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    I recently bought a Kemper from someone and they changed everything on the website to me. I have the unit registered with my account, but when I go to change the name on the forum, and I access account management, I just get a message that says 'Warning! You are editing your user account, careless changes might lock you out!'. How do I go about changing the name on my online account? Thanks for any input!

    I am new to the Kemper and I just have to say that it is way better than any other modeler that I have used, but I have searched the forums a bit but I keep having problems saving favorites to my profiler using rig manager. I make edits to a preset and get it just right and then try and make it a favorite for recording in my DAW. I use the rig manager and hit command+F. It says that it's now a favorite and then when I click to something else the name reverts back to the original name. Plus, when I set my browse feature on the actual Kemper to just sort through favorites, sometimes the favorites get saved there and sometimes they don't. It's very confusing

    Another failed attempt this morning. I tried using an XLR to 1/4" for the return on the Kemper and played with both the db and the gain. I found it a bit weird that the gain started out around 10 o' clock and I backed it off about half, but after the profiling was done the gain was at zero (or no lights lit up on the gain knob). So there's no way to back the gain off post profiling. Also the db was around -33 when starting out. I kept getting an error that no amp was connected until I brought it to around -6. The profiling completes, I go to refine (which doesn't appear to do anything at all) and then play with the profile only to find the same clipping. I also think it's kind of silly that when switching between reference amp and Kemper amp, both the Welagen and the CLR continue to play. Kind of defeats the purpose. Anyway, no progress and it's pretty frustrating lugging this crap around to get everything hooked up and getting nowhere with it. It would also be nice if the DI box performed some sort of attenuation. The amp needs to be ridiculously loud for the Kemper to pick it up which doesn't make the process any easier. I can't imagine what the neighbors think of it. I might give the mic a try later when the urge to smash everything wears off.

    FWIW, I'm working 7x12hr nights every other week and was out of town for my last week off. So I'm having to catch up with the kids for a few hours when I'm off and then everyone's in bed. And profiling the Welagen sounds like we're on a battlefield. So I'll definitely get back to it soon, just bad timing with my work schedule and will get at it again ASAP.

    Yeah the interim fix is to back off your guitar volume a bit. But I get it here too and that's been the problem the whole time. I do know a dude with a studio I can talk to, and appreciate the suggestions. Will keep everyone posted.

    Yep, and it really livened up after swapping the preamp tubes to Tung Sols. I haven't done a mic'd profile, and can't say anything one way or another about Kemper's customer service. I've never been in touch with them for anything. My 4x10 Bassman and Two Rock CRSv2 have been fine though, so I think it is something with the amp that the Kemper just doesn't account for or can't handle in the profiles. I've played with the db at the start of the profile if that's what you're referencing, and I've found no sweet spot. Just enough db to get a profile, and not enough db to get a profile. It either proceeds with the profile or it doesn't. That was the first thing I tried, and seemed the most logical since the input is so hot. I'm using all Klotz platinum instrument cables and XLR cables. And I even started to wonder if the lack of capacitance in those was causing the problem. I've tried using junk XLRs with the same result, but could do the same with the instrument cables as I have some lavas lying around. I have a Shure SM57 I could use and try direct as well. I'll try and mess with it again here soon (hopefully in the next day or two).

    Hey Bill! (Assuming that's you)
    I tried one other time and had no luck with it. I bought a Matrix GT1000FX to run with the Welagen cab with the EVM12Ls. So it's even more a PITA to hook up now, and I'm still having the same problems using the Kemper DI Box. These last few tries not only did it try and blow my house down, but the profiler chose to make it a distorted profile. I'd turn it off and same crap. So I'm not sure at this point what to attempt next, and have just been playing with other profiles I purchased. Work has been extremely busy and I haven't been playing much either. I still have the amp, still have one CLR and still have the DI box. But otherwise haven't had the time or luck for an update.

    FWIW, I haven't given up and will still mess with it when I have the time. Appreciate all the feedback and I'll post any new profiles that turn out worthwhile, and will still work on the clipping as much as I can with my rig.

    Ok, so I just profiled the same thing again, with "No Cabinet" unchecked. After it was done, I still got the popup that even though I had selected a clean profile, it created a distorted one. I still needed to add a cabinet, and again lower the gain all the way. I got excessive clipping, and I tried to pick a cabinet that sounded better than dome of the others but it's still terrible. I tried backing the guitar volume off, and even checked my output settings. I also noticed this time that it sounded muffled and dark. But if I played harder into clipping it was less muffled, but clipping instead.

    And just so nobody thinks I'm blowing em off and just telling stories from the couch, I've uploaded the last attempt. Sorry I didn't have any better luck.

    Again, this was a failed attempt at a slightly overdriven tone as in the video above.

    And my next question... Would this help with the clipping everyone is experiencing? If so, would I need to pick a specific cab? Would the one I pick lock you guys into that and not allow you to change/tweak it?

    And yes, all profiles are through the Kemper DI Box.

    I tried again today through the NOR channel with the volume turned up and the master down (like in the video), as well as matching that tone through the FET with the volume much lower and the master on 2/3.. No luck. I'm bordering that fine line of erroring because the return input gain is too low, vs having it sound like a fuzz box as the finished product. It's pretty frustrating as it sounds nothing like the amp and just a sizzling fuzz. The profile completes and has the gain on about 6, so I've even backed that all the way down. But it still retains that fizzy character and sounds nothing like the Welagen. I tried playing with the master instead of the return gain and the other way around. I tried lowering the volume while still maintaining a slight "on the edge of breakup" tone when played harder. No such luck. Sorry sledge, I tried!!!

    Could you try the same amp settings wich are shown in the video starting at about 8:08 ?
    I know it´s hard to see...

    I could die for that sound :-)

    So a quick update for you... I followed those settings as close as I could tell and ran the profiler 3 separate times, adjusting in between.

    The first time I thought, "Well, it's a little crunchy, so let's try distorted." It sounded like a shitty fuzz pedal, and nothing like the amp when you switch between the reference amp and the profile. So I hit new amp, and profiled again. The profile completed (after shaking everything in the house 8| ) and gave me a notification that the profile was recorded as distorted even though I selected clean. I backed off the main volume this time and tried with less crunch. Same thing. I played with the gain knob and while it reduced the fizzy boss metal zone sound, it was still pretty bad. Bad enough that it wasn't worth posting. So I'm not giving up and will attempt several more times. But this first go was not a good one. I'll keep you posted with any progress.

    I could, BUT I'm not trying to have the volume/master volume that high during the profiling session for fear of damaging my house. So I'll see if I can dial that in without cranking the master so high. Luckily the amp doesn't change tone much whether the master is on 2 or 8, as long as the volume is dialed where you want it. It can still pull off that cranked tone at reasonable, even bedroom levels. So yes I'll follow those settings and see what I can do. But I believe he also had different tubes in that amp and was running at 150w with 4x6550's vs 100w with 4x6L6GC's.

    Glad to hear people are getting it working well. I'm still going to experiment and keep posting (time permitting). I'm also curious if running the refine while playing a guitar with humbuckers would help at all or make no difference.. I've been using the strat with Klein Jazzy Cats every time. Also, is it worse on the NOR, FET or same on both?

    And another sidetracked thought I had... if Kemper were to put out an update in which the signal played through the amp during profiling changed in volume/amplitude and not just frequency, would the KPA be able to pick up on those little nuances like tube break up from a stronger pick attack, or being on the verge of break up with some control in your hand/playing technique? I'd be curious if it could then pick up on that threshold of when it starts to get dirty and store it as part of the profile as well? (Maybe it already does and I haven't played it enough..)

    Just had one of those ?( thoughts...

    Anyway, keep the comments coming and suggestions/parameters I might tweak during the profiling process to help alleviate the clipping everyone is experiencing.

    I hope to do the Two Rock CRS v2 soon and post those as well, but I'd like to get this figured out first. Sounds like it's getting slightly better though..

    Sounds great waraba! Glad you're enjoying it, and thanks for sharing the clips!

    Ok everyone.. A few changes this time. The first one I did was Welagen SSS NOR - This was at like -20db, vs the default -16db. After it was done, I let the other 2 run at -16db. I left the reverb off of all of them, and I left all of the tone parameters flat so that you can all choose your own and not be locked into my setup. You can add reverb, delay, customize whatever you want without them being colored by my own personal settings. They're just the straight tone of the amp with no adjustments. I also ran the "Refine" on all 3 of these, and played quite a bit while they ran. I will add that when I set the tone parameters on my own profiles, I still got some clipping when I strummed hard and had the treble/presence up high. It wasn't nearly as bad as before, but I'm just not enough of a Kemper profiling wizard to make them flawless. I did spend a good amount of time trying to get them right, but I just wanted to mention the slight clipping as I don't know what else to check and am at a loss. I played with the amp volume (master) at a reasonable level and the main volume not TOO high. I also added the FET input as a separate profile. This one is perfect for Little Wing and a little more juice/liveliness on the patch. I only played with the patches a little bit before posting as I know you've all been waiting patiently (appreciate that). So I'm not sure how well it will capture the amps ability to get dirty with pick attack and stay clean without. I'm looking forward to hearing feedback and opinions from you all, even suggestions for future profiles. But I'm pretty confident you will be much happier with these than the last bunch. Enjoy, and let me know what you think when you get a chance to try em out!