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    Yes. Not to name some commercial sellers in particular but I find some of them aim for a sound that is very pleasing at low volume, usually by cranking up the definition very high or applying specific EQ's... this seems to translate into the bad effect you describe in live playing.

    I had that happen to me at a gig and the night before the next one, I got some MBritt and glad I did. At high volume, they sounded ballsy, balanced and amazing. Not sure what to use the other commercial profiles I bought for now, I might give them another shot later by turning their definition way down or something.

    Dear folks,

    Today I got a new pair of JBL 305 speakers and noticed the sound was clipping/buzzing. After first thinking the speakers were at fault, I did some troubleshooting and realized it only happened when the KPA's master volume goes above 6.5 / 7, particularly on profiles with more gain. No light goes red though. I thought the master volume wasn't supposed to affect the quality of the sound so I'm wondering what could be the cause of this. The main out and monitor out both sound the same.

    Prior to noticing that, I just downgraded to 3.3 because I have a string of important gigs coming up and felt that some funky stuff sometimes happens with my performances since I've been running 4.02. I think I haven't changed my distortion sense, but maybe I've raised clean sense a little.


    Cheers mate. Just made a thread last week describing that exact same situation happening to me on my first gig.

    So here's an update on mine: had a pop star gig this weekend at an outside festival and the Kemper aced it again, even more. I remember finding it a bit fizzy the previous "trial" gig, therefore I changed some profiles to just a string of 5 MBritt profiles that I bought literally two days before. With no tweaking whatsoever, I was very nervous to say the least but I went with it knowing it would sound better than the backline anyway and probably better than my old profiles as well. The stage sound was outstanding at soundcheck, so I knew it was at least going to be ok out there. After the gig, I went to speak to the FOH guy (super experienced), he said he didn't touch the eq and it sounded amazing, he just wished I had given him stereo instead of mono out - note to self for next time. And oh damn, these MBritt profiles whoah!!

    Only minor thing is that for those nights where we can't leave our gear on stage (there was another band before so we had to run on stage setup our stuff), the Kemper takes a few minutes to power-up which feels like hours when all the band/techs are watching you waiting for your cue. Mind you, setting up a pedalboard would probably take longer anyway.

    Did you use merged profiles or the studio profiles with cabsim off?

    I used standard profiles with cab sim off. Still need to experiment more with merged/direct profiles and get a grip on how to fix in the mix better but everything I need is there, just a matter of tweaking. I realize the guitar cab approach is very forgiving whereas I have to be careful when running through the PA, maybe cutting some highs or lowering the definition (some commercial profiler more than others).


    No joke, at my first gig the sound guy took one look at the Kemper rack and stared at the front panel for like three minutes. He could not figure out where to put the microphone. This was after I showed him the direct outs on the back and told him what they were for. Halfway into the first song he suddenly realizes there is no guitar coming out of FOH, so he runs up on stage and puts a microphone in front of the bass cabinet sitting next to my rack. Of course this has no effect. It took the guy three songs to realize he had the channel muted at the board.

    Ha! Well, I'm not going to poke fun at confused soundmen especially in the part of the world where I am but am sure in a few years they'll be like "oh I remember when I first saw one of these!" In my case the younger stage tech who seemed to know what was going on however looked pretty excited to come across one.

    I've started playing bigger venues this year and finally got a Kemper after a few big gigs, including a stadium, with less than adequate sound with my pretty small pedalboard and questionable backline. I had been waiting since March to use it live, a little bit afraid of running into problems with tone and volume balance. I am new to digital and I feel it reacts in a way I'm not used to.

    Had an outdoor event this weekend and thought it was time. Almost no time to soundcheck, plugged in the 4x12 cab on stage, told the confused sound guy to forget about his microphones and just give me an XLR to run to front of house, disabled master volume link and monitor cab. Boom, I was set up in 3 minutes!

    Can't comment on how it sounded out there yet (although I had compliments) but I never had a better stage sound on a big venue. I used 2 rigs, Top Jimi's JTM45 and '74 Superlead and a clean Fender from Rig Exchange. Still need to make some tweaks for next time but now I pretty much feel like life has just changed.

    It takes time to get used to in-ear, it freaked me out my first couple of times. I remember one of the first TV show I did, I spent the following 2 weeks before it aired crying and believing my tone and volume balance were terrible. When it finally aired, I thought it sounded amazing! The important thing is to trust that the sound is good up front, then not let it mess with how you play or perform. Good quality/custom ear molded earbuds make a big difference as some of my colleagues suggested.

    Hello folks,

    Just got a Mission EP-1 (no toe switch) and been trying to connect it to the remote by searching through the forum for the last few hours. I can't get it to respond (I want to use it as master volume pedal for now), but it's the first time I use an expression pedal so chances are I'm just clueless.

    Main newbie question: do I need a special cable or a standard 1/4" pedal jack would work? (this might just be what I'm doing wrong)


    You have 3 ways of doing this, as it's been said:

    1. Hold the stomp button and Copy/Paste the entire stomp section
    2. Save your stomp as a preset, load the preset on another rig
    3. "Lock" the stomp section with your presets (if you don't want to have it lock all the time for everything, go to your other rig(s), save the rig with the locked components, then unlock).


    Personally I moved all factory rigs on a folder in Rig Manager, then deleted everything from the profiler to start from scratch. I found the stuff on Rig Exchange to be hit and miss (there's many gems on there though especially for the style you mentioned). That being said, one night I took 2 hours tweaking to perfection my favorite amp from RE and realized a stock commercial profile was better straight out of the box, therefore I figured I'd just save time and load on a few commercial profiles from that seller. About that, it's definitely quality over quantity.

    I put my favorite rigs in the profiler (browse mode), then organize rigs in group of 5 in performance mode by amplifier type (i.e 1 Deluxe clean, 2 Deluxe break up, 3 Deluxe crunch, 4 Deluxe solo clean, 5 Deluxe solo overdrive). I have just 3 amplifier type loaded and well tweaked at the moment, (a Bassman, a Marshall and a Two Rock) and that covers pretty much everything I need these days but I have many more awesome amps waiting to be loaded and tweaked in the future. Then, I also keep a folder with a picture of each amp loaded (I find when you see visually what you have, it's easier to see what's at your disposal or what else you might need for a specific gig).

    Another big thing I've discovered recently is that instead of loading a profile with more gain, the result is sometimes better with a profile with less gain and a stomp (Green scream or Mouse) mixed in (mix % button), so experiment like that. Then, if you use it live, make sure you listen to your stuff and tweak it at stage volume using speakers that won't color the sound too much; if you skip that part you might end having a bad surprise when you plug in a random PA system/speakers.

    I totally understand where OP comes from, still often dragging my amp to gigs like a dinosaur. I notice the modelling game can quickly provide gratifying sounds in an isolated situation but by playing through this all the time, I guess many players become unaware or de-sensitized to where their instrument needs to fit in the frequency spectrum. I just spent a few days going through stuff on RE and I am surprised to see how so many rigs, despite high ratings, are just not tailored to sit well in a live mix. Some of us would learn a lot about this by listening to isolated guitar tracks in well-known recordings. This is why when I see producers like M. Wagener doing profiles I try not to judge quickly and study his tweaks instead, these folks are world-class professional and their conception of how guitar is supposed to sound is super valuable.

    Thanks so much, you just made me realize I could lock an entire section.


    If you want the same FX constellation for all rigs except one, I'd lock stomps and FX.
    For that one rig I'd turn the FX off.

    If I turn off the FX for that one rig though, it seems to turns off the FX for all other rigs as well (since it's locked.)

    Hello everyone, been watching this forum for a while. Thrilled to finally join the discussion and community.

    I am slowly getting used to my new Kemper and I am trying to figure out how to apply global stomp settings (like a collection of stomps/settings) that would affect all rigs. I think the LOCK is doing close to what I have in mind but I haven't found a way to not have it affect a particular rig.

    Let say, how to proceed if one would want roughly the same collection of stomps in all rigs except one where, let's say, no delay or reverb. Would there be an other way to do that than applying settings to every rig individually? Wouldn't that be a useful feature to be able to subtract a specific module of a rig from the global settings of the LOCK function? Hope I'm not being confusing.