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    Hi folks,

    I just ordered 2 KEMPER Kabinets yesterday. Now I realize that it might not have been such a good idea considering how the world is turning at this time.

    The money spent on these items may be needed elsewhere , who can tell how much prices will go up if any real scarcity sets in, like in food or medicine or fuel.

    And thinking that I need these Kabinets at this time is just vanity. I will be canceling my order with Sweetwater today.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has had any similar thoughts or, like myself, jumped at finally being able to buy these things while temporarily forgetting the new reality we are living in.


    Just the weight difference is enough for me to consider the Kemper Kabinet. I've been using Friedman ASM12's for a while and they are heavy and clunky to move around . I am looking forward to something a little lighter.

    Oh . . . the 1st world problems we endure, none should have to suffer as we do . . . 8o

    Hi guys,

    I've had my Toaster for a bit and let it gather some dust. I am getting the itch to play some bass and was wondering about what kind of speakers to use . I currently am using 2 Friedman ASM 12s for my guitar but don't think they will stand up to bass guitar freqs. My Toaster is unpowered. I would appreciate any suggestions, tips, what-to-do . . what-not-to-do help. Any Profiles you like I should check out. Anything helps.

    I know Tony Levin of King Crimson is using a Kemper on tour but won't fool myself of rising to his level. I'm just looking for a good sounding cab set-up.

    Thanks in advance.

    Having cut my teeth on Line 6 gear ( Vetta II, POD HD) I would love to see a dual amp set up and a more flexible signal chain in a possible Kemper II. What I would love to have would be the interface of a Helix with all the tonal quality of the Kemper. But I am a greedy, delusional bastard at times.

    I also want Charlize Theron to marry me. :whistling:

    I think I have a better chance of the former than the latter. It is fun to speculate about possible updates/improvements to Ye Olde Toaster.

    More powerful DSP chips means a cooling fan, which means more noise on the unit and make it impractical as a floor unit. As intelligent a design as the Kemper is I can't imagine Christophe resting on his laurels and "mailing it in" to his users. The FW updates have been helpful and tightened up the unit but there may be a time when new hardware will be needed. Until then . . . I will wait for Ms. Theron to show up on my doorstep.

    Welcome back, Pat. . . . I can understand the itch to try other things. I'm going thru that myself at the moment. I tried out a Yamaha THR 100HD a few days ago in the store. It's a fun, stripped down stereo dual amp modeler but it has absolutely zero capacity for presets. Which means if I want to swap amp models I have to flip switches, knobs, etc every time. The "stereo amp " part is what got my attention as I sometimes do miss the sound of 2 amps but . . . you know . . the Next Shiny Object that looks cool on impulse usually winds up being disappointing in the long run.

    There is no shortage of Next Shiny Objects . . . :D

    OK, sports fans . . . . maybe I should clear something up here. I wasn't knocking the KPA at all . . in fact I'm thrilled with the tones in this box and the availability of stuff online . All I was speculating about was the fact that the KPA is , well, "old" in digital terms compared to its competition and that I wouldn't be surprised if a newer, more powerful KPA II came out with some big upgrades as far as signal routing, more FX , a more flexible stereo effects chain, possibly dual amp rigs, etc because of more powerful DSP chips that are available. Now, why would I surmise this? Because that is what every other company is doing and has been doing for a while now. Landfills are full of old Line 6 and Digitech gear.

    Because I've had my Toaster for less than 6 months I'm thrilled Kemper hasn't put out a new one, simply because I would feel like a sucker for buying a model that would be obsolete in a year. If Ingolf is correct and there is still plenty of headroom left in the KPA I couldn't be happier. In fact, I respect Christophe for trying to max out the hardware on this unit instead of simply putting out a new KPA II and milking us for more cash. :thumbsup:

    So, I apologize if someone got the impression that I was looking to start any controversy, spread any rumors, or have an argument on this forum. It's the last thing I want to do here. The world has enough strife in it already.

    and besides . . I like you guys on here . . . 8)

    I was considering buying one of these units to make up for what the KPA doesn't have but am glad I held off. I think the AX8 has more FX than the FX8 does, but Deadpan would know better than I. I am surprised in some way that Cliff over at FAS would let something like this get out of his shop.

    On the other hand, I am half expecting a KPA II to come out as the unit we all have is living with some older tech/DSP in it and I believe that Christophe will have a difficult time squeezing in any more upgrades/improvements/user wish list type stuff. Considering the DSP power of the AX8 and the Line 6 Helix the KPA is behind the curve now. But that seems to be the Achilles Heel of all digital gear: obsolescence via newer processing power. It is the price for convenience and luxury of having a Swiss Army Knife type unit. And I must confess that if Kemper did issue a new Toaster I would most likely buy it and sell my older one.

    It's all First World problems . . .

    I was using a pair of Yamaha DBR 10's with a 12" Behringer Eurolive Sub. It sounded OK for the most part but if I cranked it the sound became boxy, flat. Then I watched on the Sweetwater web site for a demo Friedman ASM 12 and grabbed it. BIG difference for me. Sounded fuller, punchier . .it can get bottom heavy but is an easy fix by using the low cut switch. I went back to Sweetwater and bought another demo unit ( so the price is marked down) and I couldn't be happier with the sound. Yes, they are heavy at 50 pds but the sound is all there and worth their weight.

    best of luck in your search.

    Prior to this I was using a POD HD and there was literally no contest.

    I had the same experience . . I dialed in a clean Fender on my KPA after using a POD for a couple of years and just stood there amazed at the difference that I heard. I still smile when I play it. I'm putting my KPA thru a pair of Friedman ASM 12s and love how it sounds. I hope you enjoy yours. And yes, it gets loud. :pinch: