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    If I get it right Imprints can be used on FR studiomonitores. Am I right?

    That would be awesome any way....

    It would also be nice if it can be used in stereo on the main out. Is that possible...

    Regards Paul

    When I start up my Kemper I have to restart rigmanager to sync it with my Kemper.

    Is there any way to sync it without restart RM?

    Regards Paul

    Yeah it's early, but I heard it's coming profiles from a profiles from a commercial profile maker.

    Looking forward ?

    Do anyone profile the Synergy Steve Vai module or know if it's available from any commercial profile dealers.

    Regards Paul ??

    I understood what he meant.

    I just don't know what is better until I heard them both.

    I am pretty sure the cone with the imprints iare close to the cabs they are emulating.

    I just say I have the Celestion and I am very satisfied with what it do. I just look forward to hear it with the imprints and I belive it will work fine...

    What is best is subjective and different from person to person.

    I like to get the cone also when it's available.

    I am sure it will be awesome ??

    It's hard to belive that they redesign the Kemper to detect the speaker that is connected to it. I doubt it.

    It's interesting to read that the cone is superior to Celestion F12-200x that is Avery good fr speaker.

    It sounds grate with the Kemper wit cabinets and irs.

    I like the opportunity to switch between I prins to switch cabinets in a quick and easy way instead of scrolling through lots of profiles. I wonder if Zappladen had the chance to AB test the cone and the F12-2000x or heard a comparison in YouTube or other place sins the cone is soperilr but not out yet.

    I am sure the cone will be very good, but so is F12,-200x

    They aren't released yet, and when they are, they will be designed for use with the Kemper Kone only.

    As I understand the cone is a full range speaker and it will supprice me if yiu cat use the imprints with other full range speaker.

    Maube you need to eq the Kemper a little, but I doubt the Kemper will recognize what speaker you connect to the output..

    Currently available...

    I have the last Kemper version, but can't find Ani imprints. I got a Celestion f12-200x I like to use with the new imprints..

    I also wonder if the I prins will be much different from the existing cabs in rhe Kemper..

    You could probably do this yourself with a bit of a smiley faced graphic eq. The Kemper doesn't know how loud you are playing, so even if they had a specific effect, you would have to judge the amount yourself.

    That's what I do now. I put eq in x slot and use the blend to adjust for different volume or tweek the eq. Still I would like to have a loudness function ?

    I can move up and down in the list, but it doesn't load until I press the rig. Maybe my profiler is not in autoload after I update Rm. I just thought of that now. I will check it when I get home from work. I will also try left and right keys. Thanks for the tip ?