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    Hey all, there is a new beta release addressing older profiles and reverb mix. Looks like this was an issue and the top blokes at Kemper have already fixed it. We are blessed, in the software world things like this could take years to be addressed. Thanks Kemper!

    I do love the reverb update, my original post was just to try and work out if something is wrong on my end as some previously much loved presets from Rig Exchange sound significantly worse with weird/lots of reverb (and/or effects?!) that weren't present in this amount prior. There is DEFINITELY some incompatibility with some presets and the new firmware - maybe its a global setting, or the rig the preview/new upload is loading over is not 100% cleared reverb wise - it is "something" like this. I will try to find some previously "dry" examples that are extremely effected now to the point of ridiculousness.

    The fact that a large chunk of people aren't posting this issue leads me to believe it is some setting/choice, or interaction or bad luck on my end and a sprinkling of others. My rig lights up like a Christmas tree on some well known to me presets from rig exchange, with effects slots etc assigned and on, where previously this wasn't the case - I'm at a loss, and I did a full maintenance reset before installing release 5.7.2.

    I'll keep working on trying to isolate the issue. I do believe its not widespread, but some presets are so "bad" they have unusable echos and tsunami level overwhelming reverb.

    Sorry some posters have gotten hot with this issue, lets all take a Kemper chill pill - its not the end of the world :)

    Every other profile seems to have massive reverb / effects applied that weren't this way prior, and the pop/change issue is there for sure. It's a great release, just some issues with older profiles that seem to be not "compatible" and sound they way they used to due to this. Generally turning the reverb off restores them to their dry brilliance.

    Thanks for the reply. I think the release notes are referring to presets made with the reverb pre-release firmware not older presets (?)

    "changed: Scaling of the Mix control in Spring Reverb has changed compared to 5.6.2. If you had created Rigs or presets including Spring Reverb under 5.6.2, please readjust Mix."


    I looked around and couldn't see a thread addressing this issue I am having, apologies if I've missed it.

    I did a full maintenance style reset for 5.7.2 official from last week, due to reverb etc weirdness.

    Instead of restoring a backup I am rebuilding off rig exchange to ensure profiles aren't "changed". What I am finding is that previous dry and effect-less sounding profiles now have tons of nasty sounding reverb (legacy) or a load of effects ON that either didn't seem present, weren't enabled or were much more subtle previously. This is true for many presets I try via preview mode or downloaded to the profiler.

    For instance the And44 Friedman crunch+ and similar series on Rig Exchange seem highly effected now, they seemed lovely and clear and dryish prior to the reverb update series of FW.

    Just again pointing out I did a complete 100% reset, didn't restore anything except factory profiles and presets, and exchange profiles seem quite different.

    As a side note, apart from my favourite presets seeming to have different reverb levels or reverb added and other effects, the unit has never sounded better when I do find a correctly dialled in tone.

    Any comments, tips etc most appreciated. Thanks! Am I "missing" something!? (No, I did t have stomp/fx sections off previously)

    First time recording anything with the Kemper, these delays sound nice. Apologies in advance for the rawness I just plugged and played...

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    I did a lot of research, listening, reading before deciding Atomic was the way to go. Everyone that hears my setup immediately exclaims its the best tone they've heard in person and yearns to buy a similar setup.

    Alas I hear Atomic are quite hard to get in some areas, I had to bring mine from UK into Australia, last I heard there were shortages of a key component and stock was out most places - grab one if you can!

    USB is filthy dirty, the power portion (5V etc) generates a lot of noise from most PC systems, and also causes (in Australia at least) some kind of grounding loop issue depending on where your music bits and your computer bits are plugged in (same line, diff line etc). Specifically the noise subsides mostly when you touch the strings/pickups, whereby grounding them.

    EDIT: After watching your video it sounds to me like with the Kemper connected something causing activity on a timed interval + the Kemper might be causing data bus saturation, or power droop or just power noise interference. Juggle ports furiously :)

    There are a few ways to tackle this massively annoying problem. Here's what may work, at the very least you can eliminate causation using some of these things:

    - Run an extension cable from an outlet on a different circuit to your music gear. How to know which outlet is on what circuit (in Australia we have usually a couple of power, lights and other)? That I don't know but try a few, probably an opposite outer house wall outlet.

    - Unplug all your other USB devices apart from the absolute minimum then move the Kemper connection around. I had nothing but issues with my Scarlett 2i4 popping and shitting itself until I found a USB port that was situated on a less busy USB hub/bus from the mainboard. Most bigger PCs now have a lot of USBs but they are separated by virtual hubs etc internally and whilst 1 port might have lots of transient power noise another might not. You can see the power usage and bus usage in the device manager on the PC as you plug and unplug devices.

    - Buy a reasonable brand external USB hub that comes with its own power, then you can try to isolate that PSU or move it onto the same outlet as your music gear depending on the noise and issues, power and/or grounding. If the port you uplink the hub into is the prime source of the noise then this may not help, you might need to juggle ports.

    - There are (expensive for what they do) USB power isolation and cleaning inline solutions out there, do they work well ? I don't know.

    Once we see off USB in the coming years we'll all be better off, its a filthy, filthy little hole that USB, the sort Dad said to steer clear of...


    Hi MentaL,

    Sounds great, considering a grab! Can I give you some honest feedback from someone that has made a living from e-commerce for the past 16 or so years - I find your website quite slow, unable to middle click open profiles to view, and sometimes in Chrome at least pages don't even seem to load or lag out. For what its worth, if there is any easy, cheap and quick option for you to switch or upgrade your site it might be worth a consider as I've happened upon your site a few times in the past months and mostly left it due to endless "loading" animation.

    Not meaning to be negative at all, if its serving you well that please disregard, and all the best ;) Great profiles!

    EDIT: I did some quick debugging for you - some of the Cloudflare hosted content takes 5s+ to load here. Strange


    Just received my Atomic CLR Active Wedge from Andertons in UK, good service and speed of delivery (well done). Very happy with the sound so far!

    Wanted to pose a quick "I am sure its fine but my OCD won't let me let it go unless I ask and find out" question to other owners - its normal and ok that the unit gets hot around the control panel area yeah? Hot being not skin burning scorch or "oh its a little warm", its certainly quite "hot" to the touch, not just the heatsink but the whole panel.

    Can anyone allay my OCD for some peace of mind? Thanks so much in advance!!! :D

    -1 for Sweetwater. They've lost $1000's of dollars worth of gear purchases including my Kemper in the past months due to ignoring me for nearly a month when purchasing a JP95 wah and some other items. I even posted on their FB and got no reply. Eventually around a month later after numerous emails plus the final "stick it" one I got a delayed reply from a sales person stating they'd dropped the ball etc.

    I know this might sound contrary to a lot of other experiences, I can't explain why I was treated like crap, so I moved on. Just posting to balance things up and to say "YMMV" re: Sweetwater. Maybe they get too busy sometimes?

    Great to hear. Personally I'd love to be able to purchase an Atomic wedge, there is no stock in Australia and the distributor seems to be making no effort to get more. Anyone know anywhere that will ship 240V capable units to Aus with stock? Cheers!