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    Anyone else really dig the Tom Crouch profiles?

    I have really enjoyed playing them. I have the original profiles but there are so many packs and profiles that I never gave them a chance. Maybe it is the tweaks he has done or maybe it is the fact that suddenly these profiles have been brought to my attention? I think I have too many packs and get caught in profile overload too often!

    I like using a bass amp vs a dedicated power amp for bass. I have had great success with a fender tb600 both through the power amp in and even going through the front. I highly recommend avoiding lightweight amps for bass. I have yet to have one that sounds or 'feels' as good on stage. Others may disagree but I am happy to carry the extra weight for the tone.

    Also used other bass amps (mesa, gk, amp etc.) but I quite like the fender in a band mix.

    I have come to love morphing. So much so that I hate hitting buttons to turn things on and off.

    Would it be possible to have a morph with one exp pedal and a secondary morph with another pedal? This would enable one morph to morph in certain rhythm effects and another to morph to a lead tone or second lot of effects. Seems pretty simple but would make each profile so versatile! (not that they aren't already!)

    Maybe I am being greedy butI would use it!

    So is there any chance of getting some Hiwatt profiles done? Maybe even a reeves for the boutique hiwatt tone?

    The LDW has a bit of that vibe but (Unless I've missed it) there is room for some hiwatty goodness...

    It might be overly complex but maybe you could set your gig volume and then go down to levels at home and adjust or blend in how much fm curve gets a similar sound. Once that is set then you could see similar results going back and forth.

    It's never going to be perfect but I am sure there could be a way to make the change a little less drastic.

    I think it would be cool to have a volume that was based on the fletcher munson curve. Maybe assignable in settings so that there is less of a shift between tweaking tones at home and live.

    Hey Guys,

    I have started using the looper function with my eureka fcb1010 but I cant move the looper to the output. It makes it much less usable only located at the input.

    I have checked under the setting where the remote is and the pre post section for the looper is greyed out.

    Any advice? Help?

    Thanks in advance!

    It would be great to get some 3rd party companies to sell effects that can be added to the kemper. Or maybe make the effects compatible with 3rd party effects or algorithms?

    Anyone else have ideas along this line of thinking?

    It would be great to have a quick change preset, so you could change multiple global parameters between instruments. Just a couple of presets you could make it much easier going from a strat to a Les Paul. My main reason is to switch between gigs when I use the kemper for bass and then off to use it for guitar. Not sure if many others feel this would be necessary but it would save me time and fiddling between gigs!

    Same thing happened when I reinstalled can maker.

    A few of the files must have been corrupted when I downloaded them. I tried downloading them again and it worked without issue. Thanks for the help!

    They are all wav files and I am pretty sure all 44.1. I can't imagine they would do half in one format and change for some others. Frustrating. Maybe I'll try deleting and reinstalling cab maker.
    Any other suggestions?

    Cab maker keeps crashing on me when I am trying to upload some IRs. It seems to do It randomly. Some go through without issue but theres others it just crashes. All from the same pack but I can't seem to use them all. Any ideas?