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    UPDATE: setting the HD to not go to sleep when the screen sleeps has had no effect, still can't see the KPA.

    Quit RM and restarted RM, no joy. Will of course work if I reboot the Mac but I'm bored of having to do this every time. is a real pain if you are using logic and have to reboot to audition some profiles.

    thankfully, as mentioned the SSD boots fast.

    maybe I'm making too much of this but its frustrating.

    Hi, @MLScola - I think you are right. Ive set it to not go to sleep to see if it makes any difference. Having SSD is good, but pricey for a decent amount of space. I went straight out and bought an external drive with 4TB as its still a cheaper storage solution.

    @bigb6611 - you are right, its about these pesky USB ports. I sometimes have to switch to get the printer to work after sleep. It takes power saving to rediculous heights.

    BTW - nearly 3 weeks for support not to check those logs or offer help. @£1,200 a unit thats outstanding customer service, well done.

    Thank goodness for the community :)

    I'll feed back if the non-sleep thing helps

    BW, Munchman

    Hi, thanks for the replies. Im on El Capitan 10.11.5.

    I'm thinking the USB shutting down on sleep is the issue. It always works on reboot and now that I'm looking out for it I think it drops when it goes to sleep. I will monitor properly and feedback here.

    @Andy TV - if I'm reading that right the solution you link through suggests it doesn't allow the HD to stop spinning, but I could be wrong. Im on a SSHD so maybe this would be an issue?

    I might change the power saving settings for when Im in the studio and see if that sorts the problem.

    Thanks to everyone who's replied - I will feedback here if amending the power saving settings makes the problem easier to deal with. Seems logical so theres hope.

    btw - where are support on this? Getting on for 2 weeks now and no suggestions from them. Im new to KPA but seems poor to me.

    Not meaning to sound impatient but is 10 days a reasonable amount of time for support to have a look at the log files etc and respond to a ticket?

    Maybe Ive missed the email?

    I can't remember the last time (decade) I had such problems with a USB device in this way - bit frustrating really.

    Thanks, I am looking forward to a solution from support but I raised the support ticket as a result of advice in this thread so Im glad of any help I can get, especially as the problem seems fairly common. I managed to use RM for a short time yesterday and it makes a massive difference.

    Another thing that happened for the first time yesterday, which may have no baring on my issues: The Kemper seemed non-responsive when moving the chicken head or pressing any soft buttons. Even when I turned off it took some time to respond and didn't give the closing down message. In PC terms it had a crash. If it happens again I will open a different thread, but worth mentioning I think.

    Thanks, Ben

    Thanks - where do I find the Db to delete?

    Thanks for the help. I raised a ticket and sent log files etc. Anyone know how long it takes them to turn around a ticket.

    BW, Ben

    Thanks for the reply guys. I got all excited after a reboot of the Kemp and RM and changed usb port. They saw each other, but was short lived. :)

    I'm a bit of an obsessive character and its Its a real shame when something so simple stops me getting on. I was hoping to organise all the stock rigs, back up and strip out the ones I didn't want and the visual of RM would have helped massively.

    Thanks for the help, I will keep trying

    BW, Ben

    Hi all, relatively new to Kemper, but having ongoing problems with getting RM to recognise the Kemper. Im on Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.4, RM 1.5.41.

    If I reinstall RM it recognises the Kemper for a short while, then its gone again.

    Checked names are the same in RM and Kemper, tested usb cable - no joy.

    Any help appreciated its now a daily frustration whilst trying to enjoy the Kemper

    Many thanks, Ben