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    fixed: rare USB transmission errors in communication with Rig Manager

    I faced some quirks on USB bus with RM connected to Kemper - I will check how it behaves after update.

    Just yesterday I installed RM on a new MacBook Pro 2016 and connected the Kemper via USB cable to a small USB hub and the hub with an USB-A to USB-C cable to the computer. During the initial sync of profiles (I have around 800 on Kemper) it froze around the 450 mark. I had to ForceQuit RM, restart the Kemper and then it continued until the end without any other problems.

    Not quite, @skoczy, that is the last version of Mac OS that was available on CD and it's aprox. 6 years old. The later versions are available only from Mac App Store (if you already have a Mac)

    From today, my USB connection from Kemper to computer/RM is not available. It seems that RM don't recognize my Kemper. Using OS 5.0.3 atm.

    I encountered this also on the KPA of a friend after he installed the first beta of RM 2.0. He had to update the KPA manually (with usb disk) to 5.1 beta in order for RM 2.0 to see it. I was under the impression that a later build of RM 2.0 resolved this issue.

    I haven't built an Hackintosh, but wouldn't be cheaper to just buy a second hand Mac and avoid the trouble, especially if you're a novice? There is no big speed difference in the last 3-4 generations of Intel cpu, they concentrated more on power management and you could be fine (probably, I don't know your use cases) with an older generation iMac/MacBookPro/Apple Mini. You should take a look at the refurbished section of their website for good deals on returned hardware.

    I'm a rookie that starting playing at 35 and now, 4 years later, haven't advanced that much since I have a small kid and only manage to turn on my KPA after 10pm, but I'm trying to turn it on every night and I'm enthusiastic about Kemper and guitars. I bought on the SH market a Strat Custom Shop from 2001 and a PRS McCarty 2 (which is lovely even without batteries and because it was a commercial flop you can get it for a decent price). I'm very happy with the sonic range I get from those two combined with the Kemper, the only barrier for progress being my free time :)

    I use a laptop, don't have an external usb keyboard. Besides, my suggestion refers to Rig Manager, not Kemper Amp, so I'm already in front of a PC and the process is complicated if you need to rename more than a few profiles.

    As discussed in the Rig Manger public Beta 2.0 topic, I think it would be helpful to have the possibility to quickly rename a profile in the middle panel of the RM or modify any other column displayed there. Going to the Inspector (right panel), clicking on a column, modifying the text, then scrolling to the next row in the middle panel and so on takes a lot of time if you want to rename 20 profiles.

    I am in the same situation as you are and I'm using a Yamaha AG06 mixer. I've connected to one stereo input the KPA and the PC is connected via USB. To the mixer output I've connected the monitors and the headphones (each one with its own volume). I can play a backtrack from the PC and the mixer has a switch that allows recording of all channels, including the backtrack (loopback).
    The only downside to this is that you're loosing the space parameter for the headphones, them being connected to the mixer and not the KPA (and space only working with the headphones connector of the KPA afaik).

    1. don't use the guitar input in the mixer for KPA, use an aux input.
    2. you can extend the setup with a mic, connected to the mic input with pream
    3. you have other inputs available too, if you want to connect a keyboard or jam with a friend
    4. the mixer is powered via usb, either from pc or from a usb plug

    @skoczy: i dont need batch rename, since every profile has a distinct name after the amp prefix (Clean, Clean++, Crunch, Lead, Solo etc), I need a way to quickly edit the profile name inside the left panel, without clicking on the inspector (right panel)

    Probably this was requested before, but I would like to have a quicker profile rename function/shortcut in RM. Some profiles are named with the pack name as prefix (ex "AF3-Twinolux-Clean -") and I like to name everything by manufacturer, amp and channel (ex "Fender Twinolux Clean -"). It's a tedious job to rename all 10-20 variants of an amp by scrolling, clicking on the right side panel and editing the name.
    Or am I missing something?