dynamic seems to be the main underline if you will when it comes to passive pickups.

    Hey Paults thanks for the reply. Well I bought the agile used and having a tough time finding out what type of wood the agile has. The kiesel on the other hand has an alder body. Because the Kiesel was built for passive pickups I'm hesitant in carving a place for a battery. I haven't seen what the tone and volume compartment looks like.

    Need you help guys! Received my kiesel aries 7 with Lithium pickups. Trying to gel with the pickups but something is missing. I had an agile 727 with blackouts and descent sound with the Kemper but now with the lithium just can't find that tone. I know passive and active are two different animals but the Lithium are missing something. Should I try other pickups? Any recommendations?

    I just received my Kiesel alder body with a walnut top loaded with K14 Lithium pickups humbuckers. Prior to this I was playing a used Agile with SD AHB1 Blackouts. My Kemper settings were spot on with the Agile. My preferred sound is a tight bottom end with clear note definition when chording. Understandably active and passive are different animals so here are my questions:
    1. What Kemper settings would you guys recommend with an Alder body and these Lithium K14 pickups,that's if anyone has ever worked with these pups.
    2. With the current Kemper settings the Kiesel give mid range sound which is fine BUT, I'm loosing the bottom end battle. Sort of flubby and not really tight..recommendations?

    I want to give these Lithium pickups a chance but if it goes south any pickup recommendations?

    Thanks skoczy!. You know the bass player and myself have been for some time looking for someone to sing to some of our material. We're just not getting any hits when it comes to folks that are singer/ song writers. In our case it basically drives one to write instrumentals. To me instrumentals take more thought and planning. The music has to tell the story. We might be driven to that moreso.