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    after going back and forth with Kemper.. I got my answer.

    YOU CAN ONLY DUPLICATE A RIG WHEN IT'S LOADED.. unlike a normal file system you can just click and copy/duplicate, it has to be loaded, which you an see via the HEADPHONE ICON

    I wonder if this kind of deep dark reverb (coming from deep down) is only possible in a sound studio or also with a live playing Powerhead and a cab.

    I've tried several reverb types and tweakings but they all keep pretty close to the surface. What do you need to get a more natural reverb from the distance or from the deep like on this soundclip?…rom-the-underworld-reverb

    if you have a nice studio setup.. the UAD Lexicon 224 and EMT 140 make you feel like you at Capitol Records

    I’m making a lot of progress with this. Thanks to all that helped.
    I’ve ordered a Weber beam blocker, which I have installed in another cabinet and really helps.


    In the output section, are all of those settings global? IOW, I should use those settings to shape the overall tone that comes out of the cabinet. And the individual profiles should still be tweaked from the amplifier section?

    I've used a lot of equipment.. the kemper is so flexible, but that "adjustability" can stop anybody dead in their tracks! I've literally built cheat sheets.. nothing feels worse than plugging in and no sound comes out of your cab b/c you an output setting you adjusted when running via studio monitor via your DAW. I have my profiler sitting on my studio desk and a 25 cable to my cab so I can concentrate on the interface.

    I can imagine the amount of changes that have went in since inception.

    Stage all the way. Cheaper, smaller, updated newer industrial design. Like someone else said, just one cable back to your powered speaker - or like I do - Seymour Duncan Power Stage + guitar cab. Also way easier to go between home / studio and live setups.

    The way I see it, if I'm gonna lug around a heavy rack case and floor controller + cab of some kind, I might as well just use a traditional tube amp and pedalboard. Just my 2c, though.

    interesting take.. have you played the powered kemper with a power amp.. after a few days I don't notice that much difference (vs my tube amps) other than it's not as squirrely feedback wise.

    The stage makes more sense now that so much of the sound/rig design work is done in rig manger software format.

    here is what tech support told me

    a Duplicate function does already exist in Rig Manager. However, it's only available in location where it makes logical sense. You can for example not duplicate Rigs within our Rig Packs. Such Rigs can only be stored either in your PROFILER or in your Local Library.

    no matter what folder I'm I can't get access to the DUPLICATE FUNCTION

    maybe my workflow is wrong? I figure if I duplicate I can rename and save the rigs with a loaded effects chain and preserving the original rig.








    I want to kill my external effects while not using them (while leaving the pedal board plugged in) will switching my EFFECTS slot from LOOP MONO to a random KEMPER Effect do the job?

    I began to look at the Profiler as a "signal chain" instead of a traditional amp. Then it all made sense.

    You can get tons of sustain and and even good feedback. It's just a matter of tweaking the profiles. You'll get there in no time.

    can you envision a time when IR’s are so plentiful and good that there will be nothing but direct profiles out there? I’ve been on many message boards, but this may be one of the few where guys literally know the product insanely well.. as you have to to record and esp play live.

    in the big picture it’s s amazing to think what a a guy like jimmy page could have done with 4 profiled amps in a single song. The ability to go from a dlr clean, to broken, to laney overdrive without accidentally muting your rig is insane lolz.

    It’s obvious this product has been refined to an nth degree from a company that is listening to its core users, there is no way this thing was this “dialed in” by the 2nd update. My purchase of the cab (sold a vht 5012 to gain space) seems to be a game changer.

    I do notice startup is slow.. my guess is that more ram and an ssd drive could make this thing hum even better. The approach seems warranted, as guys are effectively using machines that were around since 2013. Contrast to apple who has changed their charging ports 3x since then. I would like to see a spruced up rig control pedal before I buy one..

    You can disconnect the volumes for the main out vs the monitor. This way you have a fixed output level for the mains (which I want normally) and then adjust the monitor out like the "amp volume" for the Kone.

    oh.. that is why I had no active volume on the kone b/c I didn’t disconnect the main out/monitor volumes. I’m now at the more you do the less you know level. I can at least use the main functionality at this point. Tiv, I will search for how to do this.

    I began to look at the Profiler as a "signal chain" instead of a traditional amp. Then it all made sense.

    You can get tons of sustain and and even good feedback. It's just a matter of tweaking the profiles. You'll get there in no time.

    today I had the pleasure of normalize profiles into my DAW.. it's a bit of a dance between Rig Volume/Master Volume/DAW In Box Gain and DAW Monitor Volume..

    My only issue was the cab volume was too hot while recording.. will have to figure that out.

    The best part is having not just multiple amps, but having a clean, semi broken, and driven Fender DLX so you can drap and drog the needed gain.. will be great if I ever play live in performance mode.

    You just have to get past the learning curve. I started out for a few months with NO rig manager. Now I use RM and profiler fluently.

    I'm just about there already.. I've scratch built DAWs after spec'ing them out so it's not a reach. I had read the manual and watched tutorials, but by having the kab I kicked into gear and learned how to use it.. I've got the OUPUT MENU's down pat and leave it set on KONE so I can dial thru IR's. Funny the main thing I struggle with was getting back to the RIg as I learned to use RIG MANAGER before the profiler. Without RIG MANAGER this would be a no go for me, I could see future kemper's with less buttons an more reliance on software.

    The only fault I can see is there is not quite the tactile feel and sustain of a real MK5 or 5150.. but I can add in some slight delay or phase to compensate.

    My ears are ringing a bit as I gave the kab a real run for 30 minutes.

    oh yea.. had the Kab (with powered rack) for 3 days now. Kemper was a very solid tool but it left me flat and it sat there unused. With the kab I get that kick in the ass that playing guitar needs to have.

    My only slight issue is sustain, it does not sustain as well as a high end amp like my Mesa Mark V 35 or my 5150 MK3. The other issues is the Fender profiles don't punch quite as hard as sitting in a room with a broken up DLR or Twin.

    I've had a blast creating amp folders for Fender, Mesa, and and lining up Mars 69 and 71 sl's. Oddly enough I love some of the Schulz Rockman profiles as the signals are bit more normalize esp for scratch tracks where you are just laying down ideas. Goofing around with newer mfgs like Mezzabarba.

    After a bit of frustration the Stomp and Effect sections make total sense when esp used in conjunction with Rig Manger.. I can add in some delay or phase to pick some sustain. I leave the OUTPUT section set on KONE so I can cycle thru IR's.

    The exit button is your friend on the head/rack. I believe on the stage it is right below the browse knob. Press that and you'll back out of wherever you are.

    With respect...the UI is not garbage. For 9 out of the ten years the KPA has existed, it was the only way you did anything besides move rigs and performances around.

    thanks on the EXIT!!.. but it's typical German.. well built and long lasting.. with a terrible understanding of UI and Software flow.. contrast to BMW/Tesla.. BMW builds quality but has been lost as cars turn electric, Tesla builds crap cars around a functional monetizable software base. Germany struggled with C19 not due to citizen cooperation, but due to disparate and terrible software scalability. Europe's best hope is to stifle big Tech, as they simply can't hang digitally with the US or China.

    The rig manager is a step in the right direction, but its the equivalent of a 2014 DAW set up. Things like Amplitude and Guitar rig had better UI and flow 7 years ago.